A Handbag Model That Can Be Invested

Bags are now more than just a place to carry something, but also become an accessory to support even investment promises One woman can have two to three bags with various types. Handbags become one of them to be used for an event. Having a handbag is not just a daily accessory, but can be a promising investment tool. For this, the following handbags from several famous designers that can be used as an investment. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Classic Flap Bag Chanel

This handbag was introduced by Chanel in the 1980s. Since then, this handbag seems to be Chanel’s iconic product. This handbag is equipped with a gold device that serves as an iconic chain strap. On the bag, made with materials such as tweed or suede that form a quilted pattern. This pattern refers to the iconic Coco Chanel jacket.

Classic Flap Bag Chanel
Classic Flap Bag Chanel

2. Cassandra Logo Saint Laurent’s Flap Bag

The cover style of the handbag has been presented by Yves Saint Laurent since 1961 and makes it one of the most recognized bag logos. It has a strap that can be duplicated to make a strap. Thus providing flexibility for users. This classic bag features the original YSL logo, designed by famous graphic designer YS; Cassandre. Tas Branded

3. Peekaboo Fendi

Peekaboo became the iconic Fendi handbag on the runway in 2009. It is available in colors, sizes and fabrications. This bag has a trapezoid-shaped silhouette that is easily recognizable. Figures such as Meghan Markle to Rihanna did not hesitate to carry this handbag for their daily activities. Sepatu Branded

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