Based on the type, this is the best running belt

With so many types of running belts on the market, there are also many choices that can be tailored to your needs, preferences, and budget. Do you need a minimalist running belt just to store small items or do you need a bag that is wide enough to hold a smartphone and all the things you need. The following collection of the best running belts that you can choose according to the type you need.

  • Running Belt Hydration

Using 4-way stretch nylon and MicroMono Mesh, the Ultra Belt 4.0 is a comfortable running belt that adapts well to various body types. The MonoRip Trademark on the back panel is designed to adjust the contours of your body. The result, of course, makes this running belt not easy to loose and bounce when used to run. Running belt is designed with two places to put the bottle and there is a pocket on the back. The front of the belt is made lower to help balance the weight carried by the body. This design makes the belt more stable overall. The two bottle containers are capable of carrying 500 ml water bottles, so that the total weight of water you can carry reaches 1 liter. However, don’t be surprised, the bottle that you will carry is made of soft material. This bottle will also shrink when it is empty. Sophisticated, right?

  • Running Belt Waterproof 

SNHNY running belts have one bag that is 100% waterproof, so any items you store in the bag are guaranteed to be safe and stay dry even when you are caught in the rain. Made from Polyester-Lycra blend material, SNHNY feels elastic and comfortable to use. The size can also be adjusted, so you can adjust yourself according to your waist size.

With six elastic slots for putting sports gel, the Fitletic Ultimate Race Belt is perfect for you who love to run long distances or do marathons. With an adjustable belt, you will feel comfortable and avoid blisters later. Fitletic also has a neoprene pocket that is equipped with a zipper, made from elastic, as well as a pocket for storing smartphones, credit cards, cash, whatever your other needs. If you need more storage space or want to put a pocket to store water bottles, you can also add some additional Fitletic accessories.

  • Running Belt for Large Mobile Phones

One of the most common items taken into consideration before being purchased by runners in their running belts is the availability of sufficient space for their cellphones. So, it’s quite important to have a belt that fits our cellphone, besides of course security is first. The Sporteer Kinetic K1 Sport Belt is specifically designed to fit the phone with a large case and makes it easy to access the phone screen through a touch-sensitive coating. Having a lightweight material and design, Sporteer Kinetic K1 also features sweat-proof foam protectors. In addition, this running belt also has extra space on the inside, because there are pockets that can store cards, sports gel, keys, cash, and other small items.

  • Minimalist Running Belt

Made from a mixture of Polyester and Lycra materials, this running belt feels soft and supple. Designed for maximum comfort with a minimalist design, Flipbelt also has a high absorption, so if you sweat a lot while running, it will absorb it and dry quickly.

Plus, Flipbelt can be washed using a machine, so you don’t need to worry that the running belt will be easily damaged. Unlike running belts in general, Flipbelt does not have a hook for opening or closing when you want to wear or remove it. Instead, it has a simple tubular design that you can place on top of running pants.

This design is a plus for runners who have problems with hooks or fasteners because they can cause blisters or cause discomfort because they are too narrow. Flipbelt is available in nine colors and provides four different points on the belt for openings.

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