Choice of Bag for a More Stylish Vacation in Tropical Places

Choosing a bag to carry while on vacation can seem to be a difficulty in itself, right? Well, if you plan to take a vacation to a tropical place. Bags that are usually used when vacationing in tropical places are generally made of rattan material and has a woven model accent.

Not only is it light, rattan material also makes your bag light, but it is still enough to hold the weight of your important objects during a vacation. Rattan material can also strengthen the accent of your tropical appearance. For that, here are 5 choices of bags for a more stylish holiday in a tropical place.

1. Rattan bags that you can get at local souvenir shops When on vacation, you often choose to dress like a local, right? Alias ​​you do not want to look like a tourist. Now for that, you can choose to bring a classic rattan bag that you can get at a glance at local souvenir shops. With this compact model this bag is enough to carry your essential items such as wallet, cellphone, and make-up. Match this bag as your summerdress accessories to strengthen the tropical impression on your look.

2. Colorful woven bags and fringe accents

Bright colors can also be your main choice when deciding what clothes to take while on vacation. Including when choosing accessories such as bags. The combination of bright colors you can make one of the considerations. Choose a woven bag large enough with a combination of bright colors for you to take a vacation to the beach. Its large size will allow you to bring your changing clothes and other equipment without the hassle of carrying too many bags. Michaelkors Outlet

3. Mini bags with an elegant tropical vibe

When on vacation, of course you also need a bag with an elegant model so you can use it for more formal events. Like a box-shaped zara bag with this pearl leather accent. A compact bag with a minimalist model, this one can be your best friend to use during fancy dinner events during holidays. When vacationing in the tropics, swimwear is also one of the mandatory fashion items that you carry. Not only for swimming, but you can also mix and match for a more casual look.

4. A practical round beach bag

If you are not a fan of bright color combinations. Well, just take it easy, beach bags also appear in black for those of you who like the gothic look. Black beach bag is no less stylish, you know. In fact, it can make your appearance look more edgy and make your bag not easy to get dirty so it is more practical.

5. Fun colorful clutch

If you don’t like big bags and prefer smaller bags or you are even more comfortable using a clutch, when going on vacation make sure you bring one clutch with a combination of bright colors to complete your look.

Well, there are 5 choices of bags for a more stylish holiday in the tropics, so which bag will you bring when you go on vacation later?

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