Get to know the latest types of women’s handbags

Hand bag is a handbag that is used by hand. This one bag in addition to having a small rope to carry the bag, usually also equipped with a long rope so it is easier to carry. The size of a handbag is usually small to medium. In the bag usually has an additional compartment with a zipper. Hand bag suitable for certain events or walks that do not need a lot of luggage.

  • Backpack

This backpack is often used for various outdoor activities. It can also be worn when we need to carry lots of heavy items such as laptops, important documents, and others. This bag is also called a backpack. Suitable also used for adventure into the wild because it makes it easier for users to carry lots of goods without feeling objectionable.

  • Bucket/Pouch

Pouch is a simple mini bag model. This bag is also often called a bucket bag because the top can be closed by pulling the straps. Looks bud, this bag comes in small to medium sizes. This bag is also comfortable for you to wear for a walk, you know. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Tote Bag

Totebag bags are categorized as a tote bag. This open top bag model can be used to carry lots of things easily. The size varies from small to large. With the top so it is easy to carry. This bag usually uses canvas or nylon which is sturdy.

  • Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags are widely known as sling bags. This bag is very suitable for use in various daily activities. Comfortable also worn for traveling because its use is easy and not complicated. From wallets, make up, to gadgets, you can go in this one bag.

  • Messenger Bag

This bag might be a familiar model. It used to be used by postal posters because it contained a lot of things. This messenger bag usually has a sling. Comfortable to wear even for running fast. Usually this bag is made from natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics. This product comes in small to large sizes, you know.

  • Hobo Bag

A crescent model bag called hobo bag was also chosen as a women’s bag for traveling. This bag product model is like a bag with a curved model. Usually have a large size and slung on the shoulder. Made from soft leather which is decorated with various accessories to make the bag more attractive. Tas Branded

  • Satchel Bag

Satchel bags are also comfortable for traveling. This model bag is characterized by having a strap in the middle of the bag cover. This strap is for securing the bag so it doesn’t open easily. This bag used to be used by students because it is easy to carry. Now Satchel has also developed a lot with more modern models.

  • Field Bag

This bag is as the name suggests, field bag, widely used outdoors. It used to be used by medics and carriers of communications on the battlefield. This bag can be used to store various medical treatments for wounded soldiers. But nowadays many bag field bags are used to be taken to school, campus, or even when hanging out. This bag comes in a variety of materials and design patterns are also interesting.

  • Shoulder Bag

This sling bag has a long strap to make it easier to carry. Present in a trendy design that makes users look fashionable. Comfortable to use because the fabrication is also diverse. Suitable for the office can also be taken to campus or hangout. Sepatu Branded

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