Cheap Bag VS Expensive Bag

Leather bags have prices that vary depending on the quality and material. Looking for a modern stylish leather bag to buy this month? Before buying, try to make sure first how big your budget is for shopping. Is it under a hundred thousand or can it reach a million? Well, but you can also read the reviews first. Want to know? Check it out below! Michaelkors Outlet

  1. How is the material quality difference between cheap and expensive bags?

A cheap bag is priced at Rp. 69 thousand. If sold at such a low price, of course the leather used is not genuine leather. From one look you can tell that the bag is made of synthetic leather. Synthetic leather has a more flexible texture, not as stiff as genuine leather in general.

The synthetic leather on these cheap bags is also more capable of being stretched. While the bag, which is priced at a million, has a thicker, stiffer leather material, and has a rougher surface, although it is also presented with imitation leather material.

Even so, in general, genuine leather bags are more often presented with a rougher textured leather surface. But there are also some bags that are presented with a smoother surface. But genuine leather is more synonymous with a rough surface.

2. Both of them have a modern look Tas Branded

Well, if this one you can adjust to your personal taste and style. The cheap bag is presented in the form of a tote bag in black. The basic shape resembles a tote bag with a comfortable handle when used to carry a bag.

This bag is also equipped with a bag hanger which is an accent more than the bag. Indeed, usually on other bags, the hanger has a function as a luggage tag or key chain. But the hanger here is only as a sweetener accent, there is no more function than its presence.

While expensive bags, have a more feminine model with soft colors. The bag is also decorated with a flower-shaped chain and a ribbon on the front. It looks more stylish because the decoration is presented in an adorable shape.

3. Both are also presented with a long strap and can be worn in two ways

Even though they have a fairly far price range, both of them are presented with long straps. This long strap makes it easier for you to carry the bag in a more comfortable way, namely as a sling.

Both also have a hook on the side. But there is a difference from the side of the bag hook. Cheap bags have hooks that are harder when opened, so even bags will be more secure.

While the bag is expensive, the hook looks more in line with the gold color, the hardware material looks strong, but when you want to open it, you will find it easier.

But in terms of hooks, you seem to be able to rely more on a hard hook to open. Because that way, you don’t need to be afraid, the hook is easily dislodged when it is attached to the hardware on the side.

4. Is the capacity equally large? Sepatu Branded

Because they have different models, of course these bags have different capacities. For a cheap bag, because it has a tote bag shape, the capacity is bigger. Moreover, the inside was made into two equally large compartments.

Meanwhile, expensive bags, with stiffer materials and smaller sizes, have smaller capacities. But you will be helped by the pockets that are presented. The inside and the back both have pockets equipped with zippers that you can use to carry your belongings.

5. The material in expensive bags is of higher quality than cheap bags

When priced cheaply, of course there is a clear difference from the more expensive bags. This clear difference can be seen from the material in the bag.

Cheap bags have a thin material that resembles a dust bag, which is usually used to store bags. In addition, the material in this bag seems too big compared to its internal capacity. So, the material is a bit piled up and adds volume to the bag even though it has a thin texture.

Meanwhile, expensive bags have more stylish inner materials. With floral material that looks contrast with the inside. This floral material manages to add more essence to the bag.

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