Benefits of Using a Running Belt

If you have a hobby of running, running belt is certainly not a strange thing for you. Not only makes you look stylish when running, in fact, the running belt can also be likened to a ‘savior bag’ because it has a variety of functions to support your activities. So, what are the benefits of using a running belt? The following explanation is for you.

1. Storage

The armband and shorts pocket you use doesn’t have much room to hold some of your personal belongings. For example, storing a smartphone in a shorts pocket is certainly not recommended. The reason is, in addition to disrupting comfort while running, it is possible that the smartphone you carry can fall anytime and anywhere.

That’s why you need help from a running belt. Yep, having a large office would be very important, especially if you are running or traveling alone. With the large capacity offered by the running belt, you can put several important items, ranging from money, gels, to smartphones.

If only you had an incident while running, you can call the closest person just by reaching into the smartphone that is in your running belt. If you want to listen to music while running, the running belt has enough room to store your music player.

2. Comfort

Since running has become popular, not a few of us have uploaded running results from fitness applications on smartphones. Now, imagine if you had to hold your smartphone while running and for a long time. Annoying and disturbing comfort? It is clear. Not only that. Because you exercise, your hands sweat faster, which makes everything you hold slippery. In addition, you can also get hand cramps and fatigue from holding a smartphone for a long time. Well, running belts are able to solve all these problems. Michaelkors Outlet

3. Bring water during running

Almost the same as the second point, holding a water bottle for a long time will also interfere with your comfort when running. However, if you run long distances and experience thirst, what to do if along the way you do not find a place to rest and drink mineral water?

Running belt is the answer. Some running belts are designed not only to be able to carry a smartphone, but also made to be able to carry drinking bottles in a certain size. This will certainly make it easier for you when running. By using a running belt, you will remain hydrated and certainly will not interfere with comfort when running.

4. Helps build mental strength

Having the right mindset when running is very important to stay focused. However, not all runners, especially beginner runners, are able to implement that. For beginners, distractions can come at any time, such as hunger and thirst, so you have to stop for a moment in one place to get rid of it.

5. Can be used for daily activities

Not just for running, running belts can also be used for daily activities, one of which is traveling. During traveling, you can store valuables or valuable documents such as money and passports without worrying about safety. By putting it in a running belt, you can easily insert and remove the item if needed.

Running is indeed one of the easiest sports to do but it will also be difficult if you have to carry a few items in the palm of your hand. To overcome this, you need the help of a running belt.


Tips for Choosing a Running Belt As Needed

Since running became a lifestyle, the need for trinkets and accessories related to running demand was sought after. That is why, there are so many running-related products sold in the market, from shoes to running belts. For the running belt itself, you will find many brands, thousands of models and superior features, if you type the word ‘running belt’ on Google. With so many models and brands, it is not wrong if some of us will feel confused when they want to buy a running belt for the first time. However, do not make it an obstacle. Because, to help you find the best running belt, here are four tips for choosing a running belt that suits your needs.

1. The right model and material

One thing you need to know is before buying a running belt, make sure you are not disturbed when running when using the product. That is why, you must pay attention to several factors, ranging from the material used to the level of comfort when used. For materials used, for example. A good running belt usually uses elastic materials that can be adjusted and strong. It is intended that the running belt will not bounce and loose, let alone fall, when used for running. Do not stop there. You should also consider products made from waterproof materials. Remembering when running, you will spend a lot of sweat and sweat will probably wet your running belt. If the product is made from waterproof materials, you don’t need to be afraid to carry some important items such as a smartphone.

2. Hydration ability

During running, you will sweat a lot and make you need more intake to replace lost fluids, especially if you are participating in the marathon. That is why, from several types of running belts on the market, there is one type that is made to overcome this, the name hydration belt. As the name suggests, this type of running belt can be used to store drinking bottles and even several bottles at a time which are placed around the hips. Michaelkors Outlet

This belt is also divided into three types, namely to hold 1 or 2 bottles with a capacity of 12 or 16 oz, a simple belt for 1 bottle, and a product that can hold up to 20 oz. Whatever you choose, make sure the bottle is easy to use with one hand and has a silicone funnel so you don’t flush while drinking. In addition, you also have to drink enough water to avoid fatigue, heat stroke, or dehydration.

3. Smartphone size and usage

Running would certainly feel less if we do it without a smartphone for music and fitness applications. For this, you actually have several choices, ranging from belts that can be worn on the arm or on the waist. To be sure, before buying it, make sure the size of the running belt that you will use in accordance with your favorite smartphone.

4. Other supporting factors

In addition to the three tips above, you also need to consider other supporting factors for your personal needs while running. There are a number of things you should pay attention to, from pockets to storing important items such as smartphones or money, to the choice of glowing colors of the products you want to buy. Although considered trivial, in fact, a running belt with a luminous color can make you stay visible when running at night.

In the end, the main reason in choosing a running belt is the comfort factor, which can make you move freely so that you can improve your running experience.


Running Belt vs Backpack, Which Should You Choose to Jogging ?

There is one dilemma that is commonly experienced by you who begin to deal with it as a hobby, namely you think about what items to bring and where to put them while running. Well, to overcome this, there are only two answers, namely using a running belt or backpack.

Indeed, the two goods have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing one of them to be your running partner, there are still several other factors that you should pay attention to. Starting from the distance, location to run, to the weather. So you are not confused, here are five factors that you should consider before choosing a running belt or backpack.

Running belt
Running belt
  • Running area

This is the first question you must answer. If you only run around residential areas, parks, gyms, or areas near where you live, a running belt would be the right choice. You don’t need to carry a lot of stuff. All you need is a few personal items like a smartphone and cash.

However, if you plan to run in areas that are a bit more challenging like hills or mountains, you certainly need backpack assistance. You will need additional space to bring some things, from extra clothes, food, drinks, gadgets, to personal medicines.

  • Running Duration

Just like the location where you are running, you also have to consider how long you will be traveling for adventure. Will you run for only a few hours, or even take a few days? Indeed, there are some running belts that are designed with pockets large enough to hold a lot of things. However, if you want to leave for a few days, you certainly have to consider the function of the backpack itself. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Weather

Some of us may not realize that the weather is one of the factors you need to consider if you want to run. Backpack can be regarded as an additional ‘layer of clothing’ which can function as a layer to keep your back warm, if you run when the weather is cold.

However, if the weather is a little warm or even hot, the running belt is the right choice because it is only used in the waist area. To be sure, running belt will not interfere with your comfort when running.

