Before Buying, Here Are 5 Tips If You Want To Buy A Crocodile Skin Bag

As you know, buying a leather bag is a little tricky and there are many things to consider, including maintenance and the price is not cheap. Especially if you are appraised is a bag with a type of crocodile skin or crocodile skin texture that does look classic and luxurious. Well, before deciding to buy a crocodile leather bag, you should first consider the following 5 tips! Michaelkors Outlet

1. Adjust the needs to the size of the bag

The first thing you must think about before choosing to buy a bag is the need for a bag of the size you are looking for.   If you need a daily bag to accommodate various campus supplies such as makeup, wallets and notes, then you should choose to buy a bag that is large enough to be able to accommodate your luggage. But if you only carry a little baggage, small wallet, cellphone and lipstick, then a mini-sized bag can accompany your days.

2. For a luxurious impression, choose a crocodile skin material that is rich in texture

When you want to buy a bag with crocodile skin texture, then make sure you choose the right skin. In a sense, the original crocodile skin has a price that is not cheap or arguably quite expensive.   If you decide to buy a bag with imitation crocodile skin, then make sure you choose a leather that is rich in textures with lines that look mature and more real. Sepatu Branded

3. Choose classic and neutral colors Michaelkors Outlet

Color selection is also very influential when you decide you want to buy a bag with a crocodile skin texture. Dark and neutral colors will tend to look more attractive and classic when compared to bright colors or pastels.   Black and dark brown are the two most classic colors and are suitable for skin with a crocodile texture. In addition, it is easy to mix and match with various outfits because it remains neutral and is not eaten by time. Tas Branded

4. Sturdy shape with neat seams

This may look very trivial, but believe under the strong shape and neat bag stitches will greatly affect the appearance of the bag that you will buy. Especially if you want to look luxurious and expensive, then you must pay attention to the details of the shape and stitching of the bag.

5. Logo size listed on the bag

For some people, this might not be too annoying. But if you want to make sure that the crocodile leather bag that you are going to buy looks expensive and good, then make sure the logo size listed on the bag is suitable, not too big nor too small. The logo color that is included must also match, silver, gold or embossed is very influential for the overall appearance of the bag.

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