One of the bag designs that make women stunned is in the form of food. At first, it may seem strange to see a bag in the form of cake, bread, grilled chicken or corn.
However, the bag which was inspired by a variety of delicious culinary delights was warmly welcomed in the fashion world, so the designers continued to produce various bags with very tempting shapes.

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One of the food-shaped bag makers whose creations are very popular with fashion lovers is Rommy De Bommy. This young woman from the Netherlands began to actively produce these unique bags with culinary tastes about 5 years ago.

At first Rommy looked for a bag in the form of food on the internet but he couldn’t find it. The idea came to make a bag in the shape of his favorite food.

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This creative woman does all the bag-making processes herself, as she shows on her Instagram account. Starting from the design process, shaping, painting, making photos to posting on social media.

Because he does everything himself, his production bags are not mass-produced. He is only able to make no more than 3 bags in a week.
Very detail

Bag inspiration from food is endless. And Rommy because he does the whole bag-making process himself, he always pays attention to the details of the bag, so the results are very satisfying, very similar to the original. Make anyone who sees the bag becomes tempted.

To produce a bag that fits the desired shape, Rommy chooses a special foam material that is soft but after going through a certain process, it can become hard and strong.

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Not only in the form of ice cream, cake or croissants, Rommy’s bags are also in the form of a whole roasted chicken that looks like it just came out of the oven. Very tempting.So, you should not carry the food-shaped bag when you are hungry, because it makes the stomach more rebellious.

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