Aesthetic Pleasure Women’s Leather Bag Review Comparison vs Antidote PVC Bag

Are you looking for a good quality women’s leather bag? BukaReview will review a review of leather bag products from well-known local Indonesian brands. The first product is a handbag made of genuine leather from Aesthetic Pleasure. Next up is a leather sling bag from a local brand from Bandung, Antidote. Both offer variants of good leather bag models and of course it’s a pity to miss.

Here’s a comparison of genuine Aesthetic Pleasure leather bags vs Antidote PVC bags
Not only genuine leather or commonly referred to as genuine leather, fashion products made from leather are distinguished in various types of materials. The most frequently encountered besides genuine leather are products made from PVC and PU leather. Well, here BukaReview will review the two women’s leather bags from local Indonesian brands Aesthetic Pleasure and Antidote which are interesting to watch.

Aesthetic Pleasure leather bag
Aesthetic Pleasure is a local brand from Jakarta founded by Putri J Ghariza. Various collections of clothing to accessories with ground-breaking concepts make Aesthetic Pleasure products very suitable for urban wear to complement their casual style in daily activities. One of the most popular Aesthetic Pleasure handbag accessories is the Isolation Croc Black collection which comes in mini and standard sizes.

  1. Comes in the form of a dust bag with a minimalist Aesthetic Pleasure logo Michaelkors Outlet

When you buy the Aesthetic Pleasure Isolation Croc Black leather bag, you will get a dust bag for bag protection. This dust bag can be adjusted in the form of a ribbon strap to take out or insert a leather bag.

For maximum protection, you should immediately put the leather bag into the dust bag after use. Put in enough bubble wrap to keep the shape or firmness of the leather bag during storage.

  1. Bag made of genuine leather with croco detail

For those of you who love edgy style but want to look professional, this Isolation Croc Black bag with a standard size of 27 cm x 33 cm x 13 cm is worth having. There is an Aesthetic Pleasure logo on the cover of the bag which looks classic.

Handbag Aesthetic Pleasure project: 08 made of genuine cow leather with croc embossed. So, the material of this bag is not dominant with croco or crocodile skin, yes. But the croc-embossed makes this leather bag look even more premium.

Uniquely, you can disassemble the bag cover with other color covers that you can buy separately. It’s easy, you just need to open the zipper cover and install it with a new cover.

  1. Spacious bag compartment for daily necessities

For office use or attending formal events that require a bag with a large enough compartment, you can rely on this bag. The leather bag is equipped with 2 main compartments and 2 small pockets on each side and a small compartment in the middle. The zipper of the Aesthetic Pleasure leather bag is very strong so you don’t have to worry about an easy bag.

  1. There is an additional strap bag and a lifetime warranty card

In addition to being a handbag, you can upgrade the look of the Isolation Croc Black bag with an additional strap bag. So you can drape it as a sling bag for more flexible movement needs. Of course, the strap bag is also made of genuine cow leather, which is the same material as the bag.

If during use or storage there is damage to the leather or croc-embossed material, don’t worry. Every purchase of Aesthetic Pleasure leather bag products, you will get a life warranty card that guarantees free bag repairs if there is damage.

Antidote PVC Bag Tas Branded
Antidote is a local brand from Bandung that offers various bag models to maximize women’s casual style. Starting from tote bag models, sling bags to drawstring bags with various interesting details and colors you can get at Antidote. The best-seller product, namely the ASH sling bag with various colors, comes in PVC leather material along with an eccentric bag strap.

  1. Wrapped in a simple black dust bag

Even though it is made of synthetic leather or PVC, the Antidote sling bag is premium wrapped with a black dust bag bearing the brand name logo. Dust bag material is thick enough to protect the bag during storage to the maximum.

For a thorough treatment, you can clean the dust or dirt stuck to the PVC bag with a slightly damp or damp cloth. Also include bubble wrap to keep the shape of the bag.

  1. The shape is compact and flexible to carry anywhere.

This compact, travel-size and easy-to-use bag makes Antidote bags with the Ash series often sold out when restocked. In addition to black, the Antidote Ash bag with a size of 20 x 20 x 13 is also available in striking colors such as neon green or neon blue. The price of the Antidote Ash bag is IDR 289 thousand, very affordable for a PVC leather bag model. There is also a bold strap detail that makes it easy for you to carry this bag as a handbag. The shape is like a straw rope but the material looks more premium.

  1. Ample compartments for a compact bag

For bags that tend to be mini or compact in size, this Antidote Ash bag has quite a lot of compartments and is spacious. There is one main compartment and a small pocket on one side that can be used to hold small items or important money and cards. On the outside there is also a small pocket equipped with a sturdy zipper.

  1. Equipped with a strong adjustable strap Sepatu Branded

In addition to the strap bag with the straw strap shape, you will also get an adjustable strap that can be used to change the bag model into a sling bag. This long strap is made of faux leather which looks chic.

Aesthetic Pleasure leather bags and PVC Antidote bags have their advantages and disadvantagesIn conclusion, adjust your tastes, needs and of course the budget to choose whether you are more suitable to have a genuine leather bag from Aesthetic Pleasure or a synthetic leather bag from Antidote. Moreover, the prices of these two bags are also much different because of the differences in the materials used. Prioritize leather bag care so that as long or as active as you wear it, it still looks clean, durable and attractive.

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