Difference between Handbags of Batik, Stamp, and Print

Want to buy a batik bag but still confused you should choose the type of batik, stamp or print on the upholstery? Just like clothes, batik bags also use these three types of batik. However, because the motives are now almost the same, the difference is often not apparent. Then, how to recognize it? So as not to buy wrong, this is the way to distinguish the types of batik, stamp and print on the bag.

  • Batik written, the ink penetrates to the back of the fabric

Although applied to the fabric used to coat the bag, batik ink will still penetrate to the inside of the bag. The color on the inside of the bag is still as clear as the front, because the batik process is done on both sides. Considering hand-painted batik, there are usually some asymmetrical motifs or the magnitude of each motif is not the same. In addition, batik can only be applied on several types of fabric, such as silk, rayon, hemp, and silk. The process of making batik can not be done on polyester fabric because it makes the color faded.

The advantages of batik bags that use batik cloth, the color on the bag will not fade quickly, because through the coloring process several times. And, because the process of coloring using natural materials, fabric fibers also become more durable, so that batik bags are not easily damaged or torn even if stored for a long time. Unfortunately, besides the price is more expensive, a batik bag also needs extra care so it will not be moldy. The washing process should not use detergents that contain soap and the bag must be stored in a cool and non-moisturizing place to prevent the fiber from being damaged. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Stamped batik, using brightly colored motifs

The process of making a printed batik bag is similar to written batik, which uses night fluid on the motif. However, printed batik motifs are not made manually, but rather are made by attaching iron plates to the size of the existing patterns on the fabric. The process of sticking the cap makes the fabric more stressed so that it is widely applied to stiffer fabrics, such as cotton. Compared to batik that is oriented towards natural colors like brown or dark green, the color of printed batik is brighter.

The advantage of printed batik is that the price is not as expensive as a written batik bag, but the color is not as durable as written batik and the choice of motifs is also limited, because the motifs are also limited to the stamp. The fabric texture on the bag is not as soft as the cloth on a batik bag.

  • Batik print, motives are neater and do not have a sharp aroma

The batik print design on a bag usually imitates an existing design, and most of the motifs are modern. The manufacturing technique is relatively the same as screen printing, which uses chemical dyes and is printed on fabric according to the motifs that have been made. However, because the coloring process is only done on one side, the color of batik print does not penetrate into the inside of the bag. The color is fading faster than written batik and stamp. But, batik print is very affordable and the upholstery does not have a sharp aroma like a batik bag or stamp. The maintenance process is even easier, do not have to always be washed with special detergent or stored in a separate cabinet.

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