Modify Dior and Louis Vuitton Bags to Bring Boba Drinks

Modify Dior and Louis Vuitton Bags to Bring Boba Drinks

Created by a Japanese designer, Daisuke, the boba drink which is very popular, especially in Asian countries, comes in “unusual packaging.” How not, in carrying it, the owner of the Instagram account @dimda_ uses a modified bag from a luxury fashion house.

His first creation was a Dior bag that seemed to be carrying a boba drink. The transparent accented sling bag is exactly the size of a standard plastic boba drink. Michaelkors Outlet

The design of the combination of branded goods with ordinary drinks makes it praised by many people. In fact, some of them reveal the concept is very possible to be applied in everyday life.

“Wear casual clothes, but still have a fashion statement. This modification is a brilliant idea,” wrote one Instagram user.

One of his latest creations, a Louis Vuitton bag for carrying coffee, has netizens commenting on how much they love and need the bag. In the photo, the actual bag design is not complicated.

Launching the AsiaOne page, Saturday, October 10, 2020, the drink carrying bag is equipped with two holes at the bottom to fit two drinks. Tas Branded

In case you’re wondering if the design makes the lid of the drink glass come off, Daisuke mentions in a thread that he’s already tried walking around with the bag. During that time, the drinks were fine.

In an interview with the online magazine HIGHXTAR, Daisuke revealed that he started recycling vintage designer bags about a year ago. This process is done by modifying the design so that it looks different from the original shape.

By making items from bags that are no longer used, this change intends to transform the item into something new again. This change allows the bag to still be considered in the fashion realm, he told online media PAUSE.

Apart from these two, Daisuke’s unique designs actually vary widely, from Prada mask bags to Fendi toilet bags.

While you don’t know if his custom bag will go on sale yet, you can email the designer at dimda.210@gmail.com to inquire about it, according to an 8 Days report. Sepatu Branded

What is a puffy bag ?

What is a puffy bag ?

As in previous years, Puffy Pillow Bags are back to enliven spring fashion. This bag does look unusual and tends to be weird, but it has a charm that makes you can’t just ignore it. When spring comes, everyone will try to experiment with this bag. This bag that resembles a soft pillow is usually used to complement the oversized trench coat with semi-sporting and baggy clothes. Puffy Pillow Bags are also often the “best friend” for stretch denim, oversized knit sweaters, and layered shirts. You might not want to miss this one fashion trend. Besides making your appearance fashionable, Puffy Pillow Bags will make you stand out. Let’s know a few things about Puffy Pillow Bags according to InStyle:

Remember, Puffy Pillow Bags come in various types of bags, from lutch, tote, satchel, or backpack. So you can wear it according to the conditions and the appropriate event. For example, when attending a formal party you can choose Puffy Pillow Bags in the form of a clutch. If you want to look more casual, choose a mini packpack.

  • Big size

Another interesting thing about Puffy Pillow Bags is that they are almost the size of a real pillow. Well, if you like to carry a lot of things when traveling, you can still use this model bag.

  • There is also a mini version

However, this bag also has a mini version. Don’t worry, even though this bag is small, it still bulges like a pillow.

Choose a simple, solid colored Puffy Pillow Bag. This will balance the tough ingredients. In addition, this bag will also be easier to combine with various outfits.

  • Sometimes used as accessories

Its unique and adorable shape makes this Puffy Pillow Bag not only function as a bag but also as an accessory.

Finally, this bag can make your appearance more attractive. Especially when combined with classic or basic outfits. Even monochromatic outfits can stand out with the addition of this puff pillow bag.

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Want a Street Styler Style? Try 5 Handbag Trends

Collecting bags may have become a favorite of many women. However, along with the development of fashion trends, many types of handbags are booming, especially among street stylers. Well, by having these five handbags, you can look stylish like a street styler today:

  1. Beaded bag Michaelkors Outlet
    Besides being unique and edgy, beaded bags also have colorful colors that can make you look stylish with a feminine style. Not only that, this type of handbag is also popular and has become a trend among influencers and celebrities.
  2. Bucket bags
    Bags with mesh accents are indeed a trend among fashionistas. Ethnic and unique, you can combine this type of bag with casual outfits for a relaxed yet stylish impression.
  1. Box bags Tas Branded
    A bag with a firm structure and model, always succeeds in making you look cool and stylish like a street styler. Many fashionistas use this type of bag to attend fashion week events. Not only plain, you can also choose box bags with unique and exciting motifs and colors.
  2. Top handle bag
    The transformation of the bucket bag with a firmer structure, the top handle bag is here for those of you who want to look stylish, but still look formal. The colors presented are even more bold, suitable for use in the office.
  3. Dior saddlebag Sepatu Branded
    There is also one specific type of handbag that is becoming a trend among street stylers, namely the Dior saddlebag. With a unique vintage-style model, this bag is perfect for you to combine with various types of outfits.

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World-recognized Japanese Designers

Japan is indeed one of the most recognized developed countries in the world. Including in fashion, Japan has iconic styles that steal attention, for example Harajuku style, pop-up color to minimalist style.

