Backpack with USB Charger by BackZip

Backpack bags from BackZip. This product was developed by 2 women entrepreneurs, Sophia and Danielle. The first product will be launched around November or December

Tips for Choosing the Right Bag in Your Activities (II)

6. Envelope Bag for Formal and Non-Formal Activities Almost the same as Messenger Bag, this bag is also called Envelope Bag because the design and

Tips for Choosing the Right Bag to Wear in Your Activities (I)

From ancient times until now, the use of bags has a function to facilitate us in carrying luggage in large quantities. But with the development

Five Ways to Clean and Take Care of a Suede Bag

Having a bag made of suede material is difficult and easy to do the cleaning and maintenance. Suede is basically made of cowhide, snake, sheep

Tote Bag for Plastic Replacement Can Also Impact Bad, What to Do?

Plastic waste is one of the big threats to the Earth, especially the sea and its inhabitants. Have you seen photos of sea animals caught

Important Points When Buying a Laptop Bag

Today, most people need a laptop to work. This portable computer is easier to carry, which makes us able to complete tasks anywhere. Although it

Shown Fashionable? These are 5 bags that men must have

Who says appearing fashionable only belongs to women? Nowadays men are also starting to pay attention to the quality of their appearance, you know. One