Best Styles of 5 Classic Men’s Handbags

Maybe you think that men only use the same bag, even though bags are men’s mainstay accessories. Instead of buying a bag that fits each of your clothes what if you invest a little by buying more than one quality bag that covers the majority of your activities.
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Choosing a bag wisely, what type of man are you? If you haven’t asked yourself that, this can affect your appearance. Now to help you determine what type of bag is best for your lifestyle, here are 5 bag models worth considering this year.
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  • The Holdall / Gym ag

This type of bag is suitable for men who actively go to the gym several times a week. Apart from bringing shoes and a change of clothes for your sports activities, this bag is very useful for traveling out of town such as work or holidays with friends. Choose a bag with good material and have a masculine look.

  • The Cross-Body

Maybe it’s rare for men who will wear this bag because it’s smaller than a side bag and they prefer not to use a bag if they don’t carry a lot of stuff. But this bag gives a casual impression where the strap length of the bag is no more than your waist or you will look like a delivery man. This Cross-Body also makes it easier for you to carry your wallet, gadget, and more than in your pocket and makes your sitting movements uncomfortable.

  • The Backpack

No wonder the backpack is one of the mainstay bags for men even though you don’t plan to read laptops everywhere but always wearable. For those who want to look cooler, you can buy a backpack made of leather so that it can match when attending a meeting outside the office with formal clothes.

  • The Folio / Clutch

Folio or clutch is a bag that shows you are more masculine when combined with subordinates and formal tops. Initially, those who are not used to it may feel strange, but this is a bag trend that you can use when attending official events and can be used when taking a leisurely walk with your partner.

  • Messenger Bag

This sling bag has been a staple bag for men’s fashion for as long as we can remember. It is a classic alternative to a backpack and despite the emergence of many new men’s bag styles, this sling bag is still the choice. From school, college to work, this backpack has never been a fashion that is left behind because of its simple material and can fill a lot of things.

So which bag model is right for you? Sepatu Branded

When buying make sure it matches your personal style and a basic color like black, navy, brown or army green. Especially for those of you who like to do the gym, don’t be too ignorant about the appearance of your bag that you will carry around all day. Have two or more choices of bags so they can be paired with a specific activity and are comfortable for you.
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Now we want to hear from you, the bag choices that you like and that are your mainstay! Are you going to change the style of the bag?

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