Backpack With Unique Design

Backpack is one of the most functional fashion accessories. Backpacks are widely used for various activities, from going to school, going for a walk, or maybe just playing. However, backpacks or backpacks sometimes also become accessories that can boost your style to make you cooler. You can also choose various types of backpacks that you can customize depending on your personality.

Backpacks lately are often designed with unique and unusual models in order to increase the selling price in the market. Some of the backpack designs on the market are quite unique, but many are also weird and funny. Today wants to tell you some backpack designs that are different from the others. Who knows, you are interested in buying! Michaelkors Outlet

1. Hooded backpack

For those of you who are really hobbies with different fashion trends, this backpack that has a hood can really be your daily backpack. Not only cool, this bag also has many functions. The hood can protect you from hot and cold weather, or just as a style. Apart from that, the inside is wide enough for you to fill with lots of items.

Hooded Backpack
Hooded Backpack

2. Backpack solar power Tas Branded

Backpack designed with technology for those of you who everyday use all kinds of gadgets. Instead of using power bank continuously, just invest in this solar powered backpack. This bag is not only for depositing your valuables but also recharging your cellphone or mp3 battery!

3. Backpack for cycling

If you like bicycles, surely you know the pain of not having a signal light right on the road. What is there, motorbikes and cars on the road never want to lose to you. With this backpack, you can signal the rider behind you where you want to go next. With a special button connected to the backpack, you can give signals like a motorized vehicle.

4. Backpack with an umbrella

This Nubrella is one of the innovative backpacks that combines a backpack with an umbrella. This bag is also funny because you can protect it from the rain without bothering to carry an umbrella. But still the design is a bit strange because the shape of the umbrellas is a little different from umbrellas in general.

5. Chewbacca backpack

Who doesn’t like Star Wars movies? This well-known franchise film produces some really iconic characters like the monster Chewbacca! If you are a big fan of the Star Wars movies, this Chewbacca backpack is a must have. It’s funny when you have Chewbacca sticking to your back, it turns out to be a backpack! Sepatu Branded

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