Canvas Wallets VS Leather Wallets

A wallet is one thing that every man must have. Not only to save money and identity cards, wallet is also one of the fashion items to watch. Besides being able to increase self-confidence, choosing the right wallet also affects the age of its use. A man tends to be lazy to change his wallet, so men prefer to choose a durable wallet.  

Of the many materials that make wallets, canvas and leather are two of the most popular choices. Of the two types of wallet material, which one is more durable to use? Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of each of these wallet materials!

1. Here are some of the advantages of a canvas wallet!

Canvas Wallet
Canvas Wallet

Canvas wallets are one type of wallet that is a favorite of men, especially those who are dynamic at heart. The advantage of a canvas wallet is that the price is cheaper than a leather wallet. This is because the canvas material is made from a mixture of cotton and polyester which is cheaper than genuine animal skin.  

Another advantage of a canvas wallet is that it is dynamic and diverse, a canvas wallet can be shaped and colored according to the soul of the man who uses it. Another reason the choice canvas wallet that suits you is its lighter weight than a leather wallet. Canvas also tends to be flexible compared to leather. As for durability, if you choose a wallet with thick canvas material, then this wallet will tend to be durable in use.

2. Know also the lack of a canvas wallet

In addition to strengths, a canvas wallet also has several drawbacks that you should consider before buying it. Canvas wallets are easier to tear if they are scratched by sharp objects, especially if you put a wallet with various keys in the same pocket. Apart from that being used continuously will also erode the canvas wallet.  

Another disadvantage of the canvas wallet is that the design is less timeless. If you like the classic style that is timeless, this wallet is not suitable for you because most canvas wallets designs tend to target young people today with a variety of colors and images. One more disadvantage of a canvas wallet is that if it is spilled with liquid or food, then you will have difficulty cleaning it because the liquid easily stains the canvas material.

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Leather Wallet
Leather Wallet

Leather wallet is an option for some men because of some of the strengths that we will discuss. The advantage of a leather wallet is its elegant and timeless design so that you will not feel out of trend because the design of a leather wallet tends to be classic. Another advantage of a leather wallet is that the color will look more antique over time. This is because the skin will appear patina which makes the skin darker and masculine.  

Leather wallet also has another advantage that is scratch resistant because leather is stronger than canvas, so you don’t need to worry about your wallet being scratched by keys or coins in your pocket. The advantages of a leather wallet are also more resistant than liquids because thick leather will prevent water from entering and wetting your money.    

4. The price is more expensive to be lacking a leather wallet

Not always a good leather wallet, leather wallet also has disadvantages that you should consider before buying it. One drawback is that genuine leather wallets tend to be more expensive. Genuine leather and leather processing into a wallet has a higher level of difficulty compared to canvas wallets.

5. Many imitation leather wallets

Another drawback is the leather wallet will emit a leather odor which for some people is uncomfortable but there are also those who like the distinctive smell of this skin. The last drawback of a leather wallet is that it tends to be monotonous and looks old for those who don’t like it. But for some people who like the form of a leather wallet it looks elegant. On the other hand, there is also an imitation leather wallet. In terms of price, it’s definitely cheaper. However, the quality and durability are also far less than genuine leather.

Now, that is the advantages and disadvantages of a canvas wallet with a leather wallet, both of which have advantages and disadvantages so that the best and most durable choice is to return to your taste as a man, yes!

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