Equipment that Children Need When Entering Playgroup

Does not feel the new school year is about to start you know. The first day of entering school is indeed a precious moment for children and parents of course. Among you there must be someone who is exited waiting for your child to enter the playgroup for the first time. You must feel a mixture of happiness and anxiety. Confused start preparing equipment for your child? Here it is 5 important equipment that children will need when entering playgroup.

1. School bags that are comfortable and fit the child’s body size

The first item that is prepared when you first enter school is usually a bag. Bags become one of the important outfits that can make your child more enthusiasm for school. How to choose the right bag? Well, the way is to involve him to choose his own bag. But don’t forget to choose a bag that is proportional to the child’s body. Don’t be too big and too small.  

It’s best to ask your child what is his favorite color. Bag favorite picture of his favorite cartoon character can also be the right choice. Don’t forget to choose the material of the bag that is comfortable on your back, mom. If your favorite bag is already owned, your child will be more enthusiastic to go to school.

2. Sports shoes that are comfortable and facilitate activities

The next preparation is shoes. Today there are many choices of shoes with various models. Surely you will be confused, is the model more important or comfortable? Don’t confuse Mother, the mandatory thing you pay attention to in choosing school shoes is to choose shoes that are soft, comfortable, and easy to wear. sports shoes can be the right choice. In addition to comfortable, sports shoes also make it easy for your child to move.  

Sports shoes with a strap can be the right choice and make it easier for children to open and wear it themselves. Don’t forget to teach him how to wear and take off your own shoes. If you are able to independently wear their own shoes, surely your child can be a good example for his friends in the playgroup later.

3. Interesting lunch boxes to eat so that your child eats hungrily

At home your child is difficult to eat? This is a golden opportunity to stimulate him to eat more deliciously and independently. By choosing an attractive place to eat, your child can be excited when it’s time to eat lunch together. Choose a place to drink, lunch boxes, spoons and forks with his favorite color.   Michaelkors Outlet

Favorite cartoon tableware like My Little Pony or Tayo The Little Bus can be the right choice for your little one. So in addition to the spirit of opening lunch with friends, your baby is also happy with a place to eat his favorite liking.

4. Stationery that is safe for toddlers

Before buying stationery, you should know and communicate with the playgroup teacher what stationery will be used later. Usually what is needed is crayons, colored pencils, drawing books, pencils and erasers.  

We recommend choosing stationery that are safe for toddlers. Like crayons, today many parents avoid waxy crayons because they are considered dangerous. Don’t be afraid, Mother, because now there are wax crayons that are safe for children.  

Before buying make sure there are non-toxic information on the packaging or information from the seller himself. Color pencils are definitely safer than crayons, but don’t sharpen them too sharp.

5. Hats for child to be more stylish

Although it is not a important equipment, you should still prepare a complementary hat for your child’s school outfit. Choose a hat model that can protect a child’s face from the sun. Don’t forget to choose a hat that absorbs sweat and has holes for air purification. Hats with bright colors cartoon motifs can be an option. In addition to protecting from the sun, this hat can make the little more stylish, you know.

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