Giant Mask Bag

It is the “Arlie” Fabric Printing from Tangerang who has a unique idea to make a giant tote bag in the form of a mask. This unique tote bag portrait that immediately grabbed attention was deliberately made as a form of concern for the COVID-19 pandemic, where the government has now required everyone to wear a mask every time they leave the house. Michaelkors Outlet

Suddenly, netizens also praised “Arlie” Fabric Printing who uploaded this work to their Instagram account.

Wanting to make PSBB (Large-Scale Social Restrictions) as fun as possible, Arlie also wants to invite netizens to always think positively and don’t stop working even though the COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet. The design of this mask-shaped tote bag really resembles the original mask, both from the shape of the folds and earloop as well as the raw materials.

Even though it’s not openly promoted for sale, many netizens are interested in buying it. Tas Branded

In the comment column, Arlie immediately got a lot of responses from netizens who praised him for wanting to buy this mask tote bag. Not only unique, maybe most of these netizens also feel concerned about the covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia, where there has not been a bright spot when it will end. But I agree that the design of this tote bag is good and looks like the real thing! Sepatu Branded

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