Choice of Bags Used During the Corona Virus Pandemic

During the activities in the midst of the corona virus pandemic, there are some things that must be considered related to maintaining cleanliness. Moreover, we will begin to face the new normal. In addition to having to wash clothes after leaving the house, the bag also needs to be cleaned to be free from the spread of this virus. Michaelkors Outlet

For that, you can switch to a bag that is easy to wash but still makes you look stylish. Safety and cleanliness are the main keys to deal with this pandemic. By washing hands frequently, keeping a distance and maintaining cleanliness, it is hoped that the corona virus can be avoided.
So what kind of bag choices can be used during the corona virus pandemic?

1. Fabric Material

Fabric-based bags are the safest because they are easy to wash. In addition, bags made of fabric have a unique design. Usually you can find it in the form of a tote bag. Choose an attractive design and adjust it to your outfit. After using it, you can wash it periodically so that it is always clean and protected from corona virus exposure. Tas Branded

Parachute Bag
Parachute Bag

2. PVC material

In addition to fabric, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or vinyl leather can be an option. This PVC-based bag at a glance looks like genuine leather. Though this is a synthetic leather that has strong properties, resistant to oil, chemicals, and sunlight. So it will be easy for you to clean the bag with this PVC material. After leaving the house, you can clean the bag with disinfectant liquid. You can keep it clean so you avoid corona virus without damaging your beloved bag.

3. Parachute Material

Then another choice is a bag with a variety of parachutes. Besides being often used on jackets, parachutes are also used to make bags. Bags with parachute materials usually have a more casual design, such as a tote and sling bag. Parachute material is very easy to wash, homeland, and also easy to dry. Sepatu Branded

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