The style of the hits created also includes the intervention of Japanese designers who are able to bring their work to the attention of the world. Surely these designers have an important role in the progress of the fashion industry. Michaelkors Outlet

  1. Designing clothes using an all-black color palette is the hallmark of Yohji Yamamoto. So iconic, Yohji Yamamoto was able to exhibit his designs at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
  2. Chitose Abe is the woman behind one of the luxury fashion brands from Japan, Sacai in 1991 ago. Thanks to its distinctive design, the collection created by Chitose Abe has successfully appeared in fashion shows in various countries.
  3. Rei Kawakubo is the designer who founded the Commes de Garcons label and the multibrand boutique, Dover Street Market. Uniting punk style and distressed style makes this collection more global and iconic. Tas Branded
enzo Takada
Kenzo Takada
  1. Junya Watanabe started her career as a pattern maker for the Commes des Garcons. In 1992, Junya Watanabe, nicknamed the techno couture designer, launched his own distinctive fashion brand with a modern design with the application of special techniques.
  2. Kenzo Takada is the founder of the fashion house Kenzo. Each of his designs is thick with Asian and Japanese elements, Kenzo Takada makes it look even more high fashion.
  3. Issey Miyake is a designer from Japan who is well known for his futuristic and technology-based designs. Apart from designing the iconic pleats outfit, Issey Miyake is also the designer of Steve Jobs’ black turtleneck.
  4. Chisato Tsumori started his career by working for Issey Miyake in 1977 and created his own brand in 1990. Chisato Tsumori’s designs are synonymous with playful nuances and manga characters. Sepatu Branded

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What is Faux Leather? Check out the explanation and how to take care of it

What is Faux Leather? Check out the explanation and how to take care of it

Simply put, faux leather is synthetic or imitation leather made of other materials but embossed with textures and strokes like leather. If the material of genuine leather varies from cow, sheep, goat and other animal skins, faux leather is generally divided into two, namely those made of polyurethane (PU) and of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-Vinyl).

Apart from the material, the differences between PU and PVC also lie in structure, breathability, and durability. Faux leather with PVC material can last a lifetime, you know. Michaelkors Outlet

Faux leather is often used as a material for clothing and accessories such as bags, wallets and jackets. This material is also often used for sofas, chairs, and other home furnishings.

Synthetic leather or faux leather can be an alternative for those of you who like the look of leather but have a limited budget, or for those of you who just want to use cruelty-free products. Because faux leather does not use real animal skin.

Caring for faux leather is actually quite easy, Toppers. To keep it clean, you can occasionally wipe the synthetic leather with a soft, non-abrasive cloth soaked in a mixture of water and liquid soap.

This method will remove dirt and dust on the surface of the faux leather. Make sure there is no soap left on the synthetic leather, okay?

If the faux leather is stained, you don’t have to worry. This is because synthetic leather is usually stain-resistant and stains can be easily removed with a wet wipe. Remember to use a soft cloth, okay?

If the stain persists, you can soak the cloth in soap and water and then use the cloth to wipe. Don’t forget to squeeze the rag first. After that, wipe with a cloth with a dry fine fiber, and make sure that there is no soap residue on the synthetic leather after that. Let it dry with the water dry method.

Some Things to Pay Attention to Tas Branded

  1. Sunshine

Direct sunlight is not good for faux leather. This is because faux leather is sensitive to sunlight. Excessive sunlight can make the synthetic leather color fade quickly and also damage the PU material.

  1. Pay Attention to Cleaning Products

Must pay attention to soap or cleaning products used for faux leather. The rule of thumb is that if the soap is too harsh for your skin and you’re not going to use it on your skin, it’s probably too harsh for faux leather too.

  1. Use a Soft Fabric

Remember to always use a soft cloth to wipe the faux leather, Toppers. If there are stains, do not rub. It’s not the stain that’s gone, it’s the synthetic leather that will be damaged.

  1. Don’t Leave Soap Resistant

After cleaning the faux leather, make sure not to leave any soap or other cleaning products on the faux leather. You can clean the remaining cleaning products again with a mild detergent.

  1. Avoid Using Bleach

Never use bleach on your faux leather, Toppers. Because, bleach will have a bad impact on the structure of the faux leather material.

If you have been exposed to bleach, faux leather will crack more easily. In addition, if you get a stain, the stain will absorb more deeply.

  1. Give Distance Between Items

When placing items made of faux leather, keep some distance from other items, Toppers! This is because the friction between faux leather and other items can scratch the surface of the faux leather, Toppers.

  1. Use Silica Gel
    So that faux leather doesn’t get moldy, put silica gel when storing faux leather items in the box. Sepatu Branded

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Animal Shaped Bag

Animal Shaped Bag

Handbags, tote bags, sling bags, or pouches have indeed become ordinary bags that we often see. Well, if you’re tired of the same things, some bags from Thom Browne can be really good for those of you who want to dare to be different.

Thom Browne, a clothing and accessories manufacturer from New York, has presented several bags with cute animal shapes inspired by Noah’s Ark.

Available in very limited quantities, here are the four Thom Browne bag models in the very quirky Fall/Winter 2020 animal-centric collection!

  1. Sheep Michaelkors Outlet

This animal-shaped bag uses quality leather material. Reporting from Hypebeast, each of these special edition bags is made in detail by Italian craftsmen which takes at least three days.

In the sheep bag model, there is a black fur ornament that resembles the original sheep. There are also two leather bag straps tied to the sheep’s body to make it easier for users to carry this unique bag.

  1. Pig Tas Branded

This cute pig-shaped bag is a highlight in the Fall/Winter 2020 animal-centric collection. The fat pig’s belly can also make this bag wider and can accommodate a lot of items compared to other bag models.

