Branded Bags Similar to Mop Bucket

For some people, bags are a must-have accessory. The more expensive the bag, generally someone will be more confident when wearing it. Also, when the bag is made by a bag manufacturer with a worldwide brand. But, what happens if an expensive bag from a well-known brand has a design that is considered less attractive?

We need to know, not all things that are expensive and come from well-known brands are considered attractive by the public. Some are actually considered very unattractive and even become ridicule because the prices offered are not in accordance with the products provided. Like the latest bags from the Gucci Brand below. Michaelkors Outlet

Reporting from the page, the latest bag from Gucci, which is valued at Rp. 13 million per item, has actually become the object of ridicule from netizens. This bag is considered to have a design that looks like a slow-mopping bucket. Made from a material similar to rubber, this bag is not only said to be like a mop bucket but also said to be like watering plants. Tas Branded

This bag itself is called the Gucci Logo Top Handle Tote which is included in the latest Gucci collection. Since it was introduced on the official Gucci Instagram account, this bag immediately stole the public’s attention. This bag also raises a variety of comments and opinions. Unfortunately, there were no positive comments, but rather sarcastic and mocking comments.

One netizen commented, “I’ve been looking for a good clothes basket for a long time, this might be one of them.” Another netizen commented, “This is the worst Gucci I’ve ever seen. Too bad.” “Look, it looks really weird. I have one like this, a mop bucket.”

This latest Gucci product was first shown at the Spring 2018 fashion show during Milan Fashion Week 2017. However, this bag has only been officially sold online recently. Many netizens deplore this latest product. Some judge the price offered and very expensive not in accordance with what is given.

It is said that this product is inspired by vintage beach bags of the 70s and 80s. Made of rubber, this bag is claimed to be the new bag for summer. There are four color options for this product, namely red, pink, yellow and black. The texture of the bag is quite flexible and there is Gucci writing on the side of the bag.

How about you ladies, what do you think about this latest bag from Gucci? Are you interested in having a bag with this quite unique design? Sepatu Branded

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