Difference between tote bag and shopper bag

In terms of name, these two types of bags are clearly different. However, the shape and characteristics of tote bags and shopper bags still confuse you. Both of them look the same if you don’t know their exact characteristics. Tote bags and shopper bags, how do you tell the difference? Check out the following series of reviews.

  1. In terms of size Michaelkors Outlet

Basically, a tote bag is a large, comfortable bag to carry (in totting English) a lot of things. Automatically, tote bag sizes tend to be large. A good tote bag should of course be big enough to carry the things you need. Usually the tote bag size is in the range 380mm x 410mm. Even so, you can also find tote bags with a smaller size.

The shopper bag size is not that different from the tote bag. However, shopper bags tend to be bigger than tote bags. Shopper bags can contain more items than tote bags.

2. Shape

If you look at the shape of the tote bag and the shopper’s bag, you might not see a noticeable difference. Both tote bags and shopper bags are generally rectangular or trapezoidal in shape. Both types of bags also often come with quite unique designs, apart from the two forms above.

However, you can find slight differences between the tote bag and the shopper bag. If you pay attention, they have different dimensions. Tote bags usually have a smaller inner width than shopper bags. That’s why you can fit more items into the shopper’s bag.

3. Strap Tas Branded

The straps that are quite common on tote bags are two straps that are long and separate from each other. The tote bag is easy to hang on the shoulders. You can also easily pick up things because the straps on the tote bag are separate. In this designer tote bag, you will find a strap that is quite thin compared to the canvas one.

Unlike tote bags, not all shopper bags have straps that are long enough. This makes you unable to carry a shopper’s bag on your shoulder. Generally, the shopper bag model requires you to carry it when traveling.

4. Compartments

Tote bags generally only have one large compartment. This means you will not find additional settings to store your wallet or cellphone. However, there are also some tote bag models with additional compartments.

In addition, usually the tote bag only has a magnet to cover both sides of the bag. In fact, sometimes tote bags do not have a seleting or cover at all. While tote bags generally come without a cover, this is different from shopper bags. The average shopper bag is equipped with a zipper or magnetic closure.

5. Style Sepatu Branded

If you want to differentiate between tote bags and shopper bags in terms of style, you might find it a little difficult. The models of the two bags are both not very varied and tend not to have various structures.

Tote bags and shopper bags generally come in a rectangular shape. Sometimes these two types of bags are like cereal boxes that you can carry around with you. However, you can also find more varied tote bag and shopper bag designs. If you are confused about differentiating from the model, you can identify in the previous four ways.

How, not confused anymore to distinguish the two?

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