  • Items to be brought

Before running, you should also consider what items you really want to carry. Consider some of the factors described above and decide what items are important and needed during running. This aims to keep you feeling safe, comfortable, and hassle-free during and after running. As already explained, if you run for a short duration, you can use a running belt to carry some important items, ranging from smartphones, money, or car keys. However, if you travel more than one day, backpack is the right choice. You can load many items at once. However, that does not mean you can carry anything. You still have to choose what items can be important while you are running.

After reading some of these explanations, the key to getting the best decision is planning. Both of these objects do have their advantages and disadvantages, but, you still have to decide what you need more while running. So, happy running!


Choice of Bag for a More Stylish Vacation in Tropical Places

Choosing a bag to carry while on vacation can seem to be a difficulty in itself, right? Well, if you plan to take a vacation to a tropical place. Bags that are usually used when vacationing in tropical places are generally made of rattan material and has a woven model accent.

Not only is it light, rattan material also makes your bag light, but it is still enough to hold the weight of your important objects during a vacation. Rattan material can also strengthen the accent of your tropical appearance. For that, here are 5 choices of bags for a more stylish holiday in a tropical place.

1. Rattan bags that you can get at local souvenir shops When on vacation, you often choose to dress like a local, right? Alias ​​you do not want to look like a tourist. Now for that, you can choose to bring a classic rattan bag that you can get at a glance at local souvenir shops. With this compact model this bag is enough to carry your essential items such as wallet, cellphone, and make-up. Match this bag as your summerdress accessories to strengthen the tropical impression on your look.

2. Colorful woven bags and fringe accents

Bright colors can also be your main choice when deciding what clothes to take while on vacation. Including when choosing accessories such as bags. The combination of bright colors you can make one of the considerations. Choose a woven bag large enough with a combination of bright colors for you to take a vacation to the beach. Its large size will allow you to bring your changing clothes and other equipment without the hassle of carrying too many bags. Michaelkors Outlet

3. Mini bags with an elegant tropical vibe

When on vacation, of course you also need a bag with an elegant model so you can use it for more formal events. Like a box-shaped zara bag with this pearl leather accent. A compact bag with a minimalist model, this one can be your best friend to use during fancy dinner events during holidays. When vacationing in the tropics, swimwear is also one of the mandatory fashion items that you carry. Not only for swimming, but you can also mix and match for a more casual look.

4. A practical round beach bag

If you are not a fan of bright color combinations. Well, just take it easy, beach bags also appear in black for those of you who like the gothic look. Black beach bag is no less stylish, you know. In fact, it can make your appearance look more edgy and make your bag not easy to get dirty so it is more practical.

5. Fun colorful clutch

If you don’t like big bags and prefer smaller bags or you are even more comfortable using a clutch, when going on vacation make sure you bring one clutch with a combination of bright colors to complete your look.

Well, there are 5 choices of bags for a more stylish holiday in the tropics, so which bag will you bring when you go on vacation later?


5 Stylish Styles that Can Be Combined with Tote Bags for Various Occasions

The bag is now not only a functional accessory, but also as a support for your daily style. Tote bags can be an option to perfect your look. Are you still confused about how to improve the appearance when wearing a tote bag? Relax, tote bag you can also use for various events, you know. Come on, take a peek 5 stylish styles that can be combined with a tote bag for various events here!

1. A relaxed display for going to campus

Tote bag is one of the bag models that can be selected to be brought to campus. Because this bag model has a large capacity so it can accommodate a lot of your campus luggage.   If you want a more relaxed look you can choose a tote bag with canvas material. Just mix it with a graphic tee that is being hits among fashion lovers. As a subordinate you can wear stylish mom jeans or boyfriend jeans.   For business shoes, just wearing strappy sandals that have interesting details, such as ruffle which is now presented in many online and offline stores.    

2. Feminine, when hanging out on weekends

Want to wear a feminine look by wearing a tote bag? Easy! You can try to match this one.   Wear a chic sleeveless turtleneck. Pair with a classic denim skirt. Choose a denim skirt that has a high waist cut to make it look more level huh.   For tote bags, you can choose pastel colors, to maximize the feminine impression you want to get. Pastel colors you can also present in other accessories, such as shoes or scarves. Michaelkors Outlet

3. Tote bags can also appear boyish to work, you know!

In addition to the feminine style, you can also wear a tote bag to look boyish when going to the office. Choose a dark tote bag with a more formal material.   Combine it with a modern blazer and high waist pants. No need to wear heels, you can replace them with loafers who have few rights. You will feel more comfortable when on the move all day.

4. No need to merely clutch, use a tote bag to attend a formal event

Clutch is usually the first choice to be used to attend formal events. But you can also use a tote bag with a more elegant look when attending invitations.   You often feel upset because the clutch is not able to accommodate a lot of goods? Well, the solution is to wear a tote bag!   To be more modern, you can combine palazzo pants with tops that have interesting details. These details can be in the form of tie accents, ruffles, or even fun motifs.   Enhance it with classy high heels, and luxurious jewelry. You can get a formal impression, from the dark color tote bag that you choose.

5. Tote bag you can also use when traveling

When traveling, you definitely need a practical bag that can hold your things, but also still stylish when worn. Well, tote bag can be one solution.   Even when taken to the beach, the tote bag will still perfect your summer look. In addition, you can also bring a change of clothes, sunglasses, to sunblock in the same bag. More practical right?   So ready to look stylish wearing a tote bag?


Have a Canvas Bag Collection? Here Are 5 Proper Ways To Clean It

Bags not only have leather or suede material, but most people also have a collection of bags made from canvas. Like tote bags and backpacks made from canvas that are not only stylish but also easy to carry anywhere. But, not a few people know the right way to clean this canvas bag. Because if just a little wrong, the canvas material will be easily damaged. So how do you clean and care for your canvas bag to keep it durable? Here are five exact ways you need to try at home!

1. Clean the mild stain using a wet cloth

Don’t rush to clean a stained canvas bag using running water. Instead of being clean, your canvas bag is even more damaged, deh! To clean a dirty canvas bag with food stains or dust, try cleaning it using a damp cloth.  

Also note the type of fabric used to clean canvas bags. Be sure to choose a cloth that has a smooth texture so as not to damage the canvas material. The trick, wet the cloth with water, then wring it out and gently clean it on the dirty canvas bag until the stain disappears.

2. Fill the canvas bag fully when cleaning it

To keep the texture and shape of the canvas bag durable, make sure you fill the canvas bag fully while cleaning it. This can also give the maximum effect to remove various impurities that stick to the canvas bag. Michaelkors Outlet

Before cleaning the canvas bag using a wet cloth, fill the bag using a plastic pile, used paper or cloth until it is full. Then, clean all the stains using a wet cloth while holding it at a 45 degree angle. Clean gently until the stain completely disappears.