  1. Elephant

The uniqueness of this elephant-shaped bag from Thom Browne lies in its complexity. Starting from the ears, trunk, tail, to ivory, the details of this bag are very sharp. You can also use a handful of these bags for various occasions because the colors are neutral.

  1. Horses Sepatu Branded

This Thom Browne bag visualizes a hippopotamus very cute and adorable. This bag can also accommodate quite a lot of things in the mouth.

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Some Bag Trends from Runway Fashion Week That Will Be Hot Next Year!

Some Bag Trends from Runway Fashion Week That Will Be Hot Next Year!

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the latest runway collections, then you know that luxury jewelery and party-ready outfits are the status quo for the new season. But when it comes to handbags, practicality is king (perhaps this is a prolonged pandemic effect). We look at small street bags that are still relevant to more functional styles today, such as the extra-large tote bag and the chic low-key sling bag.

Of course, practically by no means “basic” with this new set of bags. The Proenza Schouler proves just that with a compact front flap bag, perfect for the everyday but having the power to dress up any look in your wardrobe. Risk takers will appreciate the layered runway maximalist approach, seeing models display not just one, but two or even three bags on one person.

If handbags aren’t your thing, well, there’s a spring trend for that too. Including the rise of bag-less purses. Designers have cracked the code on how to go hands free in style with more thoughtful options including a necklace purse and kitschy coin purse that can be worn on your belt. In essence, everything is here for everyone. So to stay ahead, check out the most famous handbag trends that are sure to be everywhere next spring.

  1. Open-Knit Season Michaelkors Outlet

Don’t judge last season’s art trends too quickly, as the New York runway proves that craftsman-inspired designs will last. Reinforcing the offering with an open woven bag, the brand brought a large tote bag and leather net bucket alongside our dream crochet-knit fashion.

  1. Now Serving Dumplings

There’s often a bag shape that steals the hearts of style lovers, and now, it’s all about dumplings or dumplings. A playful name for the foldable design that fills the runway and public streets, the on-trend silhouette pops up in a variety of sizes, colors and designs throughout the week, further cementing its status as the ultimate must-have.

  1. Multi-bag Lady

Is there anything better than one bag? Two or three bags, according to NYFW’s newest and best. Giving bag-girls a whole new meaning, designers have outfitted them in bulk, with the storage space they need to re-emerge in society as their most extraordinary selves.

  1. Be Brief Tas Branded

With a return to office activities to come (for the most part), the brand is mixing up accessories that are chic as they are practical and will work wonders in your back-to-work wardrobe. From sheer manila tote bags and billfold clutches to everyday bags that remind you of your lawyer’s briefcase. This timeless style is the perfect way to update even the most casual of looks, with little or no extra effort.

  1. The Phantom Bag

It seems that more and more brands are encouraging their customers to go without a handbag, by offering a unique and fully functional alternative instead. This season, there’s an unavoidable influx of “bagless wallets” that allow women to keep their small items safe, without the hassle of carrying an actual handbag (as usual). Whether it’s tucked around your neck, lariat style, or looped through your belt, hands-free options are trending right now.

  1. Sealed with a Kiss Lock

This past week’s London show gave way, to some handbags worthy of your attention, including a kiss-lock coin purse that will remind you of something you could find in your grandma’s closet. This elegant bag is presented with modern updates and romantic details, such as floral embellishments and pastel plaid prints. Maybe it’s time to consider swapping your clutch for this new (old) silhouette for a night out.

  1. Harness Your Power

Unite your needs this season with a harness-style bag, as seen on the runway. While it may feel a lot like the fanny pack trend circulating in the industry, what sets this trend apart from London Fashion Week is the supportive body straps, to enhance the saddle design. Some are worn around the waist, satchel style, while others can be strapped around your thighs in a scuba-like style. In either case, the silhouette is discreet enough to wear with a “second-skin” outfit, but also petite enough to fit around baggie clothing options.

  1. Supersize It Sepatu Branded

“Bigger is better” seems to be the ongoing motto at Fashion Month, and we’re here for it. Designers are popping your favorite silhouettes from last season (like the baguette compact and woven bag), into extra-large proportions that are actually quite chic. Whether you prefer something simple like an oversized collapsible leather clutch, or a raffia tote bag with fringed over-the-top details, the runway has a lot to offer for spring.

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Create a Special Bag for Carrying Watermelon

Create a Special Bag for Carrying Watermelon

Creativity to develop a variety of creations is indeed limitless. This interesting idea is also realized by a bag label from Japan which makes a special bag to carry watermelons.

Reporting from Soranews24, Monday (12/7/20210), this bag is designed to fit the watermelon that you might be carrying around. A label called Tsuchiya Bag Co. in 2020 started promoting this watermelon bag. Michaelkors Outlet

Watermelon is one fruit that is quite heavy and feels awkward to hold. Starting from the idea of ​​carrying fruit in a specially designed bag, the round bag has successfully captured the public’s attention.

Initially, this bag was not actually for sale. The round bag is part of a design project entitled The Fun Carrying.

Not finally launched in nine Tsuchiya Bag Co stores. across Japan from 9 July 2021. Online sales and orders will begin on 15 July 2021.

This bag is capable of holding watermelons of sizes L to 2L, according to Japanese standard watermelon sizes. The bag is made open and shows the top of the watermelon.

