Five Ways to Clean and Take Care of a Suede Bag

Having a bag made of suede material is difficult and easy to do the cleaning and maintenance. Suede is basically made of cowhide, snake, sheep crocodile or animal skin which is commonly used for fashion materials on shoes, clothes, jackets, pants and bags. The difference is suede is the inner skin which is sown or often called young skin. Here are tips on cleaning and caring for suede bags:

1. Preparing materials and tools needed such as towels, paper towels, soft brushes, white vinegar, pencil erasers, suede cleaners or suede protectors. Basically the liquid when exposed to suction towels by pressing the towel right on the stain listed on the suede bag for a few moments. It is better not to rub it, it will only make a stain on your suede bag spread. Preferably, to make it easier for you to use a hair dryer, it’s just that from a distance not a distance that is too close.

2. Bags made of suede need to be maintained for their shape and support. For the sake of maintaining its shape, you should fill this bag with lumps of used newspaper. The thing to remember, if the inside of your suede bag is light colored, you should avoid newspaper. So just use white oil paper. Avoid not filling the bag with plastic which will damage the inside of the bag. Before disinpan, you should also put slica gel in this bag, then put it in a sarong or cover bag, then keep it in a non-moist container.

3. Remember, for dry conditions, brush the suede down to return to its original shape. We recommend using a soft brush. Don’t forget to spray with a suede protector that can be purchased at a skin care supplies store. Michaelkors Outlet

4. To remove ink stains, it is recommended to dry by removing it using a pencil eraser. We recommend using a white eraser for a brightly colored suede bag. And a dark eraser for matching suede bags. When doing it slowly. Remember suede must be treated with patience, patience and great accuracy.

5. If the stain is still stubborn, you should use a towel moistened with a little white vinegar, aka white vinegar and gently rub on the part. If the ink absorbs into the towel, you should be careful to wet the clean side of the other towel in the same way to clean other stains. Do not absorb the towel stained with white vinegar that is used to clean the other stains will actually absorb.

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