Rare Bags Are One of the Benchmarks for Fashionistas in Style

Rare Bags Are One of the Benchmarks for Fashionistas in Style

Generally, people will judge other people from their outward appearance first before judging their personality. For that we must maintain our appearance so that it looks impressive in the eyes of others. It’s no wonder that many are willing to spend extra money just to get an extraordinary appearance. Michaelkors Outlet

Apart from well-known celebrities, fashion lovers certainly want to look stunning at various events. Not only wear expensive dresses, but they also wear unique and rare accessory products. Even though the price is expensive, they still try to have it because it can support their appearance perfectly.

One of the accessories that are widely used to support the style is a bag. Not a few celebrities use rare bags in order to appear elegant. Let’s take a peek at the row of Hollywood artists who have used rare, fantastically priced bags.

Some Hollywood Artists Who Often Use Rare Bags Tas Branded

  • Rihanna

The singer with the golden voice, Rihanna, has always wowed the public. Not only because of singing but also because of his hard work in becoming a successful entrepreneur and businessman. This beautiful woman is successful in business of beauty products to fashion products.

Rihanna always gets the spotlight wherever she goes. He once appeared in Paris looking charming in a loose white shirt and light blue ripped jeans. At that time, he also appeared to be wearing a rare bag from a well-known fashion house. Rihanna carries a collection bag from Louis Vuitton Fall 2006

Louis Vuitton Fall 2006
Louis Vuitton Fall 2006
  • Jennifer Lopez

Next thing you can look at is Jennifer Lopez. This singer and film star is known to have the most expensive collection of bags in the world. He is known to have more than one Hermes Birkin series. He even appeared in a sporty style by carrying one of the most expensive bags from Hermes.

Some time ago he also shocked the public. He attended the premiere of his latest film, “Hustlers”, at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival. At that time he was carrying a small handbag shaped like a USD 10,000 bill. The bag is in the form of a clutch and combines it with a vibrant yellow dress from Maison Yeya’s fall 2019 collection. To complete her look she wears Femme Shoes Ford sandals.

  • Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner deserves to be a role model when it comes to glamor. This beautiful lady has always fascinated the public with her extraordinary style.

Just look at Kris’s style on occasion. The thing that caught my eye the most was that she was carrying a matte white Hermes Himalayan Crocodile tote bag.
Sepatu Branded

  • Victoria Beckham

David Beckham’s wife never ceases to amaze the public. There are fashion styles that can amaze the public. This time, Victoria Beckam is back in the spotlight. This is because her husband gave a birthday gift in the form of the world’s rarest handbag.

David gave Hermes an albino Nilo Crocodile Himalayan Birkin bag. This one bag is so exclusive and is the most popular bag in the world.

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Bags With Deodorizing Features

Bags With Deodorizing Features

The stomach bulges, but the body is reluctant to be invited to fitness. Try imitating other single men. They make the gym no longer just a place to stay in shape, but also a place to find love. You also need to know this information: more than 50% of women flirting with their gym partner during exercise. And more than 60% of women are attracted to men who are sweating.

This information should make you more enthusiastic about fitness. But, one that must be considered. Even though many women think that sweaty men are sexy, don’t let the scent of sweat sticking to fitness clothes spread inside the bag until the smell comes out. If this tragedy occurs, the women who were originally flirting may turn away from you. Michaelkors Outlet

After all, women like men who are good at keeping their bodies and belongings clean. But calm down, along with the development of technology, the bags on the market are also getting more sophisticated. To the extent, there is a Paqsule branded bag which is equipped with an automatic cleaning feature that is useful for killing viruses, bacteria and microorganisms as well as eliminating odors in the bag.

With this ability, the smell of sweat on used gym clothes will not spread throughout the bag. Simply by pressing a button on the bag, a feature called PaqTech can be activated. Tas Branded

Paqsule works with the support of UV-C and oxygen technology which is commonly used by professional sports teams and hospitals. In total there are 20 powerful features embedded in Paqsule.

Apart from PaqTech, Paqsule is also water resistant. You can prove this ability by placing a bag under a running shower. The water that comes out of the shower will not make the bag wet. Then there is also a special container to put a cellphone and a strap to attach a yoga mat or tripod to the bag. Sepatu Branded

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Best Styles of 5 Classic Men’s Handbags

Best Styles of 5 Classic Men’s Handbags

Maybe you think that men only use the same bag, even though bags are men’s mainstay accessories. Instead of buying a bag that fits each of your clothes what if you invest a little by buying more than one quality bag that covers the majority of your activities.
Michaelkors Outlet

Choosing a bag wisely, what type of man are you? If you haven’t asked yourself that, this can affect your appearance. Now to help you determine what type of bag is best for your lifestyle, here are 5 bag models worth considering this year.
Tas Branded

  • The Holdall / Gym ag

This type of bag is suitable for men who actively go to the gym several times a week. Apart from bringing shoes and a change of clothes for your sports activities, this bag is very useful for traveling out of town such as work or holidays with friends. Choose a bag with good material and have a masculine look.

  • The Cross-Body

Maybe it’s rare for men who will wear this bag because it’s smaller than a side bag and they prefer not to use a bag if they don’t carry a lot of stuff. But this bag gives a casual impression where the strap length of the bag is no more than your waist or you will look like a delivery man. This Cross-Body also makes it easier for you to carry your wallet, gadget, and more than in your pocket and makes your sitting movements uncomfortable.

  • The Backpack

No wonder the backpack is one of the mainstay bags for men even though you don’t plan to read laptops everywhere but always wearable. For those who want to look cooler, you can buy a backpack made of leather so that it can match when attending a meeting outside the office with formal clothes.

  • The Folio / Clutch

Folio or clutch is a bag that shows you are more masculine when combined with subordinates and formal tops. Initially, those who are not used to it may feel strange, but this is a bag trend that you can use when attending official events and can be used when taking a leisurely walk with your partner.

