Diaper Bag Recommendations for Fathers Who Want to Look Cool and Stylish

If so far the husband has been reluctant to wear diaper bags because the motifs of the bags are too girly, then mothers can buy diaper bags with more neutral shapes and motifs. Because at this time, there have been many models of diaper bags with shapes that resemble backpacks or sling bags in general. In fact, the diaper bag can make dad’s appearance more cool. Approximately what diaper bags are suitable for Dad to wear? The following are diaper bag recommendations for dad to look cool and stylish.  

1. SkipHop Dup Signature Diaper Bag,

The first recommended diaper bag is the SkipHop Dup Signature Diaper Bag. Available in a choice of colors and neutral motifs, this diaper bag will make dad’s appearance more cool. SkipHop Dup Signature Diaper Bag is equipped with 10 bags that make it easy for you to store baby gear in large quantities.  

This bag also has a tote handle or bag handle that is easy and comfortable to carry. The two side pockets are capable of accommodating even the largest sized bottles. In addition, the SkipHop Dup Signature Diaper Bag is also equipped with straps that can be connected directly to the pram.    

2. Okiedog Loft Shogun

Okiedog Loft Shogun, a practical backpack-shaped diaper bag designed with a comfortable and padded shoulder strap. The choice of a calm bag color, Okiedog Loft Shogun is suitable for fathers who like casual style.   Large enough, this bag can accommodate a variety of little equipment, ranging from diapers, milk, to baby clothes. The bag also comes with a hook that can be connected directly to the stroller.

3. GabaG Radja Bima Backpack

Looking for a cheap yet stylish diaper bag? GabaG Radja Bima Backpack can be an option for fathers who still want a cool style with diaper bags. Yes, diaper bags with brightly colored arrow motifs.   Michaelkors Outlet

The bag is equipped with two net bags on the right and left side of the bag, one small bag on the front of the bag, and one small net bag on the thermal or cooler bag. Besides being a diaper bag, apparently GabaG Radja Bima Backpack can also be used as a briefcase because it is equipped with a slot that can accommodate a notebook. Practical is not it?

4. Urban Minimalist

More like a notebook bag, Urban Minimalist is the next stylish diaper bag recommendation. Its large enough capacity allows you to bring lots of little things like clothes, shoes, diapers, and milk. The inside of the bag is coated with aluminum foil which can maintain the temperature of milk for up to 2-3 hours.  

Comfort is very highlighted from the Urban Minimalist diaper bag, because the back of the bag is designed with foam and air cavities that will make you who wear it still feel comfortable. A stroller hanger is provided in the bag.

5. Petunia Diaper Bag

Look cool with a diaper bag? Why not. Petunia Diaper Bag is designed with an exclusive bag model suitable for millennial fathers. This bag is designed with quality fabric that can withstand splashes of water.  

Equipped with a total of four bags on the front and sides of the bag, Petunia Diaper Bag is able to accommodate a lot of baby gear. For the inside of the bag, there are a total of five bags that can be used to carry milk bottles and diapers.

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