Bodypack Sling Bag Model

Bodypack now comes with a more modern and trendy design and model. There have been many shopping centers to online sites offering this bodypack. If you are interested in becoming one of the people who has the latest model of bodypack, then don’t make the wrong choice. Here we will provide some recommendations for a bodypack sling bag for you. Michaelkors Outlet

Bodypack Vertica Edge Sling Bag

The first bodypack we will discuss is the Bodypack Vertical Edge Sling Bag. For those of you who like to travel long distances with friends and family, then this sling bag is a must-have. The Bodypack Vertica Edge Sling Bag is specially designed for traveling. Because of its sling bag shape, it provides convenience and comfort in moving when traveling anywhere. This model’s bodypack sling bag has multi-functional bag parts. So that personal items are stored and neatly organized without worrying about being damaged.

These parts include the pouch as a very effective storage container for carry-on. In addition, it is also equipped with a main compartment as a pocket for your tablet. With a size of 7 inches, the tablet that is carried can be stored properly and avoid impact to damage. Do not forget the second compartment as an organizer pocket.

On the front of the Bodypack Vertica Edge Sling Bag there is also an additional pocket. Likewise, there are extra pockets that can be used to store small items. In addition to its functions and uses that can be a constant companion for all daily activities, the Bodypack Vertica Edge Sling Bag is made with the best and quality ballistic materials. The material used will provide comfort when used even though it is used throughout the day. The Bodypack Vertica Edge Sling Bag comes in a classy and elegant black color.

Evaquate Backpack Bodypack Tas Branded

The next bodypack sling bag model is the Bodypack Evaquate Backpack. This sling bag comes as a form of concern for your business and traveling activities. As we already know, business activities or traveling, even carrying out these two activities simultaneously, definitely require quite a lot of luggage.

To help all your needs, don’t forget to have a multi-purpose bag to carry anywhere and anytime. Evaquate Backpack Bodypack is highly recommended for you. Because this bodypack has the ability to carry all other important needs, and how to use it is easy to carry. Of course, with all its 3 in 1 functions.

You need to know that the Bodypack Evaquate Backpack is specially designed with its ability to swap roles. This means that apart from being used as a shoulder bag or sling bag, it can also be used as a hand bag.

As the newest model of the bodypack sling bag, it is equipped with two straps, namely the shoulder strap and the shoulder strap. When changing roles, these two straps can be removed and put back easily. You can keep these straps when you are not using them.

Evaquate Bodypack Backpack provides safe and neatly organized luggage storage. The reason is, it has been equipped with three separate compartments. Such as a place to store personal items, an organizer pocket as a place to organize important documents, and a laptop storage pocket with a size of 14 inches.

Gallivant Bodypack

The next sling bag is the Bodypack Gallivant. This Gallivant Bodypack has two functions at once in its use. Besides being able to be used as a shoulder bag or sling bag, there are times when this bodypack can be used as a tote bag or tote bag. When traveling, you can carry large amounts of luggage. In addition, the load becomes lighter. As a bodypack sling bag that supports all activities, the Gallivant Bodypack is equipped with two pockets, one for a 14 inch laptop and an organizer pocket. When carrying luggage when traveling is spelled out more concise. Sepatu Branded

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