This Japanese label makes small bags from high-end Vachetta leather. The look of the bag comes with a darker skin which aims to minimize scratches while ensuring your watermelon stays safe. Tas Branded

In addition to the bag which can be adjusted to ensure the watermelon fits and is supported, there is also an all-inclusive fruit guard inside. This is to ensure the fruit does not fall.

The handle of the bag is easy to grip in the hand and distributes the weight evenly. According to the label’s official website, the watermelon bag sells for 110 thousand yen, equivalent to Rp. 1.4 million.

It was also said that watermelon bags were produced in limited quantities. “A special bag for watermelons that brings a smile to your face during the summer,” the bag said.

Before being produced, this label received input from many people until it decided to prepare it as a product. This summer special item is made with technology developed in production with a focus on ease of use.

The bag is made of cowhide material. This is shown through natural signs such as scratches, wrinkles, and pore marks that cows have. Each has a different marking depending on the cowhide used.

Leather material is susceptible to alcohol because it can cause discoloration, stains, and damage the fibers. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends that you always check the composition of the disinfectant spray before spraying it on the bag. Sepatu Branded

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Aesthetic Pleasure Women’s Leather Bag Review Comparison vs Antidote PVC Bag

Aesthetic Pleasure Women’s Leather Bag Review Comparison vs Antidote PVC Bag

Are you looking for a good quality women’s leather bag? BukaReview will review a review of leather bag products from well-known local Indonesian brands. The first product is a handbag made of genuine leather from Aesthetic Pleasure. Next up is a leather sling bag from a local brand from Bandung, Antidote. Both offer variants of good leather bag models and of course it’s a pity to miss.

Here’s a comparison of genuine Aesthetic Pleasure leather bags vs Antidote PVC bags
Not only genuine leather or commonly referred to as genuine leather, fashion products made from leather are distinguished in various types of materials. The most frequently encountered besides genuine leather are products made from PVC and PU leather. Well, here BukaReview will review the two women’s leather bags from local Indonesian brands Aesthetic Pleasure and Antidote which are interesting to watch.

Aesthetic Pleasure leather bag
Aesthetic Pleasure is a local brand from Jakarta founded by Putri J Ghariza. Various collections of clothing to accessories with ground-breaking concepts make Aesthetic Pleasure products very suitable for urban wear to complement their casual style in daily activities. One of the most popular Aesthetic Pleasure handbag accessories is the Isolation Croc Black collection which comes in mini and standard sizes.

  1. Comes in the form of a dust bag with a minimalist Aesthetic Pleasure logo Michaelkors Outlet

When you buy the Aesthetic Pleasure Isolation Croc Black leather bag, you will get a dust bag for bag protection. This dust bag can be adjusted in the form of a ribbon strap to take out or insert a leather bag.

For maximum protection, you should immediately put the leather bag into the dust bag after use. Put in enough bubble wrap to keep the shape or firmness of the leather bag during storage.

  1. Bag made of genuine leather with croco detail

For those of you who love edgy style but want to look professional, this Isolation Croc Black bag with a standard size of 27 cm x 33 cm x 13 cm is worth having. There is an Aesthetic Pleasure logo on the cover of the bag which looks classic.

Handbag Aesthetic Pleasure project: 08 made of genuine cow leather with croc embossed. So, the material of this bag is not dominant with croco or crocodile skin, yes. But the croc-embossed makes this leather bag look even more premium.

Uniquely, you can disassemble the bag cover with other color covers that you can buy separately. It’s easy, you just need to open the zipper cover and install it with a new cover.

  1. Spacious bag compartment for daily necessities

For office use or attending formal events that require a bag with a large enough compartment, you can rely on this bag. The leather bag is equipped with 2 main compartments and 2 small pockets on each side and a small compartment in the middle. The zipper of the Aesthetic Pleasure leather bag is very strong so you don’t have to worry about an easy bag.

  1. There is an additional strap bag and a lifetime warranty card

In addition to being a handbag, you can upgrade the look of the Isolation Croc Black bag with an additional strap bag. So you can drape it as a sling bag for more flexible movement needs. Of course, the strap bag is also made of genuine cow leather, which is the same material as the bag.

If during use or storage there is damage to the leather or croc-embossed material, don’t worry. Every purchase of Aesthetic Pleasure leather bag products, you will get a life warranty card that guarantees free bag repairs if there is damage.

Antidote PVC Bag Tas Branded
Antidote is a local brand from Bandung that offers various bag models to maximize women’s casual style. Starting from tote bag models, sling bags to drawstring bags with various interesting details and colors you can get at Antidote. The best-seller product, namely the ASH sling bag with various colors, comes in PVC leather material along with an eccentric bag strap.

  1. Wrapped in a simple black dust bag

Even though it is made of synthetic leather or PVC, the Antidote sling bag is premium wrapped with a black dust bag bearing the brand name logo. Dust bag material is thick enough to protect the bag during storage to the maximum.

For a thorough treatment, you can clean the dust or dirt stuck to the PVC bag with a slightly damp or damp cloth. Also include bubble wrap to keep the shape of the bag.

  1. The shape is compact and flexible to carry anywhere.

This compact, travel-size and easy-to-use bag makes Antidote bags with the Ash series often sold out when restocked. In addition to black, the Antidote Ash bag with a size of 20 x 20 x 13 is also available in striking colors such as neon green or neon blue. The price of the Antidote Ash bag is IDR 289 thousand, very affordable for a PVC leather bag model. There is also a bold strap detail that makes it easy for you to carry this bag as a handbag. The shape is like a straw rope but the material looks more premium.