3. Use baby shampoo to remove stubborn stains

Not infrequently, the canvas bag you wear is also susceptible to stubborn stains. Like food stains, coffee, tea, soda or oil drinks. The stains are quite difficult to remove using only a damp cloth. Therefore, you need cleaning fluid to remove stubborn stains.  

In order not to damage the texture of the hard canvas fabric, you can use soft baby shampoo. The texture of baby shampoo is powerful enough to remove stubborn stains without damaging the canvas fabric. The trick, drop enough baby shampoo on a bowl of water. Stir briefly until slightly foamy. Then, use the edge of the cloth to clean the stained part of the bag. Rub gently until the stain is maximal.

4. Avoid drying the bag under the direct sun

After washing thoroughly, it’s time to dry your canvas bag to the maximum. It is better not to dry the canvas bag using a dryer in the washing machine, because it can damage the fabric’s texture.  

Preferably, dry the canvas bag that has been washed by aerating for 6 hours or overnight until it is completely dry naturally. Avoid drying in the direct sunlight, because it will make the bag texture becomes stiff, hard and easily torn.    

5. Keep canvas bags neatly in the cupboard

The last way you need to do to keep the canvas bag durable, of course, save it in the right way. Save the canvas bag in a special cloth or pillowcase that has been given silica gel, then store it in the closet if you do not want to be used for a long time.  

Or you can also use camphor in a special bag storage box so it is not damp and moldy. Not only that, try the tricks of storing a canvas bag by filling it with soft cloths before putting it in a closet to maintain the quality of the fabric and keep the shape of the canvas bag durable.


Backpack Model You Suitable to Wear to Watch the Concert

When watching a concert, you might want to bring some things with you but don’t want your movements to be limited because of a complicated bag. For that, you can try to choose a practical backpack. Don’t be confused, just check 5 models of backpacks that are suitable for you to use to watch a concert.

  1. Embroidery backpack for feminine characters

If you are one of the women of feminine character, you can try a backpack with an embroidery accent or a bag that has embroidery or embroidery in the form of a variety of images, ranging from flowers to ethnic motifs. Very fitting if combined with a dress or boss off the shoulder when watching a concert.

2. Bucket backpacks are the trend of the 90s

Want to be stylish with 90s style clothes? It’s incomplete if you don’t wear a bucket bag. Bucket bags have shaved details at the top and come in a variety of materials, one of which is leather. So, you can use this bag when watching a concert. Ready to maximize the appearance and accompany you to enjoy the concert until it’s over without any hassle! Michaelkors Outlet

3. An edgy leather backpack

Edgy style lovers, prepare a leather backpack while watching a concert. Look polish and stylish for sure. You can also play the color according to what you like. Ranging from dark black, to bright yellow. Do not forget, wear ankle boots as a shoe option that matches this bag.

4. A playful fur backpack

Get the perfect playful look by using a backpack accented with fur or fur. Instantly, it becomes a standout fashion item and is ready to steal the show. To make the display more exciting, choose a bright or bright color bag and ready to be the center of attention from the concert crowd.

5. Metallic backpacks that standout in the dark

Prepare yourself to perform standout, when watching a night concert with a metallic backpack. Especially if the light is reflected from the stage, this bag looks standout with bright metallic material when receiving light reflection. Make the most of this bag by wearing high top sneakers that make the style more stylish.


Tips on Caring a Backpack to Keep It Looking New

This type of bag is timeless and always loved by everyone. The function of a backpack or backpack that can hold a lot of cargo is very suitable for use by various groups. Backpacks are also very fitting for traveling. But, sometimes you would still like to feel confused how the hell, how to care for a backpack to be more durable, durable and still look new? Come on, see 5. tips for caring the backpack below!

1. Pay attention to the weight of the load in the bag

A backpack is indeed known as a practical bag and can accommodate a lot of things. However, not all types of backpacks can accommodate excess weight. Moreover, if the size is small and the load is too full will make the bag become easily damaged in the waist strap.  

Do not let you just put all the items because you feel there is still empty space in your backpack. Usually in the instructions for use, there are certain load limitations suggested by the manufacturer. The limit depends on the size and basic material of the bag. Follow the advice and never break them if you don’t want your backpack to break easily especially in the backpack straps.

2. Routinely clean the bag at least once every three months

A backpack that is not cleaned regularly will look very dirty or dirty. Stains on a backpack will become a stain that is difficult to disappear if not cleaned often.  

To clean the bag, remove all contents of the bag. Clean the bag of all material that might be left inside. You can turn it downwards. Make sure nothing is left in the bag. Then, clean it using a damp or slightly damp cloth.  

This step can be done on all bag materials, be it nylon, ordinary cloth or parachute material. If you have stubborn dirt, you can rub it with a soft brush that was previously dipped in soapy water, then dried for several minutes. Especially for bags made of nylon, it is recommended not to wash by soaking it in soapy water. Avoid drying the bag under the direct sun, because it can affect the original color of the bag so that it fades quickly.

3. Fill the bag with paper or pads Michaelkors Outlet

In order to keep the shape of your bag perfect and maintain the original shape of the bag, it is better if it is not being worn, fill the inside of the bag with kneaded paper or special pads that are now widely sold in the market. Avoid stacking bags in a sleeping position, as this will damage the original shape of the bag and the bag is easily damaged.

4. Take advantage of silica gel

Very often when buying a new bag, in the bag there are granules wrapped in boxes and written in silica gel. Not a few who often throw silica gel because it is considered useless.  

This silica gel turned out to be very useful for absorbing air humidity in a closed room, especially on the inside of a bag. Insert silica gel in each bag and the inside of the bag to prevent mold from arising from moist air.    

5. Store the bag in the appropriate place

Pay attention to where the backpack is when not in use. Make sure the storage location is not wet or damp because it can trigger mold on the bag.  

A dry and cool place is the main choice so that the backpack is safe from fungus attacks. A backpack should be hung in a closet. Placing them on the floor will only make it easier for insects to approach the backpack and increase the risk of water or getting wet.  

If not hanged, it helps you put a backpack in a plastic bag or a special bag storage bag Make sure you are diligent in drying the bag or take out a few bags so as not to be constantly stored in a place susceptible to mold.


Have an Expensive Bag Collection? This is the way to take care of it so that it can remain an investment

Do you have an expensive bag collection and want that bag to be an investment in the next few years? You must know how to care for him properly. Because the wrong treatment will only make your expensive bag easily damaged. For that, let’s see how to care for expensive bags so they can still be an investment!

1. Diligently clean the stains on your bag

Expensive bags are usually presented with various models and materials. But usually genuine leather bags that do have a more expensive price, are the most sought-after bags for women. But it is precisely the leather bag, which requires extra attention in terms of care.  

