Here are 12 bag models for Hijabers! (i)

Hijabers, besides clothes, are you also looking for a stylish bag for you? In addition to clothing and footwear, you need to know that bag accessories are also able to attract the attention of people around you. What kind of model is right for you? Not to be confused, here are 12 bag models that are ready to perfect your hijab style! Guaranteed you will look more stylish. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Rattan bags to look like the bloggers

Want to wear a bag that is current and is a favorite of fashion bloggers? Try a rattan bag as fashion items that accompany you on a trip or a vacation to the beach.   Certainly, make you look more chic and unique. For clothes, you can use a long dress with floral or lace accented dress is enough to make you look chic.

2. Playful beaded bag

Rattan bags can be spelled out long enough to be a mainstay bag favored by celebrities, artists, to fashion bloggers. But now, beaded bags or beads are present as bags that are relied on by many celebrities.   The unique model, seems to be able to make the appearance more catchy or playful and certainly well suited to perfect your hijab style.

3. Bucket bag that is ready to hold a lot of goods

Even though you have a lot of luggage, you can also package it by pulling it using a bucket bag. Bucket bag had become a happening bag in the 90s and now back as a bag that is loved by fashion lovers. Bucket bag is a bag with a drawstring detail at the top.   Tas Branded

Now, various renowned designers have launched bucket bags with a more modern touch. The bag comes in simple models to models with powerful stud details. So, for those of you who like to carry a lot of things, this bag is suitable for accompanying you to your daily activities.

4. Metal handle detail bag for lovers of edgy style

If you include lovers of edgy style, choose a handbag with a metal accent on the handle or handle. The round handle emphasizes the edgy style of the look, while it also has a modern feel when wearing this bag.  

Oh yes, you can also mix this bag with shoes that have a statement to perfect your edgy appearance. It’s perfect for you to use when you want to take OOTD photos at a cafe

5. Edgy style lovers can also use a leather backpack

Edgy style lovers, prepare a leather backpack while perfecting your hijab style. It certainly looks polish and stylish when worn.   Sepatu Branded

You can also play the color according to what you like. Ranging from dark black, to bright yellow. Do not forget, if you want to look different just use ankle boots as a shoe option that matches this bag.

6. Chic and elegant with a chain strap bag

If your fashion character is chic and elegant, this bag model is perfect for you for casual to casual moments. Usually this bag strap can be worn with a shoulder bag model or also extended into a sling bag with a long strap.   Wearing this bag certainly makes it easy for you to combine it with various daily outfits. Moreover, a neutral color bag that is certainly easy to be combined with any color clothing.

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Tips on Caring for a Mountain Bag to Stay in its Best Condition

Mountain bags certainly become one of the must-have equipment for all of you who love to go hiking and enjoy the beauty in the mountains. Basically, a mountaineering bag or carrier is made with strong material and has high durability so that it can be used for a long period of time, but even so care will help your mountain bag last longer.

Some of the damage that usually occurs in a mountain bag is a torn layer, a stuck or broken zipper, broken frame, and so forth. In fact, mountain bags are equipped with special materials, shoulder pads, waist straps, chest straps, and upper pockets that are designed to be stronger so it is not easily broken or torn. Therefore, try to always care for your favorite mountain bag.

Caring for a mountain bag is practically easy and easy, because it does not require special tools or liquids. As long as you are diligent and diligent, your mountain bag can definitely stay in the best condition and be more durable.
Tips on caring for a mountain bag. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Brush the mountain bag slowly and gently

After you finish the climb, the first step that must be done is to empty the entire contents of your mountain bag. Remove all objects in the bag until it is completely empty. After it is completely empty, you can start washing the mountain bags. Start cleaning the back and body of the mountain bag with an old toothbrush moistened with a little water to reduce friction. But if the stain on the mountain bag isn’t too attached, you can clean the mountain bag with a cloth.
Provide water to taste in a bucket, without using soap or detergent and again rub the body of the bag with the cloth. Brush with a toothbrush only for parts that are rather stubborn. Do it gently, slowly, and repeat until it looks clean. Tas Branded

  • Avoid drying the bag directly in the sun

After you wash and brush all parts of the mountain bag, dry your bag in an aerated way. You should never dry your mountain bag directly in the sun, because it can make the color of your mountain bag look faded. So it is better to air your bag first to dry it in a place that is not exposed to sunlight. Once it’s dry, you can hang your mountain bag in the sun, but not for too long.

If your mountain bag is dry, it would be better if you also give a mountain bag with mothballs. This is powerful enough to make your mountain bag doesn’t mold. Mushrooms that are left in the bag can certainly damage the material of the bag, become brittle and cause unpleasant odors. To prevent this, you should add camphor before storing the mountain bag.

  • Save the mountain bag in plastic

When storing a mountain bag, you should keep it in a plastic bag. Make sure the plastic covers the entire surface of the bag, and don’t leave any exposed parts, to avoid mold or possible dust from entering.
Mountain bags that have been neatly wrapped in plastic are ready to be stored in a cupboard. The thing that must be considered when storing a bag is do not let any heavy items fall on it. Heavy items that rest on a mountain bag can change the shape of the back of the bag, which functions as a buffer. Changing shape can make the burden on your back heavier and more uncomfortable to wear. Sepatu Branded

Those are some tips that you can do to care for your mountain bag to be more durable and remain in its best condition. If your mountain bag is clean, the sign is ready for you to take another adventure.

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Stylish Bag Models to Maximize Your Style on Eid al-Fitr

Soon the Eid arrives! Have you decided what clothes to wear when Eid? Starting from visiting family homes to relatives may have become a priority. Oh yes, to maximize the appearance during Eid whether the bag is an important role that you think? Before Eid, you should know 5 stylish bag models to maximize your Eid style.

Micro bag Michaelkors Outlet

Take a break from your favorite clutch and replace it with a micro bag! Micro bag is a bag with a small size that is practically carried anywhere. Choose a brightly colored bag that is able to steal attention on the display even though its size is small. Simply wearing a simple dress or plain top with this bag can make you look elegant when Eid.