  • Messenger Bag

This sling bag has been a staple bag for men’s fashion for as long as we can remember. It is a classic alternative to a backpack and despite the emergence of many new men’s bag styles, this sling bag is still the choice. From school, college to work, this backpack has never been a fashion that is left behind because of its simple material and can fill a lot of things.

So which bag model is right for you? Sepatu Branded

When buying make sure it matches your personal style and a basic color like black, navy, brown or army green. Especially for those of you who like to do the gym, don’t be too ignorant about the appearance of your bag that you will carry around all day. Have two or more choices of bags so they can be paired with a specific activity and are comfortable for you.
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Now we want to hear from you, the bag choices that you like and that are your mainstay! Are you going to change the style of the bag?

Research: Paper Bags & Cotton Bags Are Not Environmentally Friendly

Research: Paper Bags & Cotton Bags Are Not Environmentally Friendly

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, found that plastic bags have a lower environmental footprint than paper waste and multipurpose cotton bags. Michaelkors Outlet

Launching the Channel News Asia page, Wednesday (21/10/2020), for the record, these findings only apply in Singapore and similar cities, where burning is part of the city’s waste management structure. In the study, scientists analyzed the life cycles of five bag types to evaluate their environmental impacts related to production, distribution, transportation, waste collection, treatment, and end-of-life disposal.

The study found that reusable polypropylene non-woven plastic bags were the most environmentally friendly choice. Followed by disposable plastic bags, said NTU in an official statement.

“Using plastic bags is probably the best option in cities like Singapore,” said Assistant Professor Grzegorz Lisak, director of the Center for Residue and Resource Reclamation at the Nanyang Institute for Environment and Water (NEWRI), who led the research. Tas Branded

“Our main message is that reusable plastic bags are the best choice. As long as they are used repeatedly, more than 50 times to be exact,” he said. “One surprising conclusion, however, was that if plastic bags were properly cared for afterward, they were less damaging to the environment than other types of bags in the study.”

Scientists found that the potential for global warming due to the use of single-use paper bags is more than 80 times that of reusable plastic. Single-use plastics and cotton bags that have been reused 50 times have the potential to cause global warming more than 10 times that of plastic bags that are reused 50 times.

According to the study, plastic bags need to be reused four times to offset the emissions equivalent of making one single-use plastic bag. Paper bags and cotton bags have a relatively larger environmental footprint due to the toxic potential in their production. Sepatu Branded

The paper bag production process which consumes large amounts of water and natural resources is the cause of the relative negative impact on the environment.

“Therefore, improving production methods, optimizing resource use, and following sustainable practices in the future can support the use of cotton and paper bags,” the study explains.

Hence, it is important to evaluate the case-by-case implications for dealing with plastic waste. Assistant Professor Lisak said, “In a well-structured closed metropolitan waste management system with incineration treatment, using plastic bags is probably the best option, provided there is no significant leakage of waste into the environment.”

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Men’s Work Bag Items

Men’s Work Bag Items

Men are usually very attached to the stereotype of simplicity when carrying things in a bag. But it must be admitted, that there are also some essential items that every man usually brings to the office. Well, besides looking at the contents of my own bag, I also approached several male co-workers at the office and talked about what items they usually carry while working. Curious about what’s in their briefcase? Come check the list here!

  • Charger and Powerbank

People say “life without love feels empty”, but isn’t life without a live cellphone more torturous? To keep gadgets alive and able to accompany mobility at the office all day long, chargers and power banks are always mandatory items that are always in men’s bags.

In addition to accompanying you on trips to the office, earphones are usually used at work. He said, listening to old Beatles’ old songs to the playlist that touched Payung Teduh made them more relaxed and focused on completing the tasks they were working on. Eits, as long as you don’t get carried away, it’s dangerous!

  • Little comb

To keep hair cool and look more elegant, it is not uncommon for male employees at Shopee to carry their signature small comb which is usually tucked in a small pocket in their briefcase. Pomades and gels are always on hand to keep your hair in order. Yes, who knows, suddenly I meet the prospective in-laws when I want to go to work). Tas Branded

  • Perfume

Not only women, perfume is also an item that is obligatory for men to bring to the office. The reason is, work in the office requires you to be able to meet many people. So, it’s no wonder, spraying perfume seems to be an important ritual so that the people around you stay comfortable. No good appearance would be complete without a charming perfume scent, right?

  • Wallet

Missing your wallet when you go to the office can be a big problem, because of course there are many things stored in it, not only money, but also identity cards, SIM cards, ATM cards, and other cards. Shame on bro if you want to treat him to a snack but forgot to bring your wallet?

  • Drinking bottles

Drinking bottles now seem to be the unique lifestyle of millennials. In addition to maintaining body fluid levels while working, this tumbler is usually carried out to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. No need to use plastic anymore when buying coffee across from the office!

  • Small umbrella

Not only the crush that never gives certainty, the weather in Jakarta is indeed difficult to predict. Mornings and afternoons can be scorching hot, but in the afternoon and at night it can suddenly rain, and vice versa. So, of course, umbrellas must always be ready so that mobility is maintained without being washed away by memories of former rain. Sepatu Branded

  • Key

The last item that is often in a male employee’s bag at Shopee is a key. Starting from motorbike, car keys, to house keys, it is very important to keep them neatly in your briefcase so you don’t lose or forget to keep them. Can you imagine how bad it will be if the key is lost?

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Timeless bag styles

Timeless bag styles

Tote bags are becoming the most popular bag style today. Besides having a practical model, the tote bag can contain a lot of items, so you don’t have to bother carrying lots of bags while traveling.

