Bag Models Most Often Appear in Korean Drama

Feel inspired to mix and match your clothes after watching a Korean drama? Indeed, in addition to watching the cool, Korean drama can also be a source of inspiration for your fashion. Korean drama always has attractive clothes and makeup on each of its characters, so that makes the audience want to imitate their appearance. Besides clothes, the bags worn by characters in Korean dramas are also very interesting. Come on, see 8 bag models that often appear in Korean dramas!  

  1. Mini sling bag for casual style

This bag model appeared in the drama She’s So Lovable. This bag can not store a lot of things because of its small size, so it is more suitable when used in relaxed places like malls. Mini sling bag is one type of bag that is suitable for use with any outfit.  

2. Classy two tone clutch bag

Usually a clutch bag like this is worn by wealthy female characters, like in the drama Hotel King. This clutch bag will create an impression of luxury and elegance without looking excessive. Combine with a matching pencil skirt with a bag, then complete with a plain blouse and beautiful high heels.

3. A practical backpack pattern for playful style

Patterned backpacks are also widely used in Korean dramas, both by female and male characters. This backpack with a star motif in the drama The Heirs is perfect for going to campus or traveling, because it can make a lot of stuff but doesn’t look too stiff. But remember not to wear clothes with colors that are too excited so as not to make you look too crowded.

4. Drawstring canvas bag

Drawstring canvas bags in the drama Descendants Of The Sun are very much sought after by the audience. The reason, this bag has a simple model but can create an effortlessly stylish impression for the wearer. You also don’t need to worry about items spilling, because this bag has a drawstring to keep the contents safe. Canvas bags can indeed be used anywhere, to campus, when hanging out with friends, even to date.

5. Two tone canvas bag Michaelkors Outlet

In addition to a plain canvas bag, a canvas bag with two colors like in the drama Doctor Crush is also very comfortable to wear. Pair it with your favorite t-shirt and jeans, then complete it with a bomber jacket or varsity jacket. This bag is perfect for you who have a casual style.  

6. Statement strap

The statement bag strap is really on trend again! You don’t need to buy the whole bag, you know, because now there are lots that sell statement straps separately. Just choose a plain bag with a removable strap, then choose your favorite statement strap. There are many types of statement straps, ranging from floral, patches, to pom poms. The style of this bag can make you different from the others.  

7. Brown leather bag

A classic brown leather bag can give an adult impression on your appearance. Very suitable for use to the office or to other formal events. Pair it with after a sophisticated blazer and block high heels.

8. Pastel bag

This pastel bag is sweet and makes the appearance look softer. To combine it, you can wear a sweater with a matching pastel color, or even make it contrast by using a dark colored shirt. Also choose shoes with pastel colors, so it looks more sweet.

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