Micro Bag
Micro Bag


A true clutch lover? You can wear clothes with soft colors and wear a clutch with white, black, or cream that looks neutral. Certainly makes an elegant and feminine look at the same time. For the details, now you can choose clutch with satin, embroidery, to leather. Adjust it to your liking.

Bucket bag Tas Branded

Bucket bag had become a happening bag in the 90s and now back as a bag that is loved by fashion lovers. Bucket bag is a bag with a drawstring detail at the top. Now, various renowned designers have launched bucket bags with a more modern touch. For weekends, you can choose the type of bucket bag that suits your style. The bag comes in simple models to models with powerful stud details. So, for those of you who like to carry lots of things, it looks like this bag is for you.

Rattan bag

Rattan bag
Rattan bag

Want to look chic and a little different? Try a rattan bag as fashion items that accompany you on Lebaran. Certainly, make you look more chic and unique. This bag is also favored by fashion lovers, making you always on trend when using this bag. Sepatu Branded

Metal handle bag

If you include lovers of edgy style, choose a handbag with a metal accent on the handle or handle of the bag. The handle is round with an edgy style on the look, other than that the modern can also be directly used when wearing this bag. Oh yes, you can also wear this bag with shoes with a statement to enhance the appearance of your edgy. Michaelkors Outlet


Want to Travel, But Confused Choose the Right Suitcase and Bag?

Limitations on the amount of luggage for airplane and train passengers are certainly no stranger. Usually, the restriction is based on the weight of luggage which must not exceed several tens of kilograms to get free baggage fees, and the rest there is a certain rate charged.

However, this luggage will also influence your comfort, so it is important to ensure all needs are met properly during the trip, on the other hand still can save baggage fees. So that luggage can be packaged properly, you need the right suitcase or bag. That is, all your needs can be met in a suitcase or bag properly during the trip. This is important to note from the beginning, because the safety of these items depends on the durability and quality of the bags and luggage used. Michaelkors Outlet

Do not let you experience problems on the journey later, just because your suitcase or bag is damaged. Not only troublesome, but also will waste a lot of valuable time you have, right? Then, how to choose the right suitcase or bag? Here are tips on choosing the right suitcase or bag to accompany your trip:

1. Choose a Suitcase or Bag as Needed

For a comfortable and enjoyable trip, make sure you bring the right and appropriate needs. The use of quality bags and suitcases is certainly a must-do so that your needed luggage can carry everything.

This is important, in addition to simplifying your trip, as well as avoiding additional costs that you might incur for excess baggage. Do not let you have to spend a number of additional baggage fees just because you carry too many items that are not really needed when traveling. Choose the size of your suitcase or bag according to the length of your trip. If the duration of your trip takes a long time, you can use a suitcase or bag with a larger size than during a short trip.

2. Choose the Right Material

If you see the fact that your suitcase will hold a variety of your belongings and get into the baggage of the aircraft, obviously you must choose good quality material. Suitcases or bags made of polycarbonate (a type of hard and strong plastic) that are lightweight, quite feasible as an option. But this type of hard case suitcase is indeed somewhat vulnerable to damage during the transportation process.

Other materials you can consider are suitcases or soft case bags made of nylon or polyester. In general, materials like this will be easier to carry for each trip, and can even be carried easily into the cabin. But whatever luggage material and bag of your choice, make sure the suitcase or bag is waterproof and can keep things dry during the trip.

3. The Right Size and Capacity

In choosing a suitcase or bag, make sure you can load all your luggage, so it is important to choose the most appropriate size. If necessary, you can have luggage or bags of various sizes, so that at any time needed to use it as needed, adjust the length of your trip.

In general, the size of the suitcase or bag in the trunk is calculated in centimeters (length x width x height) starting from the wheels of the suitcase to the top surface of the suitcase. Here are some sizes of luggage that are generally used for traveling, including: Tas Branded

  • 16 “(30x17x47 cm) These suitcases are usually taken into the cabin and generally can be used for short trips of about 1-3 days
  • 20 “(37x22x56 cm) This medium-sized suitcase can make quite a lot of things, even up to 16 kg
  • 22 “(38x22x48 cm) Still of medium size, this one can also hold around 16-20 kg of luggage
  • 24 “(43x23x63 cm) Entered in a medium size, this suitcase can hold a large amount of luggage, which is up to 26 kg
  • 28 “(47x32x73 cm) This suitcase comes in a large size and can hold about 35 kg of luggage
  • 32 “(51x35x81 cm) This suitcase is in the large size category. So it is more suitable if indeed your travel period requires a very long time

4. Choose Wheels and Good Suitcase Security

Although traveling with a lot of luggage, you certainly do not want to experience problems when carrying / moving luggage. For that, get to know the types of wheels on a suitcase or bag when buying it, including the type of four-wheeled luggage (spinner) and the type of two-wheeled suitcase (upright).

Of course a suitcase with spinner wheels will be easier to move, even though the load inside is quite heavy, plus there is an additional burden that is usually on it, which is a hand luggage.

In addition to the wheels, the safety lock used on the suitcase must also be of particular concern. A suitcase that holds a variety of your important items, it should have the best type of safety too. Choose a suitcase with a Travel Sentry Approved (TSA) safety lock that meets international safety standards, so that your suitcase stays safe throughout the trip.

5. Price Determines Quality

Whatever goods you buy, make sure the quality is guaranteed. Speaking of quality, usually the price also participates in determining the quality. For every quality you get, there is a price to pay. This also applies when you want to buy a suitcase or bag. Make sure you pay a price commensurate with the quality of the bag or suitcase you get. This can be done by comparing one product to another, until you find a suitcase or bag of good quality, at the best price, of course.

6. Choose a Credible Shop

Not only that, where you buy a suitcase or bag must also be examined carefully. Because credible and professional stores usually offer or sell quality products. Currently, there are many online stores that you can visit easily and quickly to find the desired suitcase or bag. Take advantage of promos or discounts offered by the store, so you can get the best price for the suitcase or bag needed.

7. Warranty Service

When buying a suitcase or bag, make sure the product has a warranty. This is important so that you can get a guarantee that the product you are buying is in accordance with the specifications and price. In addition to that you avoid the various risks that might occur in these products such as damage and others.