Currently, tote bags are presented in many variations, the most commonly seen being the tote bag made of canvas. Reporting from harpersbazaar.com, here are some of the timeless bag styles, curious? Michaelkors Outlet

1. Tote bag

In terms of comfort and style that is simple, yet sweet, nothing can beat a tote bag. The perfect tote bag to meet your daily needs, with a contemporary style, you can choose the variety of tote bag you want.

Pouch bag
Pouch bag

2. Pouch Tas Branded

The pouch is perfect for any appearance. You can pair it with a shirt and blazer for a more formal style or a hoodie and shorts for an everyday look.

3. Camera bag

The camera bag has a classic square, designed to meet the needs of the modern woman. You can fill it with a cellphone, power bank, makeup, headphones, keys, a bag that does not reduce its style or function. Where is your favorite bag? Sepatu Branded

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Tas Anti Air Yang Stylish Habis

Tas Anti Air Yang Stylish Habis

Biasanya kantong kering berbentuk tabung dan tampilannya kurang menarik. Tidak dengan yang satu ini, karena bisa dibilang dry bag paling keren di dunia.

Proyek tas tahan air yang bergaya ini dibuat oleh perusahaan pakaian renang yang berbasis di Hong Kong bernama Vicious Venom. Jika kita lihat di situs resminya, Kamis (25/2/2016), ada produk baru yang akan dirilis oleh mereka. Michaelkors Outlet

Tidak seperti kebanyakan tas anti air di pasaran, tas yang satu ini sangat stylish. Bentuknya seperti kopling, seperti tas punggung yang keren.

Itu tidak seperti menyelam atau snorkeling. Hal tersebut dilakukan karena tidak semua orang ingin pergi ke pantai dengan gaya sporty. Tas Branded

Ada juga yang ingin membawa tas bergaya. Inilah mengapa tas jenis ini diciptakan. Traveler pria dan wanita bisa memilih tas favoritnya.

Karena hari ini ada tas punggung. Ada yang datang dalam bentuk tas bahu atau tote bag yang bagus. Cocok untuk orang dengan gaya elegan.

Saat ini, konsep tas waterproof yang stylish ada di Kickstarter. Jika sumbangan terkumpul, mereka dapat memproduksi tas-tas ini. Sampai saat ini, 86 pendukung telah mengumpulkan USD 35.426. Tujuannya agar mereka bisa berproduksi dengan biaya USD 50.000. Sepatu Branded

Michaelkors Outlet

Wanita selalu membawa tas, kenapa pria tidak?

Wanita selalu membawa tas, kenapa pria tidak?

Perhatikan bahwa wanita selalu membawa tas kemanapun mereka pergi. Tas itu berisi dompet, alat bantu kosmetik, peralatan komunikasi, dll. Tetapi para pria hampir tidak pernah membawa apapun.

Fakta ini tampak wajar, tetapi cukup menggelitik. apa perbedaan diantara keduanya? Mengutip laman Boldsky, berikut alasan kenapa wanita selalu membawa tas sedangkan pria hanya punya cukup uang. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Pria cenderung membayar

Pria umumnya tidak perlu membayar. Mereka tidak dimaksudkan untuk memiliki item ini. Satu-satunya kewajiban pria adalah mendapatkan kartu kreditnya atau membelanjakan uang untuk kekasihnya.

  • Pria tidak punya barang pribadi

Tas Branded
Pria tidak diharapkan membawa barang pribadi yang harus dirahasiakan. Selama ini, wanita membutuhkan tempat untuk menyembunyikan persediaan pembalut saat menstruasi.

  • Pria “memanfaatkan” wanita

Pria tidak pernah membawa barang khusus, tetapi mereka “memanfaatkan” wanita. Para pria meminta para wanita untuk membawa sisir, charger, dan kacamata hitam.

  • Pria tidak harus ganti

Tas wanita berukuran besar juga digunakan untuk menyimpan pakaian ekstra. Dia tidak membutuhkan pria. Mereka tidak bisa berubah selama berhari-hari. Bahkan jika mereka harus berganti, pakaian mereka tidak menjadi masalah.

  • Pria selalu punya kantong

Hampir semua pakaian pria memiliki saku. Baik itu jeans, jas atau kemeja. Sedangkan untuk wanita, tidak selalu. Gaun dengan saku hanya menambah aneh tampilan wanita. Sepatu Branded

  • Pria memiliki sedikit kunci

Perlengkapan pria lebih rendah dari wanita, termasuk masalah utama. Sementara wanita cenderung memisahkan kunci dari liontinnya masing-masing, pria menyatukannya pada saat yang bersamaan.

  • Pria malas itu membawakan sesuatu

Padahal, pria itu malas. Bagi mereka, sulit untuk memegang sesuatu di tangan mereka. Itulah mengapa mereka lebih suka meninggalkan barang-barang di rumah atau menyimpannya di saku.

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Tips for Caring for Suitcases

Tips for Caring for Suitcases

When going home or long trips, one of the things you need to store various objects and clothes is a suitcase. Therefore, you must take care of your suitcase as best as possible so that it is durable and clean.

Luggage business often goes unnoticed. Even though moving from one place to another, luggage is the object that has the most potential to carry dirt and bacteria. Don’t let it go, keep your suitcase so that it is durable and always kept clean with the following tips. Michaelkors Outlet

Clean the outer layer of the suitcase


  • Dish soap
  • Toothpaste
  • Eraser
  • Clean cloth
  • Soft towels
  • Sponge

How to clean:

  1. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of dish soap with water until dissolved.
  2. Dip a clean cloth in the mixture. Rub it into the areas affected by dirt.
  3. For the parts that leave stains, such as sticker glue, rub the eraser clean.
  4. To deal with scratches, rub a little toothpaste on it using a cloth or sponge. Rub in a circular direction.
  5. Dip a sponge in soapy water to clean the stains on the luggage wheels.
  6. After all parts are clean, finally wipe all parts with a dry soft towel. Tas Branded

Clean the lining of the suitcase

How to clean:

  1. Still using the soapy water mixture, wet a soft towel then wring it out until it’s damp. Make sure not to use a wet towel, yes, because it is prone to causing mold if it doesn’t dry properly.
  2. Using a small vacuum cleaner, vacuum the corners of the suitcase so that the dust is lifted.
  3. Finally, let the inside of the suitcase dry completely. Sepatu Branded

This way, your suitcase will stay clean and durable. Happy planning your next trip!

