Fantastic Valuable Branded Bags That You Can Actually Make Your Own

Along with the rapid development of information and technology, the fashion world has also made various innovations to meet consumer needs for modern fashion and trends. Fashion today has indeed become part of the human lifestyle. Fashion designers have to keep racking their brains to create a unique trend that is different from the others. It is not uncommon if sometimes their ideas in creating fashion products are able to make us as ordinary people fail to understand. Especially if the product is sold at a stifling price, even though if you look at it the design is normal. Michaelkors Outlet

Some time ago the public was shocked by the appearance of bags worth tens of millions belonging to an international fashion brand, Balenciaga. It’s not the first time that this brand has issued a product at a fantastic price. The highlight here is not only the price but also the shape! The public was surprised to find that the branded bag product model was very similar to the IKEA shopping bag, a household product retailer from Sweden which is well known to Indonesia. Even though the IKEA shopping bag is only priced at tens of thousands, you know! But bags made by Balenciaga are even valued at tens of millions.

Balenciaga bag
Balenciaga bag

Although many people claim to be proud of being able to use goods with millions of prices, there’s nothing wrong with trying to make them yourself with more affordable materials, because some fashion products that are inspired by cheap everyday objects can actually be made with materials that are more affordable. affordable material and of course much cheaper. Calculate frugality right?

  1. A fashion brand from the United States issued a clutch that at first glance looks like a doormat that is usually in front of the house

Nomad Tribe Shop is a brand from Uncle Sam’s country. Some time ago they issued a clutch bag, which at first glance looks like a doormat that is usually installed in front of a house or bathroom! It looks like they are attracted by the colorful motifs of the doormat huh. Now the price of this bag is also arguably expensive, you know. You have to spend 2.5 million rupiah to get it. This price does not include taxes and postage! But don’t be discouraged just yet. If you are interested, you can make your own. Just buy a similar mat and take it to a tailor, the results won’t be much different.

2. Balenciaga makes a bag that makes us familiar when we see it Tas Branded

As one of the artists’ favorite fashion brands, of course Balenciaga’s products will steal the attention. They recently released their summer collection of big, striped bags with bold colors. For those of you who often go to traditional markets, maybe you are familiar with a similar motif because this bag is very similar to the shopping bags that are used by shopping moms at the market! Even more astonishingly, the price of this bag is priced at US $ 2,340 or around 31 million rupiah! Even though if you buy it in Indonesia the price is only tens of thousands. But it looks like you need to think about it again if you want to replace that expensive bag by buying shopping bags for mothers. Don’t be seen as strange by people who don’t know that the bag looks like a Balenciaga bag worth millions of rupiah

3. Chanel’s Small Flap Bag is similar to the mica packaging of food containers in supermarkets!

If you are a Chanel addict, maybe you can imitate this one product by modifying the mica packaging that is usually used as a food container. Of course you often see this one container, especially in supermarkets or in plastic shops. Just adjust the size with your mini Chanel bag and you don’t need to spend millions if you want this Chanel product. Sepatu Branded

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