Choose a bag according to your body shape. Let’s see how !

Not all bags can be combined with various body shapes. Lots of women who are petite but actually wearing a bag big enough to look “drowned”. For that, you must be able to adjust to your body shape. If you make adjustments, the display will look more proportional. Don’t you want to choose the wrong bag that makes you look not optimal? So choose a bag according to your body shape, let’s see the way here, yes!

1. Petite body shape

Having a small body, you should choose a bag with a rope that is not so long. Also avoid using bags with large sizes if you don’t want to look “drowned”. In addition, your body will look more petite, and the bag looks saggy which makes you look less than optimal.  

Bags that will suit petite or petite women are bags with straps that are not too long and not too large. Or you can also choose bags with straps that can be stretched or shortened according to taste.

2. Tall and thin body

In terms of choosing clothes, maybe this body shape has the advantage because it will be suitable to wear a variety of clothing. But when choosing a bag there are some things that must be considered here. Choose a bag with a strap that is not too short or long with a bag size that is not too large.  


Because of your thin body, a bag that is too big will make your body sink. But other than that, for a more formal look, you can wear a clutch or strapless pouch to be combined with a solid match party. The cordless bag model will make your appearance look more elegant, of course. Michaelkors Outlet

3. Fat body and not too tall

If you are a woman who has a fat body and is not too tall, avoid using bags that are too small. Precisely a bag that is too small will make your body look fatter and fatter. Don’t want this to happen to you?  

You can get around this by wearing a rather large-sized bag with a long strap, such as a satchel bag, shoulder bag, to a bucket bag. Bags with this model will balance your body shape and make you look more proportional.

4. Body fit and proportional

Good news if you have a fit and proportional body, because you will be fit to wear a variety of bags with any model. You can explore using a bag that can be adjusted to your taste and style.  

Because you have this flexibility, try exploring more by wearing a brightly colored bag, or one that has interesting motifs. This motif will become a statement piece on your display. Take it easy, you will still look trendy and fashionable how to wear any bag.  

Bags are accessories that give a touch of fashion that is thicker. Many women are more willing to explore by wearing a bag with a fun and unique model. Because by wearing this bag you do not need to wear a solid match the scene, your casual appearance will look more stylish.

So what bag fits your body shape?

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