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Gucci Men’s Bag Trend 2020, Shape Like a Lunchbox

Gucci Men’s Bag Trend 2020, Shape Like a Lunchbox

A new men’s bag from Gucci appeared at Milan Fashion Week, recently. So, what is Gucci’s offer for the 2020 men’s bag trend? Michaelkors Outlet

Having existed since 1921, Gucci under the direction of designer Alessandro Michele has grown to become one of the favorite luxury brands, especially among millennials.

Gucci’s allure was evident after his name topped Lyst’s ‘Fashion’s Hottest Brands’ list for 2018. It is also known that around 6 million people searched the internet for Gucci accessories from October to December of that year.

So it’s not an exaggeration if the Gucci men’s fashion collection is awaited at the Milan Men’s Fashion Week, Milan, Italy, Tuesday (14/1/2020). About the Gucci Fall 2020 collection presented, Alessandro said he wanted to offer something more exploratory for men. Tas Branded

“I think men’s collections are more experimental and unique (compared to women’s collections) because in the past men didn’t have many options. The stereotypes in men’s clothing were very narrow and closed,” said the designer who joined Gucci since January 2015, as quoted by WWD.

So in the hands of Alessandro, clothing separated from a certain gender identity. Clothing styles or colors that were once common for women, can now be worn by men. Because basically, clothes don’t have gender.

Likewise for business accessories, including bags. The style of contemporary men for 2020 is described by Gucci with a line of feminine bags. Men with a macho look appear while carrying one of Gucci’s iconic classic bag products, the Jackie Bag, the latest version. It is called the Jackie Bag because it became popular after being used by former US First Lady Jackie Kennedy.

Also present is the Gucci men’s bag with an unusual silhouette. Drawing inspiration from the innocent character of children, Alessandro slipped from a lunch box bag to a satchel bag that looked like a child’s toy. Almost all of them are present in the retro spirit that has been carried by Gucci in recent years. Sepatu Branded

Michaelkors Outlet

Guaranteed to be fashionable, this tote bag is suitable for men!

Guaranteed to be fashionable, this tote bag is suitable for men!

Men, supporting your daily style, this tote bag or box-style bag that is usually worn on your shoulders turns out to be able to make your everyday style cooler. To make this one bag model suit you, you also have to know the right color selection. Guaranteed to be fashionable, this tote bag color line is suitable for men!

1. Black tote bag as a basic anti-dirty option

If you like a safe color choice, you can choose a basic black tote bag. This tote bag is anti-dirty and does not require frequent washing. Besides that, black is a color that is easily combined with any color clothes. For men, you can still look manly with a black tote bag. No need to hesitate anymore, men are not only suitable for wearing a backpack, you can look cool with a black tote bag. Michaelkors Outlet

2. Navy tote bag that gives a sporty touch

If you like to be sporty, it’s time for you to look stylish with a navy tote bag. Usually tote bags have ample space to carry various kinds of sports goods or needs and keep you practical all day. Navy color doesn’t get dirty easily when used, so you don’t need to worry about choosing a navy tote bag as your daily bag for work or sports.

3. Gray tote bag that looks cool on you

If you are one of the men who are cool and dignified, you can choose a gray tote bag. Choose a dark gray color for those of you who don’t want the bag to get dirty quickly and if you want to look more stylish, light gray is the right choice. Gray is also suitable if you are bored with black bags.

4. The trendy olive green tote bag

Olive green is a unisex color which is currently a trend among fashion lovers. If you are looking for a tote bag, you can choose a hijab olive color bag that makes it look cooler. Besides that, olive green is a color that doesn’t get dirty easily if you often wear the bag to accompany you in your activities. Tas Branded

5. Broken white tote bag that is ready to elevate a more casual and light look

Make the casual style look light with the choice of a broken white tote bag. This tote bag is ready to make the appearance cooler, especially if you wear it on the weekend. Usually this tote bag has many variations, such as tote bags with painting accents that make you more artsy when wearing the bag to complete your look.

6. Brown tote bag suitable for earthy tone lovers

Including earthy tone lovers? Now you can choose a brown tote bag that is ready to complete the look with earthy tones. The brown color is also a color choice that can elevate it so that it looks more stylish. Whether you want to use it from your office to traveling, a brown tote bag is perfect for you to buy.

7. Cream tote bag is the right option if you are bored with dark bags

Tired of dark bags? Take it easy, you will look manly with this cream tote bag. Especially if you like classic or vintage style, this bag is sure to maximize your appearance. Oh yes, not only for men, the cream tote bag is also suitable for women. So, you can exchange bags with your partner or sister! Sepatu Branded

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Queen Elizabeth II’s beloved bag is more than half a century old

Queen Elizabeth II’s beloved bag is more than half a century old

In addition to trend-following accessories, collecting fashion items sometimes also becomes an investment in fashion. No wonder someone is willing to buy one item at a fantastic price, because the model is classic and can be used from time to time no matter what is trending. For example, a bag. Michaelkors Outlet

The bag model that you love can change over time, but one bag with a classic style and basic color can last a long time! In fact, even Queen Elizabeth has this kind of bag, you know! The leader of the British Empire has a bag that is more than half a century old. Countless times he has worn this bag at various royal events, both formal and casual.