Wherever your travel destination, do not forget to prepare it properly, including a variety of luggage needed, including the type of suitcase or bag used. Make sure you use the best suitcase or bag that suits your luggage capacity, so that all needed items are carried without the need for additional baggage fees. Sepatu Branded

Take time to pack, so your trip is comfortable and enjoyable. But of all that, the most important thing is that your travel guarantee is protected by travel insurance, to make it safer and more comfortable.

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Don’t just buy a bag! These Are Things You Should Consider So Your Money Isn’t Wasted

Choosing a bag should not be careless if you do not want our money wasted. You have to pay attention to what you actually need, then you can adjust it to your bag type. So don’t just prioritize the brand and price. It’s useless if it’s expensive but can’t meet the needs, you better think carefully before deciding. Michaelkors Outlet

Everyone needs a different bag for each activity. For example a bag for exercising will be very much different from a bag for college let alone a bag for parties. Selection of the wrong bag will make you wasteful because it will only waste money. Especially if you buy the same type of bag in large quantities just for style, rather than like that you better complete the collection of bags that you have.

1. The bag that you use for casual activities doesn’t need to be too big but still can load a lot of luggage, so that your stuff isn’t sticky

The type of bag that suits you best is the sling bag. The size is not too big but still can make essential items such as wallets, makeup tools, folding umbrellas, cellphones, notes, chargers and others. Perfect for you who are going to do leisure activities that do not need to carry heavy items such as laptops.

2. For college, your backpack should be able to load a laptop and heavy books, look for material that is not easily damaged

Make sure your bag has a laptop container so it will be more comfortable when used. The textbooks that you use during lectures should also be able to enter there. Pay attention to the choice of material you are using, don’t use material that is too thin because it will definitely be easily damaged. Tas Branded

Tote bag
Tote bag

3. If you still want to look feminine when on the move, tote bag will be the right choice.

You can use a tote bag to go shopping or hangout with your friends. You can also use it to do activities related to your hobby. The choice of ingredients is quite varied and you also don’t need to worry because bags like this are designed not to load heavy objects like laptops.

4. If backpacks for traveling do not need to be big, the important thing is the model is cool and enough to load your luggage. Drinking water for example.

If the backpack is just for a short trip, you don’t need to choose one that’s too big. Small thin ones like this are already quite catchy and sweet, crucial items can also fit inside. So it’s really suitable right?

5. Bags for sports must fit a lot and also waterproof, so that your sports equipment is safe when it will be used

Sports equipment is quite large so the bag you must use must also have the right size. Especially if you also use special sports clothes that will certainly require a large enough space in the bag. The material must also be thick enough so that it is not easily damaged due to friction in sports equipment. Sepatu Branded

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How to Modify the Bag Straps that are too long For Comfortable Use

Bag straps that are too long often make it less comfortable. Because the size is not right, so you have to fix it many times when on the move. Instead of disrupting the activity, you can overcome this extended bag strap without having to completely remodel it. So that the length of the rope does not interfere anymore, see 5 ways to outsmart the length of the bag strap so that it is comfortable to wear the following. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Replace with a strap that is more suitable

Some bags are designed with straps that can be removable. If the design of your bag is equipped with a design like this, the best solution is to replace the strap. You can find straps that are more suitable for your shoulders. After all, quite a lot of shops sell ropes with attractive designs, even adjustable. You don’t need to bother cutting, sewing or tying the length of the rope again with this solution.

2. Remove the excess chain so that the rope is not too long

In other cases, the strap comes with a chain model and cannot be adjusted in length. As a short-term solution, you can indeed tie the ends of the chain. Unfortunately, this solution will feel less comfortable for the shoulders. Tying the ends of the chain also only applies temporarily, because ties usually tend to break easily.   Instead of tying it together, you can remove the end of the chain and cut off the excess parts. You can practice this method by using pliers or take it to a bag repairman.

3. Wrap the bag strap with a scarf Tas Branded

To add accent to the bag as well as to outsmart the straps, you can use a scarf wrap. The method is quite easy to do, you know. You only need to tie the end of the scarf to the hook. After tying it, wrap the scarf around the rope to the other end. Adjust the length or short drawstring by pulling on the scarf.   If it fits, you can tie it to the other side of the rope. This trick can be used for you who are lazy to sew or replace the rope.

4. Give an additional hole in the bag strap

This bag has a strap design similar to a belt. However, the hole to measure the length of the rope is still making the bag strap too long. Like the belt, you can outsmart this case by making an additional hole. First, prepare a clean hammer and nail.   After that, mark wherever you will give a hole. Measure it first so that you don’t make a hole and damage the bag strap. After that, plug a nail, then hammer until the rope is hollow. Give a hole as needed until you get the right length of rope. Sepatu Branded

5. Tie the center of the rope to form a ribbon

Tying a bag strap sometimes makes the shoulder even hurt. In addition, the bond is also sometimes less strong so that the rope comes loose again. For strong and comfortable ties, you only need to apply the bow knot. This knot will feel comfortable on the shoulder and not easily separated.   You can apply this trick to the sling bag with an adjustable strap. You can also use it as a last minute trick when absolutely necessary.

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Tips for Choosing a Bag for Party Events

In addition to clothes and makeup, accessories are also important for women when they want to go to parties or events. Bag for example. These small and beautiful objects are needed to put important things when going to the invitation, such as cellphones, lipstick, glass, money, ATM cards, and many more. But it is not easy to know to determine the right handbag. Confused looking for the answer? Check out this article. Michaelkors Outlet

Not only as a bag for storing devices, cosmetics, and other items, the bag also has another function which is to support your appearance. Therefore, choose a bag that you will use carefully, especially if you will use it at important moments like a wedding. The right choice of bag will make you look more outstanding. A beautiful party bag can really sweeten your appearance. The types are also kinds that you can see in both online and offline stores, ranging from cheap to branded ones. In accordance with its function, this party bag is certainly different from a briefcase. If a large briefcase is for storing a lot of things, a party bag doesn’t need to be that big. Choose a bag that suits your style and function so that you don’t look excessive.

