Advantages and Disadvantages of Fashion Bag Materials in General

If we talk about bags, there are lots of bag models with different histories and functions. In general, we choose a bag based on style and function on a daily basis. Every year the trending style of each bag develops as discussed in the previous article here.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each bag material so that it can help you determine which bag to use:

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Canvas is a very durable plain-woven fabric. Canvas is now generally made of cotton or linen. Canvas itself is classified as heavy duty cotton like denim. The strength and durability of this excellent canvas material is the reason canvas is widely used to make various products that require these characteristics such as tents, sails and others.

For fashion products, canvas is very widely used to make handbags and backpacks. For the past few years, canvas has been very popular for making bags such as slingbags, shoulder bags, backpacks and several other types to get the impression of street style. Canvas with a good grade is durable to use and the longer the color will become more vintage. As for the canvas material with a poor grade, the longer it will be eroded and easily torn. The color itself is getting faded and whitish but doesn’t give a vintage impression.

Genuine Leather Tas Branded
Genuine animal skin is actually the best choice as a bag material. Genuine leather when viewed properly, is strong, durable, soft, elegant, comfortable to use and makes it long to use with a vintage impression. This causes all high-quality products to choose genuine leather over synthetic leather.

Animal skins that are often used are very much like the skin of tigers, snakes, cows, crocodiles and various other animals. However, cowhide is a favorite for many uses. Cowhide tends to be cheaper than other leathers but still of high quality. Beef kurat is very durable, good quality and has a beautiful texture.

But nowadays, not only because the price is high, but people also choose synthetic leather as a substitute for real leather to kill animals. However, the use of synthetic leather still cannot compete with genuine leather in terms of quality, durability and aesthetics. Genuine leather also requires extra care compared to synthetic leather to maintain quality.

Synthetic Leather / PU Faux Leather
Synthetic leather is made to replace the use of animal skins. Not only to reduce animal killings but also to reduce costs. But don’t worry, lower costs don’t necessarily mean very low quality. The manufacture of synthetic leather is getting better and better where the demands for its use are also increasing so it is not difficult to find quality PU materials.

PU Faux Leather itself is actually a type of synthetic leather. Usually PU Faux Leather is used not only on bags but also in various other products such as furniture, jackets, and so on. PU Faux Leather is quite comfortable to use which is made while paying attention to the aesthetic and durability aspects as well. PU Faux Leather, of course, far wins over genuine leather in terms of price. Besides that, for color and texture, because it is a synthetic material, it has more variants when compared to genuine leather.

Quality PU Faux Leather usually has a texture resembling genuine animal skin that is soft. PU Faux Leather needs to be maintained so that it can last a long time. But the treatment is actually easier than the original skin care itself. Although each PU faux leather has its own special care instructions, in general you only need to use a damp cloth if it gets stained and dry it immediately if it gets wet. If maintenance is not carried out and the product is rarely used, PU Faux Leather is easily peeled off over time. Of course, the better the quality, the less often this happens.

Polyester is a very strong synthetic material. Besides being strong, polyester is also very durable and even chemical resistant in general, cannot be wrinkled, cannot shrink or expand and is abrasion resistant. However, the texture of polyester tends to be rough and cannot be as smooth as nylon. Polyester itself is often compared with nylon where both are very strong synthetic materials but have different characteristics. Polyester dries more easily but is heavier than nylon.

Another plus is that polyester easily absorbs color and repels water. So that when colored, polyester can reject the existing water content but absorb the dye so that it is more bound to the fiber and produces a better color. Polyester itself is also very easy to care for and can even be put in the washing machine. So for heavy duty bags such as laptop bags, backpacks or luggage, polyester material is one of the main choices.

Nylon Sepatu Branded
Nylon is a synthetic material that was first discovered in 1935. Initially nylon was used as a parachute material and military tents, so it has not been used by the wider community. But over time, nylon became one of the people’s favorite synthetic materials.

Nylon was originally used as a substitute for silk where nylon managed to show the characteristics of being soft, light and expensive. Of course the price of nylon is not as high as the price of silk. Nylon also does not wrinkle easily, does not shrink or stretch and is very easy to care for. Due to its lightweight and durable characteristics, nylon has also become a popular material for making bags. However, most bags made of nylon are not heavy bags but are targeted for lightness to make traveling easier. Most nylon bags are bags like hand bags, totes or drawstring bags.

Nylon and polyester are easy to care for but Nylon is more popular than polyester because Nylon is softer but still strong. But in the fashion industry, these two materials remain a favorite even though the application is different depending on the needs. Where polyester can function as water resistant so it is widely used as a suit or rain coat, while nylon which is lighter and still durable is used more as a wind breaker where it is not often exposed to water.

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