One of the moments when Queen Elizabeth II used her Classic bag was when the president of India visited the palace in 2009, also when meeting the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau Tas Branded

Queen Elizabeth II Classic Handbag

Queen Elizabeth’s favorite bag is a short strappy bag or handbag, from designer Launer. This bag is made of shiny leather, has a classic style and is black in color. It’s no wonder that this bag, which sells for $ 2,430 or around Rp.34 million, is still the Queen’s favorite bag today.

Queen Elizabeth even gave the designer ‘The Royal Warrant’ award, Lauren, in 1968. Until now, handbags from the same brand still seem to be a favorite. The Queen is known to have hundreds of Launer bags, you know! Sepatu Branded

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“Stylish” Styles of Wearing a Backpack

“Stylish” Styles of Wearing a Backpack

Wearing a backpack often gives a sense of nerdy to some people’s perceptions. In fact, along with the development of the era, backpacks or bags with the concept of a back or what is known as a backpack have evolved into a fashion trend for men today. The problem is, there are still many male audiences in general who do not really understand how to use an eccentric backpack to make it look stylish. And in fact, the use of this backpack is only used as a vital necessity that does not need to pay attention to suitable styles or modes to make it look attractive.

Reporting from the men’s fashion page, mrporter.com (21/12/2016), the use of a backpack or backpack can be adapted to several circumstances and styles to suit current trends. Not only can it be used for daily work purposes, but also to attend formal events as well, in such a way you can use a backpack in style to keep the accent neat and not monotonous.

The complicated dynamic life of the capital demands high mobility with the many necessities that are carried out in all matters. With these various activities, modern men – who pay attention to fashion – are required to look attractive even though they wear a backpack as a primary accessory. Various styles need to be adjusted according to the shape of the bag you want to wear. An attractive casual look is one of the mainstay styles for men with office routines today, regardless of whether the man works in a rigid industrial area such as a bank or law firm.
So give it an eccentric look even when using a backpack or backpack. For several companies that are generally engaged in creative fields, the display image above is the first option in having a stylish style by using a backpack. Of course, with the type of backpack that supports its stylish appearance too, namely Leather or Suede Backpack which is very suitable to be paired with denim pants or jeans and shirts with masculine accents with basic motifs, added with basic sweaters according to the uniform color of the shirts worn.

Give it a relaxed and casual look by not tucking the shirt into the jeans that are entangled with the belt. However, it needs special attention to the size of the shirt. In this way it must be made to fit the size of the body in order to still give a neat statement to the given appearance.

  • With a Jacket or Outer (Outer)

If you have a type of backpack with a large volume like the picture above, look at the look by wearing an additional outer or outer bag on the shirt and chino pants that are used to give a casual accent that is formal. Usually, men who are engaged in work in creative fields will choose this style option.
Adjust the outer or outer that is worn with the barrel of the color that is owned by the backpack being worn. As in the picture above, the colors contained in the leather-trimmed backpack have different nuances with the texture and material of the bag that supports the color to be more suitable when juxtaposed with outer shades of green or navy blue. White is also the right choice to pair the colors to keep them. have a harmonious mix and match colors.

  • With the formal appearance of office clothing.

The modern era is currently preparing a plan to transfer to the realm of the creative industry which always carries a casual perception, even though the company operates in the formal realm such as banking, large corporations, and law firms. A tactic that men with jobs that require a formal look is to use a leather backpack that has a masculine, simple, and eccentric accent. So that the expensive nuances that are given will always shine.

This type of leather bag with dark colors is the right option that should be worn by every man who wants to give a formal, eccentric look with a backpack. Pair the color between the leather bag worn with the dark outfit on top and the pants made of the same color as the top. Generally, office men who always wear a suit will carefully match their top and bottom colors.

Try to always wear a suit or shirt with a blazer that is the right size or fits your body type. Because wearing a backpack with two straps, it requires a fitting appearance so it doesn’t look messy. A little tip for men who often wear formal clothes to the office, give a masculine accent and remain stylish by carrying the backpack in the right hand – or left, or carrying it with only one strap. Cool accents will emanate from this style.

  • Wear it with a leather jacket

Typically, men who want to wear a leather jacket must match the color that is not the same, either for the pants worn or even a leather bag. Give an eccentric accent to its appearance by providing contrasting color matching on each part; leather bags, leather jackets, and tops and bottoms. Tas Branded
The perception of cool will always be implied by men who wear leather jackets to go to all occasions, whether formal or informal though. The contrast color seen in the image above shows a strong statement in terms of fashion. A leather jacket worn with a leather bag should have a contrasting color that is far different so that it still gives a harmonious appearance even with the same type of material between the two.

  • Wear it with a denim jacket

Besides leather jackets, men in general will always like to wear jackets or tops made of jeans, which are often known as denim. The combination of jeans made from jeans is the right choice and match between the top and the bottom of the outfit you want to show. Bags made of rigid fabrics – or those that are not stiff – are a great match for this denim look.

Unlike the case with leather clothing and bags, this type does not require men to wear different contrasting colors between their jackets and bags. In fact, it would be better if you wear a jean top with a blend of colors that is in line with the color theme of the bag worn. Masculine accents and prepiations will naturally emanate from this style. There is no standard and special style of bag that must be used, as long as the material of the bag is not leather or suede. Because, it can experience clashes in terms of the appearance given.

  • Casual shorts with a backpack.

Men in general will choose chinos for any casual occasion that is somewhat informal. The combination of polo-shirts with chinos material will give a casual simplicity accent. Its application with a backpack or backpack also supports an attractive appearance by not eliminating the perception of the accent. Sepatu Branded
It is recommended to always wear bright colors on the tops and pants that will be worn. Because, simplicity with a feel of casual simplicity is formed from the mix and match of these colors. The backpack that is worn must also be made of material other than leather and suede as described in the previous point. Rigid fabrics with basic or plain designs are suitable for wearing with shorts and polo-shirts.