Tips for choosing a bag for the party Tas Branded

  • Play the Color Options – Maybe not all women are adept at choosing colors or combining the color of the color of clothing with the color of the bag worn. Thus, many women choose to “play it safe” by choosing the same bag color as the color of the clothes they wear to avoid “showing defects” at an event. There is nothing wrong with this style but often the matching colors from head to toe make you look boring and seem innocent. You have to start to dare to play colors to get the maximum style. The tips are easy, if your clothes are dark, choose a bag with bright colors like red, green, purple, or even gold so that you look more alive. But if your clothes are brightly colored, choose a bag that is metal or black in color. If your clothes are multi-colored, choose a bag with one of the colors in the pattern. This will usually make you look more elegant. So, stop choosing bags with colors that match many types of clothing such as brown, black, or navy. It’s time you start choosing bold colors to support your appearance when attending a wedding.
  • Determine the Right Size
    Usually party bags are indeed small in shape to make it easier for you to move and only carry certain practical tools. However, it never hurts to adjust the size of the bag to your needs. If you only need space for cosmetic tools and IDs, choose a minaudiere bag. If you need space to store your wallet, cellphone and other items of the same size, choose a clutch bag or a shoulder party bag. Bags with square and rectangular shapes are an option when carried, but you can get more space in a bag with a circular shape. You can also choose to use a pouch bag. The size is bigger than a clutch bag and more items that can be included such as cosmetics and others make it widely chosen by people.
  • Consider Texture and Material – Not only the color and shape, you also have to pay attention to the texture and material of the bag that you will use. Choose your party bag material like the material of your clothes, as long as your clothing material is not the dominant type of material. For example, if your clothes have sequin trim, then you can still use bags that are covered in beads. But if your clothes are covered in beads, avoid the choice of carrying a sequined bag because it will be too big and flashy. In addition to materials, you also need to integrate the texture of the bag with your clothes. For example, if your clothes have sequins trim, use bags that have beaded elements. Meanwhile, if you wear gold or silver jewelry, choose a bag that matches the hardware and a gold or silver colored rope chain. Sepatu Branded
  • With or without rope? Customize with Needs
    Of the many models of party bags, some of which use straps and do not use straps. You can choose it based on how and comfort you carry the bag during the party. You can hold a bag without a strap and tuck it under your arm or just place it on the table. While the bag with a strap you can wear by slung it to the shoulder. There is also a party bag with a small rope that you can hold or just loop it around your wrist. It all depends on your comfort in carrying the bag and on how you plan to carry your bag during the event.
  • There Are Prices There Are Quality – The price of a party bag depends on the material used, quality, and brand name. However, if there are a lot of formal events that you have to attend to then you should think twice about buying a bag that is a little bit expensive. Besides being more outstanding, bags with prices that are slightly above average are usually more durable than bags that are more nut If you don’t want to buy a lot of expensive bags, choose a neutral bag color so that it can be adjusted to your appearance. Thus, you only need to have 1 to 3 bags.

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For the Outdoor Adventurer, a Waterproof Bag Must Have for Your Equipment to Stay Safe

For you lovers of outdoor activities, surely you are already accustomed to preparing everything for the equipment to be brought. Wanting to climb mountains, explore nature or other outdoor activities requires large-volume and multifunctional bags. So you can carry lots of items in a concise bag. There are many kinds of bags, but for traveling you should choose a carrier. Michaelkors Outlet

Waterproof Bag, A Bag for Outdoor Adventurers

Carrier is the right type of bag for outdoor activities because it has a compartment that can load a lot of goods. In addition, you can pick up goods easily because the carrier bag is also well-organized. Besides being strong in carrying lots of goods, the carrier is also a waterproof bag. So you don’t need to worry when carrying bags anywhere.

Will your friend have a birthday soon? Find out what hobbies he likes, so you can give the right gift for him. If your friend loves outdoor activities, then it’s easy to choose a gift for him. One of them is giving waterproof bags for your friends. Bags are indeed a fashion item that is never wrong to give as a birthday present. Waterproof bag is perfect for lovers of outdoor activities. Adjust to what activities your best friend likes. For lovers of mountaineering, nature explorers, or divers it’s good to choose a larger waterproof carrier bag. For your best friend, a culinary lover or a traveler, choose a smaller backpack so you can carry your walking gear. Water resistant bags besides being strong, they are also able to protect the items in the bag so they don’t get wet when it gets rained on or in contact with water activities. Your best friend will love it. Tas Branded

Waterproof Bag
Waterproof Bag

What are the Advantages of Waterproof Bags?

Waterproof bags are now popular with men, especially those who don’t like complicated things. Waterproof bags meet everyone’s needs because they make items more compact. Moreover, you do not need a cover bag or waterproof bag cover to protect the bag when it rains. So as to avoid damage to goods in the bag.

The waterproof bag is designed with user comfort in mind, content safety and durability of the bag’s product. The manufacturing material is strong and durable so that it is impervious to water and difficult to slice or rip by pickpockets. Thick material also keeps items in the bag from shocks. Besides that the layout is well organized so that the weight inside is balanced and comfortable to carry. Moreover, this waterproof bag has a simple design with a modern concept. High quality material that is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Sepatu Branded

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Unexpectedly, This Local Bag Brand Is Better Known Overseas!

You may be familiar with Prada women’s handbag brands, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, and others. various models of bags issued by international fashion houses are often hunted by women. The reason is that these bags have a higher prestige and certainly make the wearer look both elegant and luxurious. But, do you know, if at this time some brands of locally-made women’s bags are also starting to go global? You must know, here are the local bag brands that are starting to explore the following international fashion world! Michaelkors Outlet

