Backpack with USB Charger by BackZip

Backpack bags from BackZip. This product was developed by 2 women entrepreneurs, Sophia and Danielle.
The first product will be launched around November or December 2016. There are 3 color variants, namely black / navy, black / gray, white / gray. Following are some of the superior features of Backzip bags.

1. Waterproof

No need to use an additional cover to protect this bag from water. The material of this bag has been tested so you don’t need to worry about the contents of your bag getting wet. It’s just that, still have to be on guard from Water. Although it has been declared waterproof, at the zipper there is a slight gap for water to enter.

2. Made of Kevlar Material Michaelkors Outlet

Not that this bag is bulletproof. But made from Kevlar material, this bag is stronger and suitable for heavy duty activities.

3. Integrated USB Charger

This is one of the unique features of the BackZip bag. You no longer need to worry that electronic devices will run out of battery. This bag is equipped with a USB charger that can provide sufficient electrical power.

4. Zipper Design on the Back

The design uses a zipper on the back, making this bag safer from thieves. As we know, backpacks or backpacks are very vulnerable when we are in a crowd like on a bus or train.

5. Simple and Modern Forms

The size is not too big, but also not too small. Make it easy for you to move freely without being burdened by the shape and size of the bag.

6. Quite Complete Compartments

To support your activities, this bag is designed to have a fairly complete compartment. Can load work equipment and laptops with a size of 15.6 inch. With these attractive features, this backpack is perfect for office or college activities.

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