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Queen Elizabeth Sends Secret Signal Using Bag, Like What?

Queen Elizabeth Sends Secret Signal Using Bag, Like What?

Most women use bags to accommodate various items and to complement their style. But for Queen Elizabeth II, the use of the bag is not just an accessory. According to some sources, the Queen of the British Empire used it to give certain signals. Usually this is done when attending an event so that he doesn’t have to feel awkward. Michaelkors Outlet

It was previously revealed that Queen Elizabeth II used to keep mirrors, lipsticks, pens, mints and reading glasses in her bags. When leaving the house on Sundays, he also often brings some money to the church as a donation. But the handbag she carries does more than that. These accessories are also used to communicate with staff.

“It would be very worrying if you were talking to the Queen and saw a handbag being moved from one hand to another,” royal historian Hugo Vickers told People.

According to Hugo, it was a signal that the Queen wanted to finish the conversation. The staff will also prepare to divert the Queen’s interlocutor to something else but it is done very subtly. “Someone will come up and say, ‘Sir, the Archbishop of Canterbury would love to see you,'” Hugo explained. Tas Branded

Queen Elizabeth’s bag also played an important role in the dinner banquet. According to the Telegraph, if the Queen puts her bag on the table it means that she wants the event to end in the next five minutes. Meanwhile, putting a bag under the table can be a signal that the Queen does not like conversation and wants to leave the meeting immediately.

But the most urgent signal is when the Queen spins the ring. Hugo said if it was a signal that Prince William’s grandmother wanted to be saved immediately. Sepatu Branded

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Research: Using Branded Bags Can Help Prevent Infidelity

Research: Using Branded Bags Can Help Prevent Infidelity

When dating a partner, women often wear a collection of their branded bags. And without realizing it, the habit of wearing designer products can make couples not flirt with other women. Then what is the relationship between wearing a branded bag and infidelity?

A study recently published by the University of Minnesota, states that women use luxury products to signal to other women that they are in a committed relationship with their husband or boyfriend. This study was conducted on 649 female respondents with varying ages and relationship status. Michaelkors Outlet

“It may seem irrational that every year Americans spend more than USD 250 billion on luxury products. The average woman has three new bags a year. But actually, overconsumption is a smart way for women who want to protect their relationship,” he said. Vladas Griskevicius, co-author of the study quoted from the Huffington Post. “When a woman flaunts a designer product, she signals to other women ‘Back off from my partner!'” He added.

Vladas and another researcher, Yajin Wang found that it doesn’t matter whether women buy expensive accessories from their own money or gifts, luxury products still have the same effect.

“We found that women who wear luxury goods and designer brands are considered to have loyal partners. This makes other women not want to flirt with the man. Regardless of who actually buys these things, other women will conclude that the man the man who bought the exclusive bag was especially for his partner, “explained Yajin Wang. Tas Branded

Research also revealed that women tend to spend more money, about 32 percent to buy branded goods when they feel the relationship is in trouble.

This isn’t the first study to look at the link between luxury goods and infidelity. In June 2013, a survey conducted by dating site Ashley Madison, found that the favorite shopping destination of cheating wives is Banana Republic. Previously, a similar study conducted by UK-based dating site Illicit Encounters found that men and women who cheat, prefer to drive in Audi cars. Sepatu Branded

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Bag models that are often used by hijab celebrities

Bag models that are often used by hijab celebrities

Perfecting the OOTD style, usually some accessories such as glasses, necklaces, shoes, and bags are chosen by fashion lovers. Of the several accessories, one of which is a bag that is the focus of which will be discussed in this article. Some inspirational hijab celebrities wear several bag styles that are trendy and stylish. Want to know what the celebgram style bags are like? Here are 7 bag models that are often used by hijab celebrities during OOTD! Michaelkors Outlet

1. Sling bag and tote bag in one bag

Khasanah’s diamond looks cool with the mix and match of her clothes that are enhanced through the sling bag she wears. This bag has a short strap on the front which functions to shape this bag into a different model, namely the tote bag. Make the casual and light OOTD style even more powerful with this Intan Khasanah style bag model. Moreover, to accompany your traveling moment, this bag is ready to carry your various needs, such as makeup pouch, mukena, camera, and power bank. If you are tired of being used as a sling bag and feel your shoulders are too sore, just change it to a tote bag.

2. Playful with beads bag

Say a different style in the style of Amelia Elle using a beaded bag or bag with beaded material. This bag looks playful and has successfully stolen anyone’s attention. Beads bag comes in a variety of models including tote bags, sling bags and shoulder bags. Whether you want to wear a plain outfit or a motif, this bag is ready to make your appearance look more fashionable in an instant. But be careful, this bag can’t carry a lot of stuff and is less comfortable if it’s too heavy. So, wear this bag for just an invitation, hang out, or OOTD photo.

3. Bucket bag is calcic

Bucket bag is included in the classic collection that never dies. This bag model is perfect for making your appearance more fashionable like Fira. Various sizes of bucket bags are on the market, ranging from small, medium, to large sizes. This bucket bag is suitable for various styles and can be included in a collection of fashion items with a versatile attitude. For those of you who want to appear OOTD in a celebgram style, now you can choose a bucket bag that makes the appearance even more fashionable. Tas Branded

4. Chic with chain strap bag

The chic and elegant Vira Tandia style is perfectly paired with a chain strap bag model that is suitable for invitations and casual moments. This bag strap can also be extended into a sling bag with a long rope. Vira also often combines it with various everyday outfits. Moreover, bags with neutral colors can be easily combined with clothes of any color. If your clothing characteristics are similar to Vira’s, this bag model is perfect for choosing to be your OOTD support style.