Doris Dorothea Bags
Doris Dorothea Bags
  • Doris Dorothea – Still unfamiliar with this one women’s handbag brand? Doris Dorothea is indeed quite new in the bag industry. First created by a married couple, Riza Assegaf and Fara Shahab, in 2013-2014, Doris Dorothea succeeded in becoming a global local bag. The quality of Doris Dorothea’s collection bags is no joke, you know! Leather bags always use the best quality reptile leather. Now, Doris Dorothea has entered the Middle East and European markets. The design of this very elegant bag model was successfully strolled to the stage of New York Fashion Week in September 2017.
  • Nilou = If this one bag brand might not be foreign to your ears, Nilou has been known in Indonesia for a long time. Nilou is a local women’s handbag brand from Bali, which was founded by Ni Luh Putu Aru Pertami Djelantik or Ni Luh Djelantik in 2004. Not only making various bag models, Nilou also produces shoes and belts which are all handmade products. At present, Nilou is not only known domestically. Nilou bag production has entered the American market to Europe, even quite competitive in France! Tas Branded
  • Warnatasku – Another local women’s handbag brand that has also begun to explore the international fashion world is Warnatasku. Warnatasku is a local women’s handbag brand made by Yudha Pratomo with his wife Ervina Ahmad and her brother Yusnita Mukri. My color never appeared in several international fashion events, one of which was the ASIA World Expo 2015 in Hong Kong. Not only in Asia, Warnatasku also diligently participated in exhibitions in Berlin, Moscow, Hamburg, Vienna and Milan, and participated in the 2017 Europe Tour event. Now, women’s handbag brands that carry the beauty of the archipelago fabric are able to dominate the Middle East, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, to Europe.
  • Bagteria – Bagteria is a women’s handbag brand that started as a hobby of knitting and embroidering Nancy Go. Together with her husband, Bert Ng, Nancy then founded a bag brand called ‘Bagteria’ which also exists in the international market. Approximately 30 countries have touched Bagteria. The bag model was praised, even loved by top celebrities in the class of Paris Hilton, Emma Thomson and Anggun. Design and selection of materials that are not half-hearted to make Nancy’s design bag looks luxurious and exclusive. Reportedly, this Bagteria owner was offered to change the label to an Italian brand, but refused and chose to remain a local brand
  • Sabbatha – The last global local bag brand also came from Bali. Sabbatha started from a bag outlet in Bali which was founded by Sabbatha Lazuardi. Now Sabbatha is able to go international following other women’s handbag brands. The good quality of the bag with its elegant, natural design and exclusive impression can be the main attraction of these Sabbatha bag products. You need to know that this women’s bag produced by Sabbatha is handmade. His handbag collection has now appeared in Rome, Amsterdam, Moscow and Mumbai. Its products are also a favorite of Hollywood celebrities Katie Holmes and Elle Mcperson! Sepatu Branded

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Cara Memilih Tote Bag Pria Untuk Kerja

Tidak hanya untuk wanita, tas kerja juga merupakan salah satu item penting bagi pria yang telah jatuh ke dunia kerja. Banyak pilihan tas kerja dengan desain dan kualitas yang bervariasi. Salah satu model tas pria paling populer untuk pengusaha adalah model tas jinjing praktis. Saran untuk memilih tas kerja yang baik. Ayo hati-hati! Tas Branded

Sangat penting untuk mengembalikan daya tahan bahan yang digunakan untuk koper. Mari kita lihat masing-masing bahan yang digunakan untuk tas kerja pria di bawah ini. Pilih yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan Anda!

Kulit asli, kualitas tinggi dan tahan lama digunakan.

Jika Anda menginginkan tas yang dapat digunakan untuk waktu yang lama, kami sarankan tas kulit asli. Tekstur dan keunikan kulit asli sebenarnya tidak diragukan lagi. Semakin sering digunakan, semakin banyak muncul. Jika digunakan untuk waktu yang lama, tekstur tas juga akan lebih lembut. Tas kulit asli memberi Anda tampilan yang elegan dan cocok dengan jas. Bahan ini mudah kotor jika basah. Namun, ini bisa dihindari jika Anda secara teratur menggunakan semprotan kedap air. Terkadang percikan hujan bisa terlihat di permukaan tas. Jadi pilih tas berwarna gelap seperti hitam atau biru tua.

Kulit sintetis, ringan dan tahan udara

Kulit sintetis disetujui jika Anda mencari tas yang dapat meningkatkan kepercayaan diri dan selalu dihargai. Kulit sintetis lebih ringan dan lebih mudah dirawat daripada kulit asli. Harganya lebih terjangkau. Tas ini cocok untuk Anda yang ingin menggunakan produk untuk jangka waktu dua hingga tiga tahun. Kekurangan bahan ini adalah kompilasi penggunaan yang lebih lama, permukaan tas akan terkelupas. Namun, proporsional dengan bobotnya yang ringan dan harganya yang lebih murah. Beberapa produk tampaknya memiliki kulit berkualitas tinggi yang membuat Anda tidak mengerti bedanya dengan kulit asli. Sepatu Branded

Serat sintetis, ringan dan tahan

Serat sintetis seperti nilon dan poliester memiliki karakter yang ringan dan tahan lama. Selain nilon berlubang ringan, serat nilon seperti balistik nilon tidak mudah rusak. Nilon Cordura juga merupakan bahan yang sangat tahan dibandingkan nilon biasa. Bahkan jika Anda menggunakan tas setiap hari, itu tidak akan cepat rusak. Kelemahannya adalah serat sintetis cepat kotor dan warnanya memudar dengan mudah. Namun, tas ini akan tetap awet jika Anda membersihkannya secara teratur dengan waterproof spray.

Kanvas, perawatan mudah

Jika perusahaan Anda tidak bekerja secara khusus agar karyawan mengenakan pakaian, tas kanvas mungkin menjadi pilihan Anda. Akhir-akhir ini, banyak produsen tas kanvas terkenal telah mengubah desain mereka sehingga mereka tidak terlihat seperti tas sekolah atau tas kasual. Ini membuat tas kanvas cocok untuk melengkapi penampilan Anda di kantor. Model tas dengan penutup kulit, kuat dan hitam sangat mudah dipadukan dengan setelan kantor Anda. Sayangnya, bahan ini mudah berubah bentuk. Maka manfaatkan kesempatan untuk memilih bahan yang tebal. Tas kanvas cocok untuk pekerjaan, perjalanan bisnis, dan bahkan perjalanan.

  • Pilih tas waterproof dan tidak mudah kotor

Jika Anda bepergian ke dan dari kantor menggunakan transportasi umum, pilih tas yang tahan air dan tahan debu. Kapasitas bahan tahan air semakin berkurang. Namun, Anda bisa mempertahankannya dengan menggunakan waterproof spray.

