Corona virus can be carried in a bag, here are 5 ways to prevent its spread

The increasing number of Covid-19 patients in Indonesia makes people more aware of the importance of protecting themselves from exposure to the virus. Washing your hands or wearing a mask can indeed help prevent you from being infected. But besides that, the cleanliness of personal items that are often touched everyday is also noteworthy. One of them is a bag that can carry and spread the Corona virus. Michaelkors Outlet

  1. Add a Scarf on the Grip
    It is said that the bag can store more than 10 thousand types of bacteria which means it can be dirtier than a toilet. Therefore it is not impossible, the bag also carries and spreads the Corona virus. One way to avoid exposure is to wrap a scarf around the handle if the bag is a hand bag or tote bag. The grip is often the area where bacteria develop, especially because oil from the hand absorbs it.

Charlotte Staerck from Here Handbag Clinic said the accessory can give a stylish impression while preventing viruses and bacteria from transferring to the hands. Also make sure to replace the scarf regularly and wash your hands frequently.

2. Separate Cosmetics in Other Bags
To prevent Corona virus, it is recommended to separate cosmetics in a small bag. Cosmetics scattered on the bag can also speed up the spread of Corona if the bag carries the virus, especially those products are used directly to the face. If you want to make sure cosmetics are clean of viruses, you can store them overnight in the freezer. Tas Branded

3. Don’t put it on the bed
Bags that are taken to various places, including bathrooms can store lots of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Therefore, do not put bags in places such as sofas or beds where you often linger there. If you can, store the bag in a cool, separate temperature not exposed to the sun to prevent the spread of bacteria.

4. Don’t Add Trash
Avoid making bags like trash cans. This means do not store trash and useless items, such as old receipts or food wrappers in them. It also can make the bag more dirty. Especially if you also put a cellphone in it. Often used, mobile phones can carry bacteria and viruses to your body.

5. Pay attention to cleanliness
Even though it doesn’t look dirty, it’s best to clean the surface of the bag regularly. It is recommended to at least wipe it six months and once a month if used every day. Avoid putting it in dirty places, such as the bathroom floor. Sepatu Branded

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