5. Vintage with PVC material bag

Have you also seen some celebrities using this bag as a complement to the OOTD style? If so, you can also choose this PVC bag to complete your casual and formal look. Made of PVC with a hexagon-like shape equipped with a chain link that is a statement, it is certainly unique, especially the characteristics of the vintage model. Nissa has also chosen this bag for some of her OOTD looks. No need to be confused with the matching style that fits, you can go straight to Nissa’s Instagram page to explore other styles with this bag.

6. Crossbody bag that is ready to give a bold statement

Crossbody bag is a form of bag that surrounds the entire front area of ​​the body. Shaped like a waist bag but used by sling it on the body. Various materials are present in this bag model, including leather, materials, to PVC. To give a bold statement to his appearance, Soraya Ulfa looks really cool wearing this bag. Get ready, a Soraya-style bag will steal anyone’s attention. Not only small in size, this bag also comes in a medium size that has more volume to fit your various needs. Sepatu Branded

7. Beige hand bag

This beige handbag that Tiqa is wearing is very beautiful to make OOTD’s style more elegant. This hand bag is made of leather which makes it look classier. You don’t need to be confused when looking for clothes that match this bag, any clothes can be combined with a beige bag. If you are also a lover of classy looks like Tiqa, this bag is a great choice when you are OOTD. Certainly make the appearance more fashionable and beautiful with instant time. Usually this type of bag also has a long strap that can be adjusted according to your needs, if you want it to be more practical, you can use it by slipping the bag.

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3 Types of Leather Bags That Are Often Used

3 Types of Leather Bags That Are Often Used

1. Leather Type Suede Bag

This is a leather bag type with a smooth surface, like velvet. Suede can be made from cow, goat, sheep, and deer skin. However, to make a bag, generally suede is produced from cowhide. To get this smooth skin, suede is extracted from the inside of the skin layer which is processed to get a certain degree of softness. Because it comes from a thin piece of leather, suede is usually given another layer on the inside to make it durable and of course it takes extra care so that the suede bag you have is always durable. However, it is worth the beauty and softness of this suede bag. Michaelkors Outlet

2. Brush Off Leather Type Bag

Of all the types and processes of leather, brush off is the most complicated. No wonder the price is sometimes quite high compared to other skin types. Starting from tanning to giving oil, it takes quite a long time. Brush off leather is a leather processing process coated with a protective material such as acrylic. The result is a skin that is shiny, light-colored, smooth, yet very supple. The surface is smooth and there is no visible skin texture and fibers. Although this type is widely used for shoes, many bags also use this type of leather.

3. Types of Grain Bag Leather Tas Branded

This is a type of leather that is commonly used as fashion products such as bags, jackets, shoes, and wallets. This type of leather is usually processed as a whole without any modification to the skin structure. The texture on the skin surface is still clearly visible. Grain types have the highest level of resistance than other leathers, and are easier to care for than some other types of leather. Over time, this skin surface usually gets better formed and makes products made from this skin type look even better, provided the right care is taken. Sepatu Branded

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How to get around a peeling or dirty bag

How to get around a peeling or dirty bag

Because you don’t pay attention to how to care for a leather bag properly, the surface of your bag starts to get dirty and peeling off. Even though this bag is your mainstay at important times. If it is already peeling off, don’t think that the bag can’t be used. This bag can still look like new again by using some household utensils, you know. Let’s take a look, 10 ways to trick a peeling bag to make it look new again.

Here’s an easy way to fix a peeling bag Michaelkors Outlet

All bags with different types of materials and different models need their own care. Especially if the condition of the bag is damaged or peeling, you must take repair steps. So that you don’t have to buy a new bag again, check out the following easy tips to trick a peeling bag.

1. Outsmart peeling bags and dirt with eucalyptus oil

If you have eucalyptus oil at home, this can be used to remove dirt stuck to the bag. Light color or dark color, all types of dirt can be removed. Pour eucalyptus oil on a paper towel or cloth with a fine texture, then rub it gently right over the soiled part of the bag. Keep rubbing until the surface is clean again, but don’t use great force as rubbing too hard can damage the leather surface of the bag.

2. Toothpaste can also be used

Apart from eucalyptus oil, you can also remove dirt using any toothpaste. However, one thing that must be considered is the selection of a toothbrush as a tool for scrubbing the toothpaste. Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles, because coarse bristles can also damage the surface of the skin. Then apply in the same way as eucalyptus oil, until the surface is clean again.

3. Use glue to glue it back

If the part of your leather bag is still peeling a little, try gluing it back together again. Then, keep the bag from being exposed to the strong sun for a long time. This sunlight will reduce the humidity of the bag so that the layer of the bag will break again.

4. Markers, paints and shoe polish

If your leather bag turns out to be quite a lot and has fallen off, you can use markers, paint, or shoe polish of the same color to cover any peeling surfaces. The trick is to just apply it slowly on the part that is exfoliated until the part resembles another part that is still good. But it must be remembered, paint starting from one layer, after drying then you paint for the next layer. In addition, you can buy special paints for leather that are sold in shopping centers. Because with this paint the results will be maximized.

5. Get creative by using the patch on the bag to peel off

If the damage to your bag is severe, it’s time to put your creativity to work. You can cover the peeling area by changing its appearance. Patch the peeling area with a cloth that has a matching color and pattern, then sew. This will not only solve your problems, but you will also get a new bag for free! Tas Branded

6. Use duct tape for peeling suitcases

If the bag that is peeling yours is a suitcase, you can rely on duct tape, here. Especially when you are in a hurry while traveling, you can use duct tape to temporarily close it. Remember it is only temporary, because the glue on the duct tape is easy to come off and opens, it will endanger your belongings. If you have time, it’s good to keep fixing it to make it safer and more comfortable. You can apply this method if it’s an emergency.