Don’t leave any stains on your bag, even if it’s just a little. But if it’s already been stained, you can outsmart it this way.   Prepare white chalk. You have to use white to avoid changing the original color of your leather bag. Mash the lime until it becomes powder. Well, after that you can sprinkle the powder on the surface of the bag that is stained.  Let it overnight. Then in the morning you can clean the chalk powder using a special cleaning product for leather bags.

2. Keep away from sunlight and water

Indeed the bag will be your friend when undergoing activities. But if you do more activity in open spaces, you shouldn’t use your branded bag. Because sunlight can make the texture and color of the bag fade. Similarly, if exposed to water, will make your bag vulnerable to fungus. Therefore pay attention to every time you want to wear your expensive bag.   Michaelkors Outlet

To save also the things above should be your attention. Store the bag in a cool, dry place. Try not to store it in a damp cupboard. In order to keep it in the best quality, it is better after use to clean the bag using a microfibe so that the dust that is directly attached disappears.    

3. Don’t use wet wipes

When you want to be practical and fast, you use wet wipes to clean the stains on your expensive bag. Even though the stain disappears quickly, you should avoid it that way.   The best way to clean up stains that stick is to use ordinary tissue soaked with just a little water. This is because wet wipes contain perfume, and others that can leave yellow stains on your bag.

4. Use a reliable bag washer service

Don’t wash your expensive bags yourself. Washing the bag at home using detergent will only make the surface peel off quickly. Detergents contain chemicals that can damage the bag. If your bag is really dirty you should go to a branded laundry bag in the shopping center. Spending a little deeper doesn’t hurt right for your branded bag to last longer?

5. Don’t pile up your bags when storing them

Do not pile up your bags when storing them in a cupboard, avoiding friction with other bags that can cause fine scratches. Especially if your bag is made of genuine leather, it will be very vulnerable if it is affected by friction.  Pile up bags will also make your bag more susceptible to mold. Sometimes the bag can also cause unpleasant odors so that termites can infest.


Tips for Organizing Bag Contents for Women

The bag does have the main function as an accessory that can hold your luggage. Do not let the contents of your bag become messy because it does not adjust to its capacity. Do you want tips so that your bag’s contents don’t fall apart? Come on, see this tips on organizing the contents of the bag for women anti-complicated.

1. Adjust with luggage

Women’s bags are available in various sizes and models. Usually the size is adjusted to the moment when wearing it. But you tend to like to carry lots of goods and are lazy to spend more money to buy bags of various sizes? Easy way.

Just choose a bag with a medium to large size. Medium-sized bags are usually presented in the sling bag, or shoulder bag model. You can still use the shoulder bag for formal events, you know.  

If you want one that can have a large enough capacity, you can choose a practical tote bag. But you don’t want to bring too much stuff too, because it will make it look messy.

2. Choose a bag with lots of storage

If you are lazy your bag looks messy and less organized, you can choose a bag that has a insulated model or one that has lots of storage bags. You can use these bags to carry smaller items, such as cellphones, lipsticks, pens, and charger cables.   Michaelkors Outlet

Putting small items in a bag makes it easier for you to not be difficult to look for when needed. Because prying the bag can make the contents even more messy.  

But the thing to note is, don’t forget to check all the bags in your bag if you want to use another bag. Storing in a bag can make you forget to move it, leaving it in the bag you used before.

3. Smart in sorting through luggage

Indeed, usually the items already in the bag become important items and you need every day. Like wallets, cellphones, chargers, to various beauty products. Especially women, certainly can not be left behind carrying these items.  

But you should be able to find alternatives if your luggage turns out to not fit in a bag that is smaller than usual. For example, you can use a smaller, thinner card wallet when using a smaller bag, so it doesn’t look full and messy.  

Or you can also more sort out to bring the essential makeup. But if you still have lipstick in your bag, so your face won’t turn pale!

4. Make use of the bag with your bag zipper

Besides being able to use bags on the inside, you can also use bags on the bags on the outside. Usually the bag is equipped with a zipper as a sturdy and safe cover.  

Place the small items that you need in the bag. Or if you are traveling abroad, you must have lots of coins to buy small items, you can also put it there. Because if you put the coins carelessly in the bag it will make the contents of your bag look messy.


Equipment that Children Need When Entering Playgroup

Does not feel the new school year is about to start you know. The first day of entering school is indeed a precious moment for children and parents of course. Among you there must be someone who is exited waiting for your child to enter the playgroup for the first time. You must feel a mixture of happiness and anxiety. Confused start preparing equipment for your child? Here it is 5 important equipment that children will need when entering playgroup.

1. School bags that are comfortable and fit the child’s body size

The first item that is prepared when you first enter school is usually a bag. Bags become one of the important outfits that can make your child more enthusiasm for school. How to choose the right bag? Well, the way is to involve him to choose his own bag. But don’t forget to choose a bag that is proportional to the child’s body. Don’t be too big and too small.  

It’s best to ask your child what is his favorite color. Bag favorite picture of his favorite cartoon character can also be the right choice. Don’t forget to choose the material of the bag that is comfortable on your back, mom. If your favorite bag is already owned, your child will be more enthusiastic to go to school.

2. Sports shoes that are comfortable and facilitate activities

The next preparation is shoes. Today there are many choices of shoes with various models. Surely you will be confused, is the model more important or comfortable? Don’t confuse Mother, the mandatory thing you pay attention to in choosing school shoes is to choose shoes that are soft, comfortable, and easy to wear. sports shoes can be the right choice. In addition to comfortable, sports shoes also make it easy for your child to move.  

Sports shoes with a strap can be the right choice and make it easier for children to open and wear it themselves. Don’t forget to teach him how to wear and take off your own shoes. If you are able to independently wear their own shoes, surely your child can be a good example for his friends in the playgroup later.

3. Interesting lunch boxes to eat so that your child eats hungrily

At home your child is difficult to eat? This is a golden opportunity to stimulate him to eat more deliciously and independently. By choosing an attractive place to eat, your child can be excited when it’s time to eat lunch together. Choose a place to drink, lunch boxes, spoons and forks with his favorite color.   Michaelkors Outlet

Favorite cartoon tableware like My Little Pony or Tayo The Little Bus can be the right choice for your little one. So in addition to the spirit of opening lunch with friends, your baby is also happy with a place to eat his favorite liking.

4. Stationery that is safe for toddlers

Before buying stationery, you should know and communicate with the playgroup teacher what stationery will be used later. Usually what is needed is crayons, colored pencils, drawing books, pencils and erasers.  

We recommend choosing stationery that are safe for toddlers. Like crayons, today many parents avoid waxy crayons because they are considered dangerous. Don’t be afraid, Mother, because now there are wax crayons that are safe for children.  