  1. Ample compartments for a compact bag

For bags that tend to be mini or compact in size, this Antidote Ash bag has quite a lot of compartments and is spacious. There is one main compartment and a small pocket on one side that can be used to hold small items or important money and cards. On the outside there is also a small pocket equipped with a sturdy zipper.

  1. Equipped with a strong adjustable strap Sepatu Branded

In addition to the strap bag with the straw strap shape, you will also get an adjustable strap that can be used to change the bag model into a sling bag. This long strap is made of faux leather which looks chic.

Aesthetic Pleasure leather bags and PVC Antidote bags have their advantages and disadvantagesIn conclusion, adjust your tastes, needs and of course the budget to choose whether you are more suitable to have a genuine leather bag from Aesthetic Pleasure or a synthetic leather bag from Antidote. Moreover, the prices of these two bags are also much different because of the differences in the materials used. Prioritize leather bag care so that as long or as active as you wear it, it still looks clean, durable and attractive.

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5 Types of Bags That Make a Chic Appearance Like a Fahion Influencer

5 Types of Bags That Make a Chic Appearance Like a Fahion Influencer

Bags are indeed accessories that complement your appearance, but the right bag will improve your overall appearance drastically! For that, don’t underestimate the selection of a bag that will complete your appearance.

Like other fashion items, bags also have different trends from time to time. But regardless of the trend, there are certain types of bags that will always be good to support the appearance. Anything?

Launching from whowhatwear, here are 5 types of bags that make you look chic like fashion influencers.

  1. Colorful structure satchels Michaelkors Outlet

This colorful handbag with structured shape offers a very playful appearance for viewing. Even if you don’t play with outfits much, this bag will make it even more interesting!

Recently, fans of Celine Dion expressed their concern on social media, when they saw the diva looking thinner than before. In the midst of the many comments that criticize her body, what do you think about the diva’s comments?

  1. Animal print bag

Haven’t tried the animal print patterned bag yet? Try it! This bag will steal the show even if your outfit isn’t too special.

  1. Mock-rock bag Tas Branded

A handbag with a container-like model like this was once used by Meghan Markle, at the moment of Christmas 2018. Whowhatwear predicts that in 2019 this bag will still be loved. Looks like this bag model is a must have item this year!

  1. Vibrant bucket bag

Do you like bucket bags? Make sure there is a vibrant colored bucket bag in your collection. This will save your appearance.

  1. Woven bags Sepatu Branded

You think woven bags are too oldish? Hmm, you’re wrong. Woven bags can also make you look super stylish! Check out your favorite designer woven bag collection now.

Michaelkors Outlet

Branded Bags Similar to Mop Bucket

Branded Bags Similar to Mop Bucket

For some people, bags are a must-have accessory. The more expensive the bag, generally someone will be more confident when wearing it. Also, when the bag is made by a bag manufacturer with a worldwide brand. But, what happens if an expensive bag from a well-known brand has a design that is considered less attractive?

We need to know, not all things that are expensive and come from well-known brands are considered attractive by the public. Some are actually considered very unattractive and even become ridicule because the prices offered are not in accordance with the products provided. Like the latest bags from the Gucci Brand below. Michaelkors Outlet

Reporting from the worldofbuzz.com page, the latest bag from Gucci, which is valued at Rp. 13 million per item, has actually become the object of ridicule from netizens. This bag is considered to have a design that looks like a slow-mopping bucket. Made from a material similar to rubber, this bag is not only said to be like a mop bucket but also said to be like watering plants. Tas Branded

This bag itself is called the Gucci Logo Top Handle Tote which is included in the latest Gucci collection. Since it was introduced on the official Gucci Instagram account, this bag immediately stole the public’s attention. This bag also raises a variety of comments and opinions. Unfortunately, there were no positive comments, but rather sarcastic and mocking comments.

One netizen commented, “I’ve been looking for a good clothes basket for a long time, this might be one of them.” Another netizen commented, “This is the worst Gucci I’ve ever seen. Too bad.” “Look, it looks really weird. I have one like this, a mop bucket.”

This latest Gucci product was first shown at the Spring 2018 fashion show during Milan Fashion Week 2017. However, this bag has only been officially sold online recently. Many netizens deplore this latest product. Some judge the price offered and very expensive not in accordance with what is given.

It is said that this product is inspired by vintage beach bags of the 70s and 80s. Made of rubber, this bag is claimed to be the new bag for summer. There are four color options for this product, namely red, pink, yellow and black. The texture of the bag is quite flexible and there is Gucci writing on the side of the bag.

How about you ladies, what do you think about this latest bag from Gucci? Are you interested in having a bag with this quite unique design? Sepatu Branded

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Guess, Meghan Markle’s Favorite Bag Brand?

Guess, Meghan Markle’s Favorite Bag Brand?