  • Sesuaikan panjang tali sesuai kebutuhan

Panjang pegangan tali akan memengaruhi kenyamanan Anda. Sesuaikan panjang tali dengan cara Anda membawa atau membawa tas. Sesuaikan panjang tali hingga lebih dari 50 cm, jika Anda memakainya di bahu Anda. Atur panjang tali sekitar 40 cm, jika Anda suka menjinjing tas.

  • Perhatikan ada tidaknya tali bahu pada tas

Beberapa tas jinjing dilengkapi dengan tali bahu dan yang lainnya tidak. Memiliki tali bahu akan lebih nyaman saat bepergian untuk perjalanan bisnis. Di sisi lain, tas yang tidak memiliki tali bahu akan terlihat lebih rapi karena tidak ada tali bahu yang terlihat di bahu. Anda dapat memilih tas dengan tali bahu atau tidak jika perlu. Itu tergantung pada tiga hal – bagaimana Anda membawa tas, jumlah barang bawaan, dan selera mode.

Kemudahan membawa benda-benda selama bekerja akan tergantung pada kapasitas dan karakteristik kompartemen di dalam tas. Pilih tas yang memberi Anda saat Anda ingin masuk dan mengumpulkan barang.

Pilih tas dengan kompartemen khusus untuk laptop dan tablet

Jika Anda harus bekerja setiap hari dan Anda harus membawa laptop atau tablet, pilih tas dengan kompartemen khusus. Kompartemen empuk khusus yang dapat berisi benda elektronik dari tabrakan. Namun, sebelum memilih, Anda harus tahu ukuran laptop Anda. Jika tas yang Anda beli tidak dilengkapi dengan kompartemen khusus untuk laptop atau gadget, Anda dapat membeli tas tambahan.

Pilih kompartemen yang dapat memuat dokumen A4 ke B4

Barang-barang seperti dokumen atau kotak makan siang dapat dimuat jika tas Anda memiliki ukuran dokumen A4 dan tinggi minimum atau lebar 10 cm. Jika Anda ingin lebih banyak ruang, tas yang dapat Anda pinjam dokumen B4 sangat dianjurkan. Barang-barang untuk keperluan kantor dan barang-barang lainnya seperti payung atau botol minuman bisa muat di dalamnya.

Pilih tas dengan jumlah kantong sesuai dengan kebutuhan Anda

Beberapa tas kerja dengan tas khusus untuk payung, alat tulis, dan botol minuman. Keberadaan tas ini akan lebih praktis karena benda kecil Anda bisa dimasukkan sesuai fungsinya. Dengan begitu, barang-barang di tas Anda lebih bersih dan dokumen-dokumen penting tidak akan sobek atau terlipat.

  • Pastikan penutup tas dapat ditutup rapat

Pilih kasing dengan tutup yang bisa ditutup rapat. Jangan menunjukkan isi tas Anda saat Anda sedang rapat atau di tempat umum. Agar lebih aman, siapkan produk yang Anda beli lengkap atau kancing. Jika jenis penutup pada tas Anda adalah tombol magnet, Anda dapat menggunakan tas tambahan di dalam untuk mencegah hal-hal terlihat. Tas tambahan ini juga dapat melindungi barang-barang Anda dari pencopet atau saat hujan tiba-tiba.

  • Pilih tas yang bisa berdiri

Sebuah tas dengan bawahan yang lebih rendah atau yang memiliki titik buhul / tingkat yang solid. Tas ini direkomendasikan bagi Anda yang memiliki mobilitas yang cukup untuk bekerja di luar. Ini lebih nyaman karena Anda dapat bertukar kartu nama sambil berdiri tanpa harus memegang tas. Dengan cara ini, tas akan tetap bersih diletakkan di lantai. Tote bag yang terbuat dari bahan fleksibel tidak dapat berdiri. Agar tidak mudah roboh, di bagian bawah tas terdapat bottom stud atau ada kedalaman yang kokoh.

Michaelkors Outlet


Before Buying, Here Are 5 Tips If You Want To Buy A Crocodile Skin Bag

As you know, buying a leather bag is a little tricky and there are many things to consider, including maintenance and the price is not cheap. Especially if you are appraised is a bag with a type of crocodile skin or crocodile skin texture that does look classic and luxurious. Well, before deciding to buy a crocodile leather bag, you should first consider the following 5 tips! Michaelkors Outlet

1. Adjust the needs to the size of the bag

The first thing you must think about before choosing to buy a bag is the need for a bag of the size you are looking for.   If you need a daily bag to accommodate various campus supplies such as makeup, wallets and notes, then you should choose to buy a bag that is large enough to be able to accommodate your luggage. But if you only carry a little baggage, small wallet, cellphone and lipstick, then a mini-sized bag can accompany your days.

2. For a luxurious impression, choose a crocodile skin material that is rich in texture

When you want to buy a bag with crocodile skin texture, then make sure you choose the right skin. In a sense, the original crocodile skin has a price that is not cheap or arguably quite expensive.   If you decide to buy a bag with imitation crocodile skin, then make sure you choose a leather that is rich in textures with lines that look mature and more real. Sepatu Branded

3. Choose classic and neutral colors Michaelkors Outlet

Color selection is also very influential when you decide you want to buy a bag with a crocodile skin texture. Dark and neutral colors will tend to look more attractive and classic when compared to bright colors or pastels.   Black and dark brown are the two most classic colors and are suitable for skin with a crocodile texture. In addition, it is easy to mix and match with various outfits because it remains neutral and is not eaten by time. Tas Branded

4. Sturdy shape with neat seams

This may look very trivial, but believe under the strong shape and neat bag stitches will greatly affect the appearance of the bag that you will buy. Especially if you want to look luxurious and expensive, then you must pay attention to the details of the shape and stitching of the bag.

5. Logo size listed on the bag

For some people, this might not be too annoying. But if you want to make sure that the crocodile leather bag that you are going to buy looks expensive and good, then make sure the logo size listed on the bag is suitable, not too big nor too small. The logo color that is included must also match, silver, gold or embossed is very influential for the overall appearance of the bag.


Bergaya dengan tas ransel ??

