Bag models that are often used by hijab celebrities

Perfecting the OOTD style, usually some accessories such as glasses, necklaces, shoes, and bags are chosen by fashion lovers. Of the several accessories, one of which is a bag that is the focus of which will be discussed in this article. Some inspirational hijab celebrities wear several bag styles that are trendy and stylish. Want to know what the celebgram style bags are like? Here are 7 bag models that are often used by hijab celebrities during OOTD! Michaelkors Outlet

1. Sling bag and tote bag in one bag

Khasanah’s diamond looks cool with the mix and match of her clothes that are enhanced through the sling bag she wears. This bag has a short strap on the front which functions to shape this bag into a different model, namely the tote bag. Make the casual and light OOTD style even more powerful with this Intan Khasanah style bag model. Moreover, to accompany your traveling moment, this bag is ready to carry your various needs, such as makeup pouch, mukena, camera, and power bank. If you are tired of being used as a sling bag and feel your shoulders are too sore, just change it to a tote bag.

2. Playful with beads bag

Say a different style in the style of Amelia Elle using a beaded bag or bag with beaded material. This bag looks playful and has successfully stolen anyone’s attention. Beads bag comes in a variety of models including tote bags, sling bags and shoulder bags. Whether you want to wear a plain outfit or a motif, this bag is ready to make your appearance look more fashionable in an instant. But be careful, this bag can’t carry a lot of stuff and is less comfortable if it’s too heavy. So, wear this bag for just an invitation, hang out, or OOTD photo.

3. Bucket bag is calcic

Bucket bag is included in the classic collection that never dies. This bag model is perfect for making your appearance more fashionable like Fira. Various sizes of bucket bags are on the market, ranging from small, medium, to large sizes. This bucket bag is suitable for various styles and can be included in a collection of fashion items with a versatile attitude. For those of you who want to appear OOTD in a celebgram style, now you can choose a bucket bag that makes the appearance even more fashionable. Tas Branded

4. Chic with chain strap bag

The chic and elegant Vira Tandia style is perfectly paired with a chain strap bag model that is suitable for invitations and casual moments. This bag strap can also be extended into a sling bag with a long rope. Vira also often combines it with various everyday outfits. Moreover, bags with neutral colors can be easily combined with clothes of any color. If your clothing characteristics are similar to Vira’s, this bag model is perfect for choosing to be your OOTD support style.

5. Vintage with PVC material bag

Have you also seen some celebrities using this bag as a complement to the OOTD style? If so, you can also choose this PVC bag to complete your casual and formal look. Made of PVC with a hexagon-like shape equipped with a chain link that is a statement, it is certainly unique, especially the characteristics of the vintage model. Nissa has also chosen this bag for some of her OOTD looks. No need to be confused with the matching style that fits, you can go straight to Nissa’s Instagram page to explore other styles with this bag.

6. Crossbody bag that is ready to give a bold statement

Crossbody bag is a form of bag that surrounds the entire front area of ​​the body. Shaped like a waist bag but used by sling it on the body. Various materials are present in this bag model, including leather, materials, to PVC. To give a bold statement to his appearance, Soraya Ulfa looks really cool wearing this bag. Get ready, a Soraya-style bag will steal anyone’s attention. Not only small in size, this bag also comes in a medium size that has more volume to fit your various needs. Sepatu Branded

7. Beige hand bag

This beige handbag that Tiqa is wearing is very beautiful to make OOTD’s style more elegant. This hand bag is made of leather which makes it look classier. You don’t need to be confused when looking for clothes that match this bag, any clothes can be combined with a beige bag. If you are also a lover of classy looks like Tiqa, this bag is a great choice when you are OOTD. Certainly make the appearance more fashionable and beautiful with instant time. Usually this type of bag also has a long strap that can be adjusted according to your needs, if you want it to be more practical, you can use it by slipping the bag.

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