Choosing a Children’s Backpack

It is not an alien thing to see children go to school with backpacks. This back sling bag makes it easy for children to move around. Moreover, backpacks come in various styles and colors. Even backpacks also follow global fashion trends. Michaelkors Outlet

But is the backpack that parents choose a good backpack? Are there any negative effects on the wrong backpack? The Go-Dok website reveals great backpacks for kids.

Research conducted by Dumondor, Angliadi and Sengkey in the e-Clinic Journal, the use of a backpack that is not according to its design and weight and how to use it can cause serious health problems.

This is because these three things can increase stress on the child’s spinal structure. Even though the ages of children are in their infancy. If you are forced to wear an inappropriate backpack, serious health problems can arise. Such as back pain and changes in posture and gait.

If this is left unchecked it can result in irreversible changes as the ligaments and spine continue to undergo degenerative processes with age.

According to research, it is found that more than 90% of students in developing countries use a backpack. Most of them use backpacks with heavier weights than recommended. Parents should remind that the maximum recommended backpack load is 10% to 15% of the child’s body weight.

If you carry more than that, your little one can have a higher risk of back pain and spinal abnormalities. If it is too heavy it will put pressure on the disc, which is the part that has a function as a cushion between the bones in the spine.

Too heavy loads will also increase the curvature of the spine in the child. Must be aware, spinal disorders such as scoliosis, lordosis and kyphosis often occur in children aged SD and SMP.

Then choose the right backpack for children to prevent them from bone deformities. According to quoted by the Go-Dok page, a safe backpack should be as follows; Tas Branded

  1. Choose a backpack from a material that is lightweight and doesn’t add weight. As it is made of canvas, not leather.
  2. The backpack must have a padded double-section strap or shoulder strap. The straps should be wide so that they do not poke or leave an imprint on the shoulder.
  3. There are soft pads on the back. This will not only increase comfort, but also protect the child from sharp or hard objects in the backpack.
  4. We recommend that you choose a backpack that has a link at the waist and chest so that your child’s load is evenly distributed throughout the body, not focused on two points on the shoulder.
  5. It would be better if your little one’s backpack also has a separate compartment or space in it (such as a special side to put a laptop, stationery, small book). Because, this will help the load evenly distributed across all sides of the backpack. Sepatu Branded

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