Before buying make sure there are non-toxic information on the packaging or information from the seller himself. Color pencils are definitely safer than crayons, but don’t sharpen them too sharp.

5. Hats for child to be more stylish

Although it is not a important equipment, you should still prepare a complementary hat for your child’s school outfit. Choose a hat model that can protect a child’s face from the sun. Don’t forget to choose a hat that absorbs sweat and has holes for air purification. Hats with bright colors cartoon motifs can be an option. In addition to protecting from the sun, this hat can make the little more stylish, you know.


Tips for Choosing Child’s School Bags Enter Playgroup

Apparently choosing a school bag for toddlers should not be underestimated, you know. In addition to having to pay attention to the size, materials, and convenience, choosing the right bag can actually increase your child’s confidence in school. Don’t worry Mother, here are 5 tips for choosing a bag for toddlers who are starting playgroup.

1. Adjust the size of the bag with the size of the child’s body

The size of the bag is definitely a major consideration. Especially for children under the age of five who are still in its infancy. Choose a bag that is the right size and proportionate to the body for the heart.  

Don’t be too big and too small. In addition to affecting the child’s path, bags that are too large are usually also heavier. In addition, the size of the bag is also adjusted to the needs and, importantly, enough to carry school supplies for children.

2. Wheeled backpacks are the right and cool choice

This bag model can be the right choice because it is certainly multifunctional and clearly makes children more stylish. To increase enthusiasm for going to school, mothers must be observant and smart to get around. One of them is an effective way to choose a bag that attracts children’s attention.  

If your child is still excited in the morning, you can lean his bag on his back. However, if after school he feels tired, the child can pull his bag like an adult’s suitcase. Having a cute bag like a suitcase is certain for your child to bring his own bag. Don’t forget to give a positive appreciation for its independence. Michaelkors Outlet

3. Also choose bags that are easy to open for toddlers

Choose a bag model besides its shape, see also its simplicity. Make sure your child can open and close the bag without difficulty. Pay attention to the shape of the zippers and avoid using straps to close the bag.  

As much as possible avoid your child from difficulties so as not to interfere with their activities during playgroup. Because if he always feels difficulties, of course the child feels upset and becomes lazy to bring his own bag. One more, choose a bag that does not have too many bags and opens more than once.

4. Lightweight bag material and strong stitching

Surely you will certainly choose goods that are good and durable, right? Therefore, before shopping online, do not hesitate to ask the pelapak whether the bag has strong seams, made from lightweight, and easy to dry. Likewise, if shopping directly, please carefully check the stitches and touch the material. It would be nice to choose a bag that is easy to dry and clean.

5. Choose a brightly colored bag with a child’s favorite picture

If for color choices and picture bags, please involve your child to choose. Because this bag will be used later, so it’s fine if your child chooses his favorite bag. My Little Pony cartoon, Tayo the Little Bus, or Tsum-tsum can be attractive choices for children.  By giving confidence to choose their own bag, it will certainly make the child more respect for his personal belongings. So, do not hesitate to invite children to choose which bag is suitable for him.


How to Know Genuine or Fake Bags Through Photos

Want to know how to distinguish genuine or fake bags from photos? Just consider the 5 ways to know the real or fake bag through photos. Also suitable, here, for those of you who frequently shop online.

1. Seen from the quality of dust bags or holsters

Each original bag, usually always has a dust bag or cover holster. Dust bags owned by original or branded bags usually have a heavier mass than the fake ones. From the photo, make sure the dust bag looks sturdy and has stitches and prints or neat label name stitches. The presence of a proper dust bag also helps analyze the authenticity of the bag.

While fake bags, usually have a quality dust bag that looks carelessly. Look at the photo dust bag in detail to find out the quality. After that, make sure the label or brand that is listed in the dust bag, is there a spelling of the brand that is wrong or correct.

2. Make sure the words “Made in” in accordance with the location of the bag originated

From the photos, you can immediately tell whether the bag used is right or wrong. Just pay attention to the writing place of manufacture in accordance with the location of the bag originated. For example the original Chanel bag, usually reads “Made in Italy” but the fake bag being “Made in Frace” is pretty fooled, right?

After that you also have to make sure, usually fake bags are printed with the wrong font or not the same as the original one. Not infrequently fake bags have the wrong spelling of brands like “GUCCI” to “GUCI”. Michaelkors Outlet

3. Pay attention to the details of the bag stitches

When viewing a photo of the original bag, you can pay attention to the details of the bag stitches. Usually famous brands always pay attention to the state of the product. All seams are ensured to be perfect, there should not even be any visible defects. Usually there are ‘defects’ on the counterfeit product, such as looseness or thread coming out of the seam.

4. Pay attention to the color of the bag, not all bag models have a variety of colors

In addition to the model, make sure you know from the bag series. Not all bag models have a variety of colors. In fake bags they usually produce colors outside the official colors of the original bag, even adding certain motifs or accents. Also, make sure the color and fabric lining the bag matches the original with a good quality coating.  

5. The shape of the bag does not change even if you carry lots of things

To determine the real or fake bag, you can also see when the bag is filled with goods. If the original bag, the bag shape will not change and tend to be flexible. But in a fake bag the opposite can happen, the shape of the bag can be seen to change when you put a lot of items.

Finally you can also see the texture or material of the bag. Original bags usually have softer and less rigid materials such as fake ones, as well as zipper details or button bags that look perfect than fake ones.


The most expensive bags in the world. The price is fantastic!

Bags become one of the fashion accessories that can hardly be separated from women. When traveling out of the house, surely you feel something is missing right if you do not carry a bag? Not only is it used as a place to carry goods such as wallets and smartphones, now bags are also widely used as representatives of one’s social status. Yup, the more branded and expensive the bag used by a woman, the higher the social status in the eyes of others. Top 10 most expensive bags in the world :

10 Gadino Bag

Ranked the 10th most expensive bag in the world, there is a Gadino Bag designed by a famous Norwegian bag designer named Hilde Palladino. With materials made from genuine crocodile skin, decorated with 39 pieces of white diamonds and equipped with white gold clasps on the front, do not be surprised if this luxury bag is priced at USD 38 thousand.

9 New Age Traveler Backpack

Made from a series of unused electronic goods such as telephone cables, this might make the appearance of a Louis Vuitton backpack too crowded and unattractive. But because of its uniqueness, the backpack, named New Age Traveler, sells for $ 50 thousand.

8 Louis Vuitton Patchwork Bag

Louis Vuitton’s name in the world of fashion, especially handbags, is no doubt. This French bag manufacturer has also issued so many limited edition bags that are priced at no joke, one of which is this Patchwork Bag. By combining the remaining 15 different pieces of material, Louis Vuitton managed to make a unique and artistic bag. Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag is made limited, which is only 24 units and all of them have been sold for USD 52 thousand per piece.