Meghan Markle seems to be well aware that more pairs of eyes have been paying attention since she married Prince Harry and officially became a member of the British Royal family in May 2018. Therefore, it is only natural that The Duchess of Sussex is very careful in choosing what she wears in public. From head to toe, Meghan’s fashion often attracts the attention of many people. Michaelkors Outlet

It is known that the 37-year-old woman wears items from several brands continuously. Quoted from People, Wednesday (31/10/2018), one of them is Strathberry, a luxury bag brand from Edinburgh, Scotland. Tas Branded

Marketed since 2013, this label is known for its collection of timeless leather bags. Meghan Markle herself was seen carrying this branded bag during her first official outdoor activity with Prince Harry in Nottingham, December last year.

With a minimalist design, symmetrical cutting, and beautiful materials, this bag completes the elegant yet relaxed impression that Meghan often displays. Moreover, this Remember Me movie player chooses neutral colors that give a natural impression as well as his overall appearance.

So, you want to have a bag like Meghan Markle’s? If so, the struggle may be a bit long, because the series that Meghan is wearing is often sold out. Some of the series were even deliberately opened for pre-orders because they were selling well. Meghan Markle seems to be well aware that more pairs of eyes have been paying attention since she married Prince Harry and officially became a member of the British Royal family in May 2018. Therefore, it is only natural that The Duchess of Sussex is very careful in choosing what she wears in public. From head to toe, Meghan’s fashion often attracts the attention of many people. Sepatu Branded

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Modify the bag to make it look more trendy

Modify the bag to make it look more trendy

For women, not only shoes that support appearance. The bag also provides a special accent that can maximize the total look to make it stand-out.

As an urban woman with high mobility, it is certainly up to date with the most current fashion trends. Like a handbag that comes in a large, functional form and is equipped with chic details such as a belt.

Yes, the most stylish bags are now in the form of belt details which certainly support a professional and fashionable appearance.

Like the two bags from fashion house Burberry and Celine. Bring out the latest collection of bags in a chic belt detail. You want to look more unique with this handbag with belt detail. Check out the details

If you want to look simple but still look attractive with a monochrome outfit, you can try to complete it with accessories in the form of this yellow belt detail handbag.

For outfits, try combining a puffer coat with black jogger pants. Then end with sneakers that match the look of the belt bag.

Burberry presents the belt bag which was designed from the inspiration of its iconic trench coat. This chic tote bag is equipped with a large belt at the top and looks like a statement detail for this bag.

Another Celine, a large tote bag (consisting of 3 different sizes small, medium and large) called the big bag also looks to present a chic belt detail on the bag cover. But much smaller and longer dangling.

Out of these two fashion house bags, which one is the most trendy? Make sure this bag fits your personal style and needs. With a minimalist appearance, this belt-detailed bag is guaranteed to steal the show. Sepatu Branded

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The reason why girls like to keep buying bags, etc. and it’s hard to stop

The reason why girls like to keep buying bags, etc. and it’s hard to stop

As a girl, it’s never enough to have a few clothes. The closet also looks cramped for a long time due to too many items in it. It could even be that Carrie Bradshaw’s walk-in closet still doesn’t accommodate all the shopping ‘sins’ that girls do. As a result, all the things that girls buy can be scattered everywhere. But how are you? So the girl is indeed known as a creature who loves shopping. In fact, you can’t even stop shopping.

But actually, we girls have a reason, you know, why can’t we stop buying clothes and other fashion items? Listen to this story from the bottom of our hearts.

  1. Color Michaelkors Outlet, Michaelkors Outlet

We are very sensitive about matching colors and what doesn’t. It really bothers us if the colors used don’t match. Yellow bag and blue shirt? The truth is, there is also pain in the eyes. And what makes me most happy is, we don’t just like one or two colors. Almost all colors we like, if necessary all colors have. Yes, that’s how it is, our eyes are hard to divert when we see funny colors.

  1. Bored

For us, being impressed by having the same clothes is enough to make us feel insecure. For this reason, it is important for us to have lots of clothes that can be mixed and matched in an interesting way. We really care about appearance. And do you know? The price of clothes and accessories is getting cheaper now. We can’t stand to buy it.

  1. Tempted Tas Branded

Online shop is a double-edged sword. One makes us happy because we see cute things and want to adopt everything that is there, the second makes us go crazy and spend money like we like. Indeed, we always provide savings for old age. But the temptation of an online shop, especially clothes, shoes, and bags. Especially if our friends show off their ‘game’ from a certain online shop. Duh, how can we refuse?

  1. Mix and match

The right mix and match has become our daily diet. We don’t want to look shabby and shabby or the clothesline is running just because we mix and match colors. For that, we always feel the need to buy outfits that are suitable for each of our clothes. It is only natural that we set aside a little money to buy things that are pleasing to the eye and attractive to our hearts. Of course.

  1. Variations Sepatu Branded

For parties or formal events, we usually deliberately prepare special clothes for that moment. I don’t want to use it for other events. If a dress has been worn too many times to an invitation, after a while we will be notified that the dress is the same again. That’s why every time there’s a new invitation, we’ve been thinking about what to wear, what kind of clothes to buy, and what kind of model.

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Herbalist-Inspired Bags

Herbalist-Inspired Bags

There are many bags designed by fashion designers. But to make the bag look different and unique, of course, various kinds of inspiration can come from anywhere. For example, a young Indonesian designer, Alfeya Valrina, graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. Michaelkors Outlet

While studying in NY and LA, Alfeya has worked with designers, brands, stylists, creative directors, to advertising. A few years after graduating, Alfeya, who had an internship at FIMELA, brought an accessory brand with her own name to her homeland.

