Get to know Cordura Bag Material

Cordura material is the best bag material so far. In its application, Cordura material is actually used for adventure bags, suitcases, military equipment, and field backpacks that require the best materials because they are used in the field with extreme conditions. Michaelkors Outlet

Even in its development, cordura material is also used as clothing products and racing equipment. Cordura material is known as a material that is resistant to abrasion, is not easily scratched, and is water resistant.

Cordura material has excellent strength when compared to other materials, the filament fiber is strong and sturdy, the color is relatively durable even when exposed to heat or rain.

History of Cordura

Tas Branded
Starting from cordura, which used to be a fabric brand for the DuPONT company. After that this fabric brand began to be developed by Invista. In the past, cordura was used as a material for backpacks, suitcases and military underwear. The use of cordura is limited to these products because cordura has 10 times greater strength when compared to ordinary cotton.

Meanwhile, the strength of ordinary polyester fabrics is 3 levels lower than cordura. Because of its strength, cordura is very resistant to all conditions, including extreme weather conditions, scratches, friction and also water seepage. Sepatu Branded

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