7 Lieber Precious Rose Bag

Want to have this beautiful red rose shaped bag easily? Unfortunately the Lieber Precisious Rose Bag is only one in the world, Toppers. The bag designed by a famous bag designer named Judith Lieber is sprinkled with 1,016 diamonds with a level of 42.56 carats, 1,169 pink sapphires and 800 tourmalines. Wow, how fancy is Toppers. With its beauty and luxury, don’t be surprised if the only bag in the world is sold for USD 92 thousand

6 Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag

For you lovers of leather bags, definitely like this bag, Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag! The name “Birkin” itself is taken from the name of an actress and singer wife, Jane Birkin. Made with genuine crocodile leather and decorated with 10 carat white diamonds on all of its clips, it is only natural that this bag can be sold for USD 120 thousand

5 Margaret Thatcher Black Handbag Michaelkors Outlet

This one bag is sold at a high price not only because of its manufacturing material, but more because this bag represents the strength of the former first female British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher. This black bag is often used by Margaret Thatcher when attending important state meetings. The 26-year-old black bag produced by luxury and exclusive British producers, Asprey was successfully auctioned and sold for USD 159 thousand

Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamonds Purse
Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamonds Purse

4 Lana Mark Cleopatra Clutch

This luxurious white clutch bag made by Lana Marks is only made 1 piece per year. Made from genuine crocodile leather, sprinkled with 1,500 black and white diamonds with 18 carat content, making this bag worth a fortune of USD 250 thousand. Some world-famous celebrities like Helen Mirren also used this luxury clutch at the 79th Academy Awards in 2007.

3 Chanel Diamond Forever

Ranked in the top 3 of the most expensive bags in the world, there’s the Chanel Diamond Forever! The bag is also made of genuine crocodile leather and decorated with 334 diamonds with a level of 3.56 carats. Not until there, the bag strap is made of white gold with a level of 18 carats. Wooww really fancy right Toppers? Want to try the sensation of wearing this luxury bag? But you must be prepared to spend $ 261 thousand

2 The Hermes Birkin Ginza Tanaka

The Hermes Birkin Ginza Tanaka is one of the Hermes Birkin “Birkin” series. The name “Birkin” itself is taken from the name of an actress and singer wife, Jane Birkin. Bag made by a designer bag from Japan, Ginza Tanaka managed to sit in the order of the 2 most expensive bags ever in the world. Made in 2008, this bag is made from platinum with more than 2,000 diamonds with 10 carat content. While the lock is made of 18 carat white gold. Want to know the price? Do not be surprised. This luxury bag is sold at USD 1.9 million

1 Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamonds Purse

The price of the nine bags above make you almost heartbroken? Wait a minute. You will definitely be even more surprised if you know the price of this one bag, USD 3 million. Wow really right ?? The House of Mouawad bag was successfully recorded as the most expensive bag in the world in the Guinnes Book of Word Records. Made with 4,515 diamonds (105 yellow, 56 pink, and 4,356 colorless) with a total weight of 381.92 carats, it is only natural that Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamonds Purse is dubbed as the most expensive and most expensive bag in the world.


7 Stylish Bag Models for Work – Korean Style

The number of items that must be carried when going to the office makes the presence of bags very important. However, it is often difficult to find a bag that is stylish but able to accommodate all the items needed. There are several models of bags that are not only cool but also suitable for use in the office without worrying about scattered items. Here are 7 stylish handbag models for Korean female-style offices.

1. A structure bag with many compartment

The firm shape makes this bag the right choice to take to the office. Choose a midi-sized so that it’s easy to carry but able to accommodate all the goods. For those of you who like difficulty finding important items, a structure bag with many drawers will help you, because you can store important items in a different drawer. So, you won’t be overwhelmed when you have to look for something.

2. Classic and timeless messenger bag

Messenger bag does have a simple model, but it is very multifunctional. Its large size allows you to carry lots of things without worrying about being forgotten. In addition, the firm and sturdy shape will make your total look look even harder. Choose colors that are not too plain, like light green or navy.     Michaelkors Outlet

3. Satchel bag that seems serious

Besides messenger bags, this satchel bag that has a simple and classic model will make you look more stylish. You can adjust the size as needed. Strengthen the classic impression by choosing timeless colors, like chocolate. However, so as not to look old-fashioned, you can choose a unique strap, such as having a studded accent or a beautiful pearl.   In addition to a bag with a long strap, you can also look stylish with a short strap so that your appearance will be more cool when carrying this bag.

4. Simple but beautiful tote bag for a feminine look

Tote bag
Tote bag

Tote bag with a small handle will make you look more stylish when you go to the office. Choose a medium size for you who are petite so it does not look drowned. The form is firm, but at the same time flexible, suitable for those who have high mobility at work. Especially if you choose pastel colors that are very beautiful, making your total look more stunning.

5. A firm and classic box-shaped tote bag

Another model of tote bag that you can use for the office, which is a clear, timeless box. Especially if you choose a dark brown or maroon color, so it looks classic and you can wear it at any time without fear of being out of date. In addition, this bag also gives the impression of glamor.    

6. Stylish and beautiful satchel bag

Another large bag that can accommodate all your needs when going to the office is a satchel bag. Choose who has a short strap to make it more stylish. Made from leather, this bag is guaranteed to last a long time. Don’t forget to store it in a place that has good air circulation so the bag doesn’t peel easily.

7. Baguette bag that can be used for many events

This bag is very multifunctional. In addition to being taken to the office, you can also use this bag for other events, such as dinner parties or parties. The shape is not too conventional and the size is quite large, so it can hold a lot of things. Choose the bold so that it can be used anywhere. No need to collect a lot of bags, because baguette bag can meet many of your needs.


The Most Stylish Bag Type for Men When Traveling

You still want style when traveling? Besides the appearance of clothes, you also have to pay attention to your luggage. Starting from what bag you use when traveling. When the function is not enough, choosing a bag should also pay attention to the model, you know. Check out the recommendations below for the 6 most stylish men’s bags to wear when traveling.

1. Carrier bags made specifically for backpacking or exploring

Carriers or those that look like large backpacks are perfect for long trips. You can carry lots of things in it. Choose a carrier bag that is most suitable for your travel hobby. For example, you can take a carrier with a capacity of 30-40 liters to be safe.

