Dirty Canvas Tote Bag? Here are 5 care tips

1. Provide water in a container that contains the size of your tote bag

Are you one of the biggest fans of contemporary canvas tote bags? With more and more used, without realizing your favorite tote bag will be increasingly unclean like when buying first even dirty. Especially if the tote bag material is a canvas that is easily exposed to a collection of dust. Not difficult and does not require a lot of money, really, to care for him. Curious how to do it? Check out some tips on caring for canvas tote bags below. Michaelkors Outlet

After removing the contents of the tote bag so that nothing remains, prepare a container that is enough to hold your tote bag. Fill the container with relatively clean water. Look for the surface of the dirty tote bag and wet it with water using the help of a sponge. Try to clean the tote bag starting from the surface, so that the visible dirt will be lifted immediately.

2. Use the help of a cleaning sponge or a soft bristled toothbrush

To remove stubborn stains and stains that easily attach to your favorite tote bag, try to clean by gently wetting the used sponge or toothbrush. Try to brush enough in one direction, so that the tote bag material will be maintained and not easily damaged. Tote bags are included in the category of bags that are quite durable and durable. If your tote bag may not be used for a sufficiently long period of time, it’s better to keep the tote bag in plastic and dry so it doesn’t get moldy inside.

3. If necessary, use the help of soap or shampoo to remove impurities that are difficult to clean Tas Branded

If in your favorite tote bag there are stains that are quite real and many on the surface of the bag and difficult to remove, you can try this one way. Rub water on a sponge or toothbrush, you can pour washing soap, soap or even shampoo in sufficient quantities. Apply it to the surface of the stain, and also apply it to the sponge, toothbrush or wet cloth. Rub gently and in a direction until the stain disappears and is no longer visible.

4. Rinse the bag again with clean cold water

If after cleaning, you feel all the stains attached to your favorite tote bag are gone and not seen again, it’s time to rinse. This rinsing process is useful for removing traces of dirt that might not be seen while making the bag cleaner, brightly colored as before. This rinsing process also removes traces of soap, shampoo or detergent that you use when trying to remove dirt. Just provide cold water that is not a water used for immersion.

5. Dry the tote bag in a cool and windy place after the rinse process is complete

After finishing the rinsing process and getting rid of the invisible stains as well as the traces of the soapy water, it is time to dry them. Avoid drying by using a washing machine or dryer you usually do on clothes. It would be better if you dry it naturally. Place the tote bag upside down in a cool, windy place to dry. Never try to dry a tote bag that has been dried directly under direct sunlight. This is because, the color of the tote bag will fade faster. In addition, the condition of the bag is also more vulnerable to fragility. Sepatu Branded

No need to be confused anymore looking for ways to clean your favorite tote bag, right?

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