In a mission to promote fair work practices in Indonesia, he created a handbag collection inspired by his personal experience growing up in Indonesia from a mbok jamu carrying bottles of herbal medicine in a bucket in woven accents. Tas Branded

This leather bucket-style bag is presented with a long, dangling sling strap accent, like the mbok jamu style in carrying the woven bucket with a shawl.

Metallic leather materials to bright red colors combined with yellow leather strap accents are also available. Until the big one comes with a bag handle accent from round bamboo in army motif leather.

In addition to bags, he also presents a collection of shoes that resemble his bags in shades of colors and motifs that match. Alfeya’s collection of bags and shoes has begun to be seen by many street style stars, even young Hollywood stars are targeting them. There are many bags designed by fashion designers. But to make the bag look different and unique, of course, various kinds of inspiration can come from anywhere. For example, a young Indonesian designer, Alfeya Valrina, graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. Sepatu Branded

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Fendi Beach Bag Collection Identical to Childhood Memories

Fendi Beach Bag Collection Identical to Childhood Memories

As a child, summer was synonymous with playing on the beach by making buildings out of sand. All equipment for building sand is usually carried in a beach bag.

To reminisce on the fun moments of summer, Fendi presents a collection of beach bags called Fendi Basket and it is included in the Spring/Summer 2021 collection. Designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi, this bag represents summer childhood memories with a touch of luxury and sustainability. Michaelkors Outlet

This adorable Fendi beach bag comes in two sizes, medium and small. Seasoned with assorted bright colors add a fresh touch, such as yellow, pink, light blue, orange, and white.

Made with eco-friendly methods Tas Branded

Fendi’s entire collection of beach bags is made from recycled PVC. In harmony with the sustainable production methods of the Italian brand. Fendi combines it with other accessories, such as the matching Fendi mini bag.

Fendi Basket is considered to be a fashion item that is needed from a summer bag. It’s very light, fun, and has the perfect chic design. Pair it with a bright summer dress and you’re ready to be stylish on the weekend. Sepatu Branded

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7 Modern Plastic Bags for Daily Use During the Pandemic

7 Modern Plastic Bags for Daily Use During the Pandemic

The emerging fashion trends are increasingly varied, one of which is plastic bags which are now the target of women. As we know, bags are one of the things that are difficult to separate from everyday fashion. Not only as a complement, the bag is an item that has a very high functional value.

The pandemic in Indonesia isn’t over yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look your best, right? One type of bag that you should look at is a plastic bag. In addition to the shape that looks contemporary, plastic bags are one of the products that are highly recommended for you to use everyday during the pandemic. The reason is, the material that does not have pores is certainly considered safer than bags made of cloth. In addition, plastic bags are certainly very easy to clean after you use them all day. You can use wet wipes or just spray some disinfectant to clean it and don’t have to wait long for the bag to dry again.

This is the trend of plastic bags to complete your daily OOTD
Now there are many models of plastic bags that have sprung up, for example, plastic woven bags and clear plastic bags. This type of bag not only serves to be a container for the items you carry, but can also be your fashion statement.

These plastic bags are also suitable to be combined with several fashion styles. Well, to keep your fashion style cool during the pandemic, here are some recommendations for plastic bag models that are suitable for everyday use.

  1. Plastic sling bag for use on the go Michaelkors Outlet

This plastic bag with colored straps can be the right choice for those of you who are wearing casual clothes. The vibrant color of this plastic bag is certainly able to make your appearance look stand out when combined with neutral colored clothes. Of course, this plastic sling bag is equipped with various partitions in it so you can put a lot of things without fear of falling apart.

  1. Transparent backpack to accommodate a lot of stuff

Another clear plastic bag that you can choose is the backpack model. This model plastic bag, which is often called a transparent backpack, is really suitable for those of you who carry a lot of stuff. For those of you who are in college or working in the office, you can choose this bag model. To keep your look cool, combine it with a slightly boyish outfit like boyfriend jeans and an oversized T-shirt.

  1. Totebag made of vinyl can be used to go to the office

You should also make a clear colored tote bag with a size that is quite large and made of vinyl material as your daily mainstay product during a pandemic, especially when you have to go to the office. You can use a pouch to put all your belongings to make it look neater and not exposed.

  1. PVC material waist bag for casual style Tas Branded

You can also choose a plastic bag with a waist bag model as a complement to OOTD during this pandemic. With this model, it is guaranteed that your appearance is not only fashionable, but will attract attention. Especially with the choice of brightly colored plastic bags. Choose a waist bag with a size that is neither too small nor too big. This is so that the waist bag can accommodate a lot of items, but keeps you comfortable.

  1. Patterned plastic woven bag as a fashion statement

In addition to clear plastic bags, plastic woven bags are also worth considering. In the past, woven plastic bags were identical as market bags, now craftsmen and well-known local brands modify them to make them look fashionable and modern. You can use plastic woven bags for daily OOTD during the pandemic. If your plastic woven bag is patterned, then choose plain clothes so that all eyes are on the contemporary bag.

  1. Plain woven plastic bag for a classic yet charming look

For those of you who like a simple and classic look, then a plain plastic woven bag is the right choice. You can choose neutral colors such as black which will be suitable for all types of clothing styles from formal to everyday casual. Also pay attention to the quality of the bag such as the even color, neatly arranged woven and other details.

