Are Crocodile Skin Bags Really Water Resistant?

As is known, the material or leather used is quite influential on the reason why the price of a Hermès bag is so expensive. Moreover, if the creation of the bag is made using leather which is classified as exotic skin, derived from crocodiles, monitor lizards and ostrich. It needs special handling in each of these skin treatments in order to get the desired texture and color. In addition, some do use certain species of crocodiles.

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One thing to note is that there is no illegal hunting. Hermès is not very open, but according to sources, this French fashion house is working with a number of crocodile farms in a number of places. Even last year, as reported by The Guardian page, Hermès planned to open his own crocodile farm in Australia. So what types of exotic leather does Herms use? And are crocodile skin bags waterproof? Here’s the full review.

Hermes Ostrich
Hermes Ostrich

Hermes Crocodile Niloticus

There are two types of leather, namely matte and shiny. Both of them use the skin of the Nile crocodile in the waters of the state of Zimbabwe. In the process, leather with a shiny effect is buffed for hours to get the perfect gloss effect, as reported by Baghunter. There is a separate product code for bags that use this type of leather, namely two apostrophe marks located near the Herms logo. Another characteristic to note is that this type of leather bag is not waterproof.

Hermes Crocodile Porosus Tas Branded

For the Porosus species, Hermès uses crocodiles from farms in Southeast Asia and Australia. Just like the Niloticus type, there are two types offered, namely shiny and matte. In terms of price, Porosus itself is more expensive than Niloticus. Where to make it the most expensive exotic leather made by Hermès. The code used in this skin type is the ‘^’ sign. And this exotic skin type is also not waterproof.

Hermes Alligator

In terms of appearance characteristics, the difference between crocodile skin and alligator skin is that alligator skin tends to be smooth. Reporting from Baghunter, Hermès took alligator skin from a farm in Mississippi, United States. Similar to Porosus and Niloticus skin, alligator skin is also not resistant to water.

Hermes Lizard

Purseblog site in his article, that Hermès uses a monitor lizard from Africa for the manufacture of lizard skins. In addition to the number of bags that use this material, it is relatively rare, because the size of the monitor lizard is not too large, generally this skin is more often used as accessories and small bags.

Herms Ostrich Sepatu Branded

This ostrich skin has a unique characteristic where the pores on it will turn dark when in contact with human skin. However, it will glow when exposed to light such as sunlight and even lamps. Another attraction is that this leather is fairly durable, so if it is exposed to a stain that is not too severe, it can simply be wiped. Even quoted from the Purseblog site, this leather is fairly waterproof.

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