Bag Trends 2021: Modular Bag Model with Combination of Ombre to Shocking Color

It has started to enter the end of 2020, many local brands are trying to follow and create trends. One of the most popular trends is the 2021 Bag Trend. Michaelkors Outlet

The 2021 Bag Trend with a modular model can make it easier for Stylovers to adapt to conditions, such as big bags can be small and small bags can be made big. Not only the bag model will determine a trend, but the bag material must also be considered. Tas Branded

Materials that are recycled from used paper, recycled plastic to become synthetic, as well as natural materials with natural dyes will still be sexy in 2021, “said Rangga.

So a technical bag model such as a transparent bag with a combination of plastic or scrap paper will suit an ombre color. Sepatu Branded

Not without reason, seeing the 2020 bag trend with the tie dye game, there will be developments in ombre, shocking color to block color that will dominate in 2021.

Rangga Yuzar also added that the technical game for the 2021 bag trend is the random attachment of the logo to the bag motif using the printing technique, Stylovers.

Wow, are you ready to hunt for the bag trend in 2021

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