Mengenakan tas punggung atau ransel seringkali memberi kesan culun bagi sebagian orang. Padahal, seiring perkembangan zaman, tas ransel atau tas dengan konsep punggung atau yang dikenal dengan ransel telah menjelma menjadi tren mode bagi pria dewasa ini. Masalahnya adalah, masih banyak pria yang tidak suka memahami cara eksentrik menggunakan tas ransel untuk membuatnya bergaya. Padahal, penggunaan tas ransel hanya bisa dijadikan kebutuhan utama yang tidak perlu memperhatikan gaya atau busana yang cocok untuk menjadi menarik. Kegunaan ransel atau ransel dapat disesuaikan dengan beberapa kondisi dan tren saat ini. Tidak hanya digunakan untuk pekerjaan sehari-hari, tetapi juga untuk acara formal. Selain itu, mengenakan ransel akan selalu rapi dan tidak monoton.

  1. Kasual Michaelkors Outlet

Kehidupan yang dinamis membutuhkan mobilitas yang tinggi dengan persyaratan yang diperlukan dalam semua hal. Dengan berbagai kegiatan, pria modern yang memperhatikan mode harus menarik ketika mengenakan ransel sebagai aksesori utama mereka. Berbagai gaya harus disesuaikan dengan bentuk tas yang ingin Anda bawa. Tampilan kasual yang menarik adalah salah satu pilar pria dengan rutinitas kantor akhir-akhir ini, apakah bekerja di industri yang kaku seperti bank atau firma hukum.

Berikan tampilan eksentrik atau bahkan terlihat jika Anda menggunakan ransel atau ransel. Bagi beberapa perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang penciptaan, tampilan gambar di atas adalah pilihan pertama untuk tetap bergaya saat menggunakan tas ransel. Tentunya dengan jenis ransel yang juga mendukung penampilan gayanya, yaitu ransel kulit atau suede yang sangat cocok disandingkan dengan celana denim atau jeans dan kemeja dengan aksen maskulin dengan pola dasar, plus sweater dasar yang cocok dengan warna baju yang dibutuhkan. Berikan tampilan kasual dengan jeans yang dibalut ikat pinggang. Namun, harus diperhatikan secara khusus untuk ukuran baju. Harus dibuat agar pas atau beradaptasi dengan ukuran yang tetap agar selalu memberi kesan rapi.

2. Dengan jaket atau outer

Jika Anda memiliki tas punggung dengan volume banyak, perhatikan baik-baik penampilannya dengan mengenakan pakaian luar atau pakaian luar di atas kemeja dan celana chino yang digunakan untuk memberikan aksen kasual formal. . Biasanya pria yang mengejar pekerjaan di bidang kreatif akan memilih opsi gaya ini. Tas Branded

Sesuaikan bagian luar atau pakaian yang dikenakan dengan warna tas punggung. Seperti pada foto di atas, warna kulit beige menaungi ransel dengan tekstur dan bahan tas yang mendukung warna menjadi lebih tepat bila dipadukan dengan nuansa hijau atau biru navy. Putih juga menjadi pilihan yang tepat.

3. Dengan tampilan formal Michaelkors Outlet

Era modern saat ini bergerak ke bidang industri kreatif yang masih mengusung persepsi kebebasan, perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang formal seperti perbankan, perusahaan besar dan firma hukum. Taktik yang harus dipahami oleh pria dengan pekerjaan yang diperlukan untuk tampil formal masih menggunakan jenis ransel yang memiliki aksen maskulin, simpel dan eksentrik, sehingga memiliki kesan mahal. Sepatu Branded

Tas kulit hitam adalah pilihan tepat bagi siapa pun yang ingin memberikan tampilan resmi eksentrik dengan tas ransel. Padukan warna antara tas kulit yang dikenakan dalam pakaian hitam di bagian atas dan celana yang terbuat dari warna yang cocok dengan polanya. Berbicara, pekerja kantoran yang selalu mengenakan jas dengan hati-hati akan menyelaraskan warna atasan dan bawahan mereka.

Usahakan selalu mengenakan jas atau kemeja dengan blazer yang pas atau pas dengan tubuh Anda. Karena mengenakan ransel dengan tali, mintalah penampilan yang pas agar tidak terlihat terganggu. Beberapa saran untuk pria yang sering mengenakan pakaian formal di kantor, diberi aksen maskulin dan tetap anggun dengan membawa tas ransel ini ke kanan atau ke kiri, atau memakainya dengan tali tunggal. Aksen segar akan berasal dari gaya ini.

4. Untuk dipakai dengan jaket kulit

Pria yang ingin mengenakan jaket berbahan kulit harus dengan padanan warna yang pantas sama, baik untuk celana yang dikenakan atau memakai tas berjenis kulit. Berikan aksen eksentrik pada perbedaan dengan memberikan padanan warna kontras pada masing-masing bagian; tas kulit, jaket kulit, dan atasan dan bawahannya.

Persepsi keren akan selalu tersirat dari laki-laki yang mengenakan jaket kulit untuk pergi ke segala peluang, baik formal maupun yang tidak resmi. Warna kontras yang terlihat pada gambar tampilan di atas menunjukkan pernyataan mode kuat dari segi. Jaket kulit yang dibutuhkan dengan tas kulit yang diminta memiliki warna kontras yang jauh berbeda agar tetap memberikan tampilan selaras dengan jenis bahan yang sama.

5. Dengan jaket denim

Selain jaket kulit, pria biasanya akan mengenakan jaket atau atasan denim, sering disebut denim. Paduan jeans telah membuat pilihan yang tepat antara atasan dan bawahan berdasarkan penampilan pakaian yang ingin Anda ganti. Tas kain yang kaku atau tidak kaku sangat cocok dengan tampilan denim. Tidak seperti pakaian dan tas kulit, pria ini tidak perlu pria untuk memilih warna yang berbeda antara jaket dan tasnya. Selain itu, akan lebih baik jika Anda mengenakan atasan denim dengan campuran warna yang selaras dengan warna tas. Maskulin alami akan berasal dari gaya ini. Tidak ada standar dan gaya khusus untuk tas yang harus digunakan, asalkan bahan tas ini bukan kulit atau suede, karena tidak dapat dipadukan.