7. Use a leather repair kit

If your leather bag is damaged or if the peeling condition is quite wide, try using a leather repair kit. This special leather treatment is often known as leather putty. Coloring using paint alone is not enough to exfoliate a leather bag that is wide enough, that’s why you are advised to use a leather repair kit. The method is quite easy, you just have to peel the putty part of the bag and then flatten it. Then press the putty with a cloth or leather-fibrous paper. Let it sit for a day then lift the cloth or paper and the leather bag will look like new.

8. Add decorations such as pins or buttons

Apart from wearing patches, you can also be creative by covering a bag that has peeled off using buttons or pins. Use buttons with quirky or colorful details. Make sure the button is completely attached to the peeling or hollow part of the bag. You can also cover the entire surface of the bag so that it looks more unique. As with pins, you can use a stacked pin and attach it to the hole in the bag. Various silver or gold studs can also make your leather bag feel even more edgy.

9. Apply leather conditioner to treat synthetic leather bags

To treat PU or synthetic leather bags, you can use a leather conditioner which is usually used for leather sofa products at home. Available in spray or cream form, just spray or apply on the part of the leather bag that wants to peel off. Leather conditioner is also effective in softening and giving shine to the parts of the bag that have started to get dirty.

10. Take your peeling bag to the repair shop

If indeed the peeling condition in your bag is already severe. And when the various methods above are not effective. Of course getting him to the repair shop was the most appropriate step.

As an option, you can also bring branded bags to quality spa bags. Starting from cleaning, retouching to recoloring, your bag will definitely look like new again with bag spa services. But indeed, maybe you should be prepared to spend more! Sepatu Branded

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Chanel Bags versus Hermes, Which Do Socialites Consider Higher in Cast?

Chanel Bags versus Hermes, Which Do Socialites Consider Higher in Cast?

Chanel and Hermes are both known as high fashion labels. Those who are able to collect them are of course rich people. But, which of the two brands is considered higher in caste? A photo that has gone viral on Chinese social media might provide some insight. The photo was taken when seven female socialites took a group photo while attending an event. Each of them posed while displaying the handbag they brought. Of the seven women, the majority carried Hermes Birkin bags, only one person carried a Chanel 2.55 bag. When the photo was uploaded, an oddity appeared. Michaelkors Outlet

The reason is, in the distributed photo, the Chanel bag that the woman was draping has disappeared from the picture. As it turns out, the photo has been edited. The Chanel bag that the woman carried was considered not on the same level as the Hermes Birkin who was carried by the majority of socialites. The position of the woman is also on the far right, slightly away from the other groups of mothers.

In fact, the price of the Chanel bag is not exactly cheap, it is estimated at around US $ 4,750 or around Rp. 70 million. However, the price is cheaper than the Hermes Birkin which starts at 10,000 Euros or Rp. 173 million. Because it was a bit of a burden, the woman immediately looked for a Birkin bag to fix her frivolous fashion choices so she could join her Hermes users. The moment was shown on a television show entitled Nothing But Thirty. After the episode aired, netizens were busy talking about the differences in the caste of the two world fashion labels.

Chanel VS Hermes Tas Branded

Chanel and Hermes have long been seen as the world’s top luxury labels. Both privately owned and operated and with a focus as luxury brands, they both value better than their competitors, especially amid the pandemic and the global economic slowdown.

However, even though they both make super expensive items, such as Chanel tweed jackets and Hermes crocodile leather bags, Chanel is seen as more affordable by the market compared to its competitors. The reason is, the brand has many product categories to offer, including nail polish.

Hermes is also trying to get into the beauty business by launching a lipstick line earlier this year, also selling more affordable items like perfume and belts. However, the impression of exclusivity is still very thick for the market, plus the scarcity of Kelly and Birkin bags that are hunted by collectors. That’s what sets it apart from Chanel. Sepatu Branded

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The reason Princess Diana always carried a handbag on her left arm

The reason Princess Diana always carried a handbag on her left arm

Throughout her life, the late Princess Diana was known to have a variety of distinctive dress styles, including the accessories she often carried. The mother of Prince William and Prince Harry is also known for her habit of carrying handbags. That signature has inspired a number of well-known fashion brands, including Lady Dior, the iconic bag from the fashion house Dior, which was renamed in honor of Diana. Michaelkors Outlet

She also sparked the trend with what Diana considers a cleavage bag, which she uses to protect her body when getting in and out of cars. But royal fans may have also noticed Diana’s habit of holding her handbag.

Diana always carried her bag on her left arm, despite the fact that she was not left-handed. But in the years since, other royals such as Kate Middleton have also been seen carrying a handbag on their left arm.

Reported by Express, royal etiquette expert, Myka Meier explained the reason for the nobility to carry a bag in the left hand. When entering a room or event, hold the handbag or suitcase in the left hand, so that the right hand remains free to meet, greet, and shake hands.

Tas Branded
“Prince Charles did this too,” Meier wrote in an Instagram post showing Diana carrying her handbag. This answer is understandable, considering that Diana is a very well-known figure, so maybe she will have a lot of contact with other people when visiting a place.

Diana was even known as a person who likes to shake hands and hug people she meets, so that she is known as the “People’s Princess”. So do not be surprised if the etiquette of holding the handbag is deliberately chosen so that he can greet people wherever he can. Sepatu Branded

Princess Diana isn’t the only royals to put a lot of thought into her handbag etiquette. Queen Elizabeth II also has a kind of secret language when it comes to her handbags. Royal historian Hugo Vickers told People magazine a few years ago about the very deliberate use of the Queen’s handbag. “It would be very worrying if you talk to the Queen and see the handbag move from one hand to another,” he said. Why is that? Because, this gesture is a sign that the Queen wants to end the conversation with the person she is talking to. After finding out about it, we might pay more attention to the Queen’s gestures if you have the chance to meet him. However, you do not necessarily realize it because the Queen will do it so subtly.

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