Don’t forget to always choose a quality bag that is safe too, yes. Keep the physical condition of the bag in good condition as in proportion to the body and a comfortable shoulder strap. Try also to look for bags that have pads on the back and cavities on the top of the bag so that there is room for air circulation. Michaelkors Outlet

2. Daypack bags if you only travelling in a short time

Meanwhile, for shorter distances and shorter time you can use a day pack, aka a small backpack. Its capacity is only about 18-24 liters. Often the day pack is used to accompany the carrier. If there is luggage that has not been put in a large bag, you can bring this companion bag.

Use this bag for a walk too. You can bring drinking bottles, snacks, travel wallet and travel documents in it. The bags available on the daypack are also usually more in accordance with the design.

Duffle Bag
Duffle Bag

3. Slim sling bags for close destinations

To travel just one day you do not need to use a backpack, lah. You just need to use a sling bag that’s a little big. Apart from not having a lot of luggage for you, you also won’t have a lot of luggage attached to your trip. You also do not need to be confused where to put your things. Once you arrive at your destination, you can immediately walk.

4. Large suitcases are used for long time and long distance traveling

Sometimes, traveling away makes our backs and waist aches. The best choice is to replace your bag with a wheeled suitcase. This suitcase is most popular when you travel far away like using an airplane for traveling. Packing things in a suitcase is also much more organized.

5. Waist bags for traveling at the destination

Isn’t it complicated to take small things in a suitcase? Indeed, if you don’t want to be bothered, you need to use another small bag to accompany your luggage bag. Waist bags can be a good solution for carrying small equipment during your vacation such as mobile phones, wallets and other travel documents.

6. Duffle bag to travel by train or bus

Now this duffle bag is widely used for fitness activities. But that’s not always the case. You can also use it for traveling. You can fill it with lots of stuff so it’s easy to carry. The disadvantage is that your shoulders may be biased. So, wear this bag if your trip is not too far away.

If deemed necessary, you can bring two or three types of bags that you will need at your vacation destination.


The Easy Way to Know the Best Quality Leather Men’s Handbags

A bag like a parachute, once you fail to choose and wear it, you will really be disappointed. When going to the office, business trip, or just a meeting at the cafe, the bag has an important role to carry the equipment you need. Leather bags are one of the most sought-after bags for men.  

The skin provides a luxurious effect and exclusive impression for the wearer. However, because of interest, leather bags become the main target for cheap imitators. Don’t get caught up, here are five easy ways to find the best quality leather bags.  

1. Check the hardware

When you are looking for a new briefcase, suitcase, backpack, weekend bag or any leather bag, this is what you should see first: hardware! The hardware in a leather bag can tell you a lot about the overall quality of the product in one glance. If it is clipped, the hinge on which the lever is attached, or other metal equipment that looks thin you should avoid this leather bag.  

Bags from established manufacturers who don’t rush the process often have hardware that is unique in several ways. They may be engraved or have a distinctive shape. Conversely, cheap bags will have buckles that look like they were made from. Good hardware will also generally feel heavier and more substantial.   Michaelkors Outlet

Another major introduction to hardware quality is zippers. Unlike other hardware parts, even luxury manufacturers usually order zippers specifically. The majority of zippers used by the fashion industry are made by YKK. Most of this is acceptable, although they can break as they get older.  

The best zippers are made by Raccagni or Riri. This zipper feels heavier and glides much smoother. Raccagni zippers are the fruit of 30 years of research. The Raccagni family individually checks and polishes each of their zipper teeth and adjusts about the brands that they work with, one of them being Tom Ford.

2. The best skin type

Ideally if you want a bag made of 100% full-grain leather or Vachetta leather, you must be really careful before you buy it. Don’t waste money on accessories labeled “genuine leather.” There is a leather bag with material made from pieces of leather and then turned into pulp and then into a piece of cloth.  

You don’t have to pay a fortune for strength and durability that is similar to a much cheaper material. When choosing a bag, consider how the material will fit your lifestyle. Textured leather is seen as less formal (rougher texture, more casual bags) but it will hide scratches more easily, making it a good choice for commuters.

3. Stitch outside

Really good and good quality leather bags almost always have saddle stitches. This is a technique that can only be done by hand, by pushing two separate needles through each hole and turning one thread up. Machine stitching is done with a single needle and two threads twisted together under the fabric under each stitch. Single-thread saddle stitching is much stronger and will never unravel. If one of the stitches is damaged it won’t affect the others.

To find out if the bag was sewn carefully, look at the handle first. A well-sewn handle will feel wrapped around the frame and has no wrinkles. The skin must be tight around the thread at each stitch.

4. Inside construction

Check the inside of the leather bag. Usually good quality leather bags don’t have deep creases and are so soft and even when held. The stitches should line up with one of the edges or bottom stitches when you push the inner layer of the bag tightly. Hem or wrinkles in the fabric lining the bag can warn of signs of poor construction.

5. Printed text

Painting or printing that is done poorly can make the skin fade from time to time. A durable leather bag will have a logo that is pressed against the surface of the skin directly.  

Leather bags increase the need to carry items to intentional style statements. A good leather bag can be a complement to dozens of clothes. Be sure to shop smart and monitor potential losses. Every money you spend on a wardrobe is an investment in your image for years to come.


For Men : How to take care clucth bags

Men wear clutch bags? Why not? Maybe all this time, clutch bags are identical to women, but that doesn’t mean men shouldn’t wear them. For reasons of its small, concise, and practical form, now many men have started using it to complement men’s style. Now the bag is also available with various masculine models.  

Its practical form makes you do not need to pay special attention to care for it, but that does not mean it is not treated. Here are some tips on how to take care of a man’s clutch bag so it is not easily damaged.  

1. Don’t put men’s clutch bags in a dirty place

One factor is that this tiny bag has begun to be glimpsed by men as a style enhancer is because of its small size so it is comfortable to carry anywhere. The habit of men when carrying it is to put it in any place. If you are one of the men who often carry it from now on, before putting it down, you should first consider whether the surface of the table is clean or not.  

Because these bags are usually easy to get dirty because of dust. The fix is ​​to wipe the dust that has been stuck using a dry cloth and then spray the lemon water and wipe again using a tissue to absorb water.    

2. Make sure your hands are clean when handling your favorite bag

In addition to environmental cleanliness, you must also pay attention to the cleanliness of your hands before handling your favorite bag. This bag is designed specifically to be able to accommodate a lot of things so that it is suitable for everyday use, and therefore always be careful before wearing a clutch bag is a must.  

Make sure there are no traces of oil attached before you hold the bag again. When this happens, clean the oil stain from your bag by dipping a cloth in the liquid from cornstarch and rubbing it gently until the stain disappears.     Michaelkors Outlet

3. Keep the humidity of your clutch bag

To care for your favorite items so they don’t get damaged quickly is not to store them carelessly. Similarly, this small bag. The case that often happens is to store carelessly so that the bag is filled with fungus. Don’t want your favorite bag to mold? For that you have to maintain the level of humidity.