  1. Plastic woven clutch that can make your style look more classy Sepatu Branded

There is nothing wrong with choosing a plastic woven bag with a clutch model. This bag will give a more classy impression to your appearance. With a medium capacity, this bag can fit important items, such as cellphones, wallets or card holders, as well as hand sanitizer, tissue, and spare masks.

That’s the modern plastic bag model that can be used everyday during the pandemic. Interested in buying it?

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Unique Belly Shaped Waist Bag

Unique Belly Shaped Waist Bag

What do you think about belly fat? Amused, uncomfortable or do you like it? For some people, having a distended stomach is an uncomfortable problem. It can also reduce self-confidence.

But yes, even so, there are also many people who like a distended stomach and think of it as something unique and funny. Michaelkors Outlet

Albert Pukies is one of those people who think that belly fat is something funny. For this reason, he recently created a unique and ridiculous waist bag with a distended belly. In fact, this bag, named DadBag, has a variety of designs. Tas Branded

According to Albert, the inspiration for making a waist bag in the shape of a distended stomach started when he wanted to have a distended stomach but was afraid that his health condition would worsen. For that, he made something that could make it seem as if he had a distended stomach. And a waist bag is the perfect solution.

The solution to having a distended stomach is easy. The waist bag in the shape of a distended belly looks cute. Just need to copy the picture of the distended stomach and make it a waist bag. Now, I can have a distended stomach without fear of pain,” said Albert.

Although it has attracted the attention of many people, this bag made by Albert is currently not widely marketed. This young man is still looking for partners for the production of waist bags on a large scale. Well ladies, are you interested in having a waist bag like this? Sepatu Branded

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The world’s most versatile bag, with 20 hidden functions

The world’s most versatile bag, with 20 hidden functions

ALPAKA, a startup based in Melbourne, Australia claims that they have designed ‘the one and only bag everyone needs’. The bag has 20 storage functions behind its tiny model.

Reported by DailyMail, ALPAKA plans to produce and market the highly multifunctional 7ven bag. According to ALPAKA, the 7ven bag is suitable for digital era nomads, professionals, entrepreneurs, adventurers, those with a creative spirit, and athletes. This bag has more than 20 pockets which are enough to store various essentials, ranging from cellphones, laptops, loose change, wallets, keys, glasses, cables and adapters, documents, to portable sports equipment. Everything fits easily in one bag, doesn’t look cramped at all. Michaelkors Outlet

The bag is made of water-resistant material and is equipped with a magnetic protection. It can be worn in three ways: carried, crossed like a backpack, or slung over the shoulder like a tote bag. Tas Branded

But this bag is quite expensive. The plan, ALPAKA will sell each unit at a price of $ 229. But of course the price is still considered economical considering the quality of materials and various functions offered.

ALPAKA uploaded their designs on the Kickstarter crowdfunding site. They want to raise $15,000 for 7ven production costs. But their project has managed to raise funds of $ 34,000 in just 4 days. Sepatu Branded

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Pineapple Bags and Shoes

Pineapple Bags and Shoes

This Spanish businessman has entered retirement. However, he made the most of his retirement by making vegan shoes and bags out of pineapple leaves for Chanel, Mango, and H&M.

Launching from insider, Thursday (12/8/2021), Carmen Hijosa has been working in the fashion world for 12 years. The company he works for, Piñatex, has worked with more than 3,000 brands worldwide, including Hugo Boss, Chanel, Mango, and Ecoalf. Michaelkors Outlet

The interesting thing happened in 2016, Hijosa was able to make a profit of USD 363,000 due to the launch of its first prototype at Piñatex.

Since then, his skills and talents have been appreciated by the company by channeling his ideas to get even greater profits in the next year.

pineapple fiber

His contribution to the company shows very rapid progress. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Piñatex continued to grow by 40 percent compared to 2019.

Currently, the company is still in a transition phase and the transition is working on a hybrid basis.

Back in 1993, Hijosa was just 12 years old when he moved to Ireland. The goal is to want to study as well as work.

Over time, he was finally accepted and worked in a small company consisting of approximately 30 people.

His job at that time was producing luxury leather products for the companies Harrods, Liberty, and Takashimaya.

While that wasn’t his primary calling, the next step he took was to work as a consultant for the European Union and the World Bank. Tas Branded

The job opened up opportunities for him to be able to travel and learn about the things he loves. Then, in 1993, he went to the Philippines to check the leather products produced. An unsupportive work atmosphere is one of the reasons for quitting his job.

“I don’t have a plan B, I promised myself that I won’t work for ‘skin’ again,” Hijosa replied. Since that decision, his life slowly began to change.

When he quit his job, he didn’t immediately come up with any innovations to get him out of the situation.

The process was very slow, considering Hijosa had to be able to analyze the local market in the Philippines.

The next new thing began as a new leaf. His work was carried out apparently in collaboration with the country’s Design Center which deals with farmers, such as craftsmen.

For him, what happened at that time provided new inspiration to connect about what he wanted to create so far. “By working closely with this product, I began to realize what I had been looking for all along,” he explains.

When he worked directly in the field and held the agricultural produce with his own hands, there was a warm feeling and it was as if the fibers were talking to him directly.

“I kept trying again, and again, and again,” he replied. At that point, Hijosa told INSIDER, Tuesday (10/08/2021) that he was fascinated by pineapple leaves.

“The fiber is very fine, but strong and also flexible. I thought I could put it all together,” he replied. Sepatu Branded

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