6. Dengan celana pendek

Pria pada umumnya akan memilih celana pendek chino untuk kegiatan informal apa pun. Kombinasi kemeja polo dan celana chino akan memberikan aksen yang sederhana dan santai. Pengaplikasiannya dengan ransel juga mendukung penampilan yang menarik dengan tidak menghilangkan persepsi aksen. Dengan corak sederhana yang mudah dibentuk dari korespondensi warna yang solid. Ransel yang diperlukan juga terbuat dari kulit dan suede, seperti dijelaskan pada poin sebelumnya. Kain kaku dengan desain dasar atau polos menjadi kombinasi sempurna untuk dikenakan dengan celana pendek dan kemeja polo.


Aksesori wajib dan penting untuk pelari pemula

Memang, berolahraga sangat mudah. Anda tidak perlu banyak modal untuk bisa berkeringat dan membuat tubuh sehat. Namun, ada orang yang memilih Anda dan bukan hanya aksesori yang tepat untuk pelari. Nah, lihat serangkaian aksesori yang harus Anda selesaikan sebelum mulai berjalan. Tidak perlu dibeli sepanjang waktu. Anda dapat mendukung satu per satu.

  1. Sepatu Lari

Elemen penting yang harus kamu lengkapi buat berlari adalah sepatu lari yang tepat. Sepatu lari bukanlah sepatu kasual, begitu juga sebaliknya. Kamu harus memperhatikan bahan dan bantalan sepatu. Sepatu lari yang baik bisa menjaga tubuh kamu, terutama lutut, supaya tidak sakit saat berlari dalam waktu yang lama.

2. Celana pendek

Celana pendek lari memiliki spesifikasi berbeda dari celana pendek untuk dipakai di rumah. Bahan yang lembut dan tidak mampu menyerap keringat karena itu pilihan yang tepat. Selain itu, celana pendek lari tidak selalu membuat Anda memperbaiki celana Anda setelah berlari beberapa meter.


3. T-Shirt

Kapas memang benar, tetapi sebaiknya pilih kaus yang lebih tipis, bukan yang hangat. Kaos kelas olahraga juga bermerek, ada yang ringan dan tidak menyerap keringat. Saat Anda berkeringat, T-shirt biasa akan lebih berat karena keringat yang terserap. Jadi Anda juga sangat pintar dalam memilih bahan baju.

4. Botol minum Michaelkors Outlet

Lari kemudian bakar kalori dan keringat. Karena itu, Anda harus selalu siap untuk menggantinya dengan cairan lain. Tidak perlu repot dengan minuman dalam botol, air mineral sebenarnya cukup untuk disetujui. Nah, Anda kesulitan menemukan air mineral dan harus dibeli, lebih baik di rumah, bukan?

5. Running belt

Tidak, ini bukan elemen untuk meningkatkan kinerja berlari Anda. Namun, untuk membawa barang-barang kecil Anda saat Anda sibuk merangsang tubuh. Jika Anda suka berlari di tempat umum tanpa loker untuk menyimpan kunci atau uang, ada penutup yang memiliki sabuk pengaman. Tidak perlu terlalu besar, selama Anda tetap nyaman mengenakannya saat berlari.

6. Tas lari

Tidak ada salahnya mulai berlari atau bahkan jogging di kantor. Nah, jika Anda benar-benar ingin melakukannya, bantu diri Anda mendapatkan tas lari yang tepat. Tas yang dapat membawa pakaian ganti dan perlengkapan mandi. Anda harus memilih tas lari yang bisa diatur dan cocok untuk Anda, Anda ingin lebih nyaman ketika Anda memakainya nanti.

7. Wristband

Wristband juga membuat aksen cool ketika Anda berlari. Dengan menggunakan aksesori ini, Anda tidak perlu menggunakan handuk kecil untuk menyeka keringat yang mengalir dari wajah. Jadi keringat Anda tidak turun dan tidak bergerak saat berjalan.


How to slim the Stomach for Beginner Runners

Running might be an effective and easy exercise to lose weight and shrink the stomach. However, that does not mean just running away you can juggle your body and stomach suddenly small. There are still a few more things you need to do to help your running activities to be more effective. If you are already active and run a lot, continue the good habit. However, to make it a success, add some other strategies to successfully shrink your stomach too.

1. Don’t forget to eat

To shrink the stomach, you must keep eating and not vice versa. Don’t worry, your body will get bigger and fatter from eating. People who want to shrink the stomach are even required to eat healthy and regular food. In fact, you have to eat snacks at certain times to reduce excessive hunger that might actually make you eat more

For people who are already actively running, eating food before exercising are also required. You have to fill up with food before doing strenuous activities. If you fill your stomach with the right foods, you will run even farther and will burn more calories in the body.  

2. Run several times a week

Many people choose to be a weekend athlete or just exercise on Saturdays or Sundays. The rest, they forget to move the body. Indeed, you have to burn a number of calories in the body. However, it helps you do it gradually. Do running at least 15-30 minutes every two days and keep doing it regularly. This is the same as repaying your work well in advance before the deadline compared to you doing it all at once on the same day. Michaelkors Outlet

By doing it regularly and gradually, the risk of injury will be reduced. In addition, you also exercise that you will do will also increase every time you do it. Let’s just say today you are only able to run 1 km in 15 minutes. After doing it more than three times, you will get even more distance in the same time. Believe me!

3. Other muscle exercises too

Right, running will move the whole body and make the muscles trained. However, in running, only the leg muscles will get heavier work. Your legs might get stronger, but what about your upper body muscles? Also, will your stomach really get smaller just by running?

The answer is no! You have to do other exercises to get the results you really want. Certainly, you have to train your hand muscles which can certainly help pedaling while running and make your running speed increase. In addition, the hamstrings to maintain the endurance of the legs so they can run further.

Do not forget, you also have to train the body’s core around the stomach. Abdominal strength will help your body to be more flexible and run more agile. Doing other muscle exercises also secures your body from the risk of injury

As you routinely run and exercise other muscles, you will not get the best results in just one or two months. All this requires a process that is longer than you imagine. Therefore, you also must remain patient and keep