The way you can store in a glass rack that has a circulating air and can capture light properly. Do not store your bag in a humid place, because it will make it easier for the fungus to stick. Also cover your bag with a special liquid so the bag can last longer.    

4. Give paper as a gag to maintain the shape

Bags that already look dull and not like when you first buy will make you lazy to use it again. Therefore saving the bag when you finish using it is the key to making the bag always look new every day. If the shape of the bag has changed from the first time you buy it, you can outsmart it by inserting paper in the bag.

Choose thick paper to keep the shape of your bag looking like new. After that, protect your bag with plastic wrap so it won’t get dusted and look dull.

5. Carry out maintenance in accordance with the ingredients

Each bag material has a different treatment and care is also different, you know. If your bag uses leather, always pay attention to the storage area. Do not be too often exposed to direct sunlight because it will make the colors fade quickly. In addition to caring for the outside, the inside is equally important to look after. Therefore, always make sure the items inside are always in a tightly closed state so that they will not spill when being carried out on the move.


Stay Masculine, Here Are 7 Models of Men’s Handbags You Can Buy!

Although most clutches are worn by women, that doesn’t mean men shouldn’t wear them and look less masculine with a clutch or handbag. A variety of handbag models have appeared on the market, when used are certainly ready to explore the appearance to a level more stylish, you know!  

In addition to those of you who do a lot of activities, handbags can make you more practical to store various necessities. For those of you who are interested in wearing your handbag, you can still look masculine, here are 7 models of men’s handbag that you can buy!

1. Handbag canvas material that is suitable for a variety of character styles

Canvas handbags are masculine and simple to wear. The material itself is easy to clean when exposed to stains or dust, the choice of black is felt right for you so it does not look dirty when lazy to wash it.  

Sporty style, minimalist, to hypebeast, looks suitable to choose a canvas handbag on this one. If you like a colored handbag, there’s no harm in having navy, olive, or gray colors to improve the look to make it more stylish.

2. A leather handbag suitable for office use

If you only want to wear a handbag when you go to the office, a leather handbag can be the right choice for you. Instantly ready to create the impression of a more formal and polish appearance at one time.

3. Brown handbag for those of you who are bored with black

In addition to black, brown handbags can also be an option if you feel bored with black bags. Brown is a neutral color choice that is suitable for any outfit. In addition to neat moments you can also look relaxed with this brown handbag. This brown handbag usually comes with leather material that looks elegant and classic that never timeless.

4. Two tone handbag that gives a different accent to the appearance Michaelkors Outlet

Your everyday appearance can look different and more fashionable with a two tone handbag. Has two combinations, namely black and brown, this handbag is easily combined with any color clothing. In addition, a small strap accent on the zipper also makes it easier for you to wear it more practically.

5. Classy with woven bag accented material

In addition to plain or color combinations, woven bag accents can also be the right choice when you want to buy a new handbag. Woven accents are able to give a more classy look at one time. Because the shape is woven, after use you also have to clean it often, yes! If not, dust will easily stick between the webbing which makes it difficult to clean to reduce the quality of your bag.

6. Multifunctional bag that can be a handbag and sling bag

Furthermore, you can also choose a multifunctional bag. In addition to being worn as a handbag, this bag also has a hook on the end of the bag that can be worn with a sling bag or sling bag. Able to load more items, so it fits reliably as a bag to the office to store some important documents.

7. Trendy laptop leather clutch for young executives

Not only a standard handbag that contains goods for daily needs, for you, an executive or even a young employee, you can also look fashionable wearing a handbag that serves as a laptop. Leave your standard and worn laptop case, now is the time to look more attractive with a stylish leather laptop handbag. Usually this handbag has a slot for a multifunctional card or cellphone.


Tips on Wearing a Fanny Pack

That’s right, don’t underestimate the waist bag. Because this bag is becoming a trend for Hollywood celebrities. Starting from Kourtney Kadarshian, Jared Leto, to Beyonce, all appear stylish in public by using a fanny pack on their waist. If you want to add a collection of bags or are bored with the usual shoulder bag, this fanny pack can be an option. This bag is also easy to mix and match, especially if you wear casual clothing style. Even so, even when you’re dressed formally, for example work clothes, can still look stylish with a fanny pack, even you look more fun. Do not believe? Check out the following tips.  

  • Use as a substitute for the belt

Just like a large belt, a waist bag will look beautiful hugging the waist and accent to your appearance. Try wearing a waist bag, when you are using a dress or a long cardigan instead of a belt. Mix and match fanny packs with your favorite loose shirt will also make your appearance look more stylish. Try choosing a fanny pack with a golden ornament on the rope or belt to add a glamorous impression to your new ‘belt’.  

You can use it like a shoulder bag or sling bag. The style of this one does seem to emphasize the athletic style with a hippie feel, but that does not mean you can not wear your waist bag when stylish high fashion. Wear outside or inside your over-sized coat or over-sized blazer, or when you wear vintage jeans in the 70’s style. Fanny packs also become unique accessories that make you look more stylish.

  • Waist bag with leather material? Why not

This one material is always improving your appearance style to be more chic. That’s right, with a leather waist bag, your appearance will look stronger but still feminine. Try wearing a waist bag with black jeans and a crop top, then add punk-style accessories, to get a cool street fashion style. Also try experimenting with different colors of leather waist bags, and matching with office-look suits to get a semi-formal look.  

  • Make it as a complement to plain-colored clothing

Let your fanny pack appear pop-up by wearing it with neutral or nude colored clothes like black, white, or cream. Your appearance will be more attractive when you choose to appear one color with a waist bag in the opposite color. Clothing styles like this keep you away from the impression of monotony because of wearing plain colors so it is more attractive to be seen.  

  • Black color that is suitable to wear at any time

If you are still hesitant in choosing a waist bag that suits you, try choosing a black fanny pack. The black color always looks classic and is easily integrated with any model and color of clothing you are wearing. For example, a boyish style with jeans and a black leather jacket will look more complete when you wear a black waist bag. However, when you choose to appear girly with a white top and floral skirt, a black fanny pack will still make you look beautiful.

However the style you choose to wear a waist bag certainly depends on the personal style you have. You who have a hobby of traveling will certainly like a waist bag, because it allows you to store various personal items such as wallets and travel documents. And, this waist bag is okay to use when you watch a concert, because it makes it easy for you to move to the music. In fact, a waist bag also makes it easier for you to shop in crowded shopping areas because you can keep enough money in your bag. So, do not be ashamed, right, if you want to follow the trend of using a fanny pack, provided you combine it with the right clothes.

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