Chanel Bags versus Hermes, Which Do Socialites Consider Higher in Cast?

Chanel and Hermes are both known as high fashion labels. Those who are able to collect them are of course rich people. But, which of the two brands is considered higher in caste? A photo that has gone viral on Chinese social media might provide some insight. The photo was taken when seven female socialites took a group photo while attending an event. Each of them posed while displaying the handbag they brought. Of the seven women, the majority carried Hermes Birkin bags, only one person carried a Chanel 2.55 bag. When the photo was uploaded, an oddity appeared. Michaelkors Outlet

The reason is, in the distributed photo, the Chanel bag that the woman was draping has disappeared from the picture. As it turns out, the photo has been edited. The Chanel bag that the woman carried was considered not on the same level as the Hermes Birkin who was carried by the majority of socialites. The position of the woman is also on the far right, slightly away from the other groups of mothers.

In fact, the price of the Chanel bag is not exactly cheap, it is estimated at around US $ 4,750 or around Rp. 70 million. However, the price is cheaper than the Hermes Birkin which starts at 10,000 Euros or Rp. 173 million. Because it was a bit of a burden, the woman immediately looked for a Birkin bag to fix her frivolous fashion choices so she could join her Hermes users. The moment was shown on a television show entitled Nothing But Thirty. After the episode aired, netizens were busy talking about the differences in the caste of the two world fashion labels.

Chanel VS Hermes Tas Branded

Chanel and Hermes have long been seen as the world’s top luxury labels. Both privately owned and operated and with a focus as luxury brands, they both value better than their competitors, especially amid the pandemic and the global economic slowdown.

However, even though they both make super expensive items, such as Chanel tweed jackets and Hermes crocodile leather bags, Chanel is seen as more affordable by the market compared to its competitors. The reason is, the brand has many product categories to offer, including nail polish.

Hermes is also trying to get into the beauty business by launching a lipstick line earlier this year, also selling more affordable items like perfume and belts. However, the impression of exclusivity is still very thick for the market, plus the scarcity of Kelly and Birkin bags that are hunted by collectors. That’s what sets it apart from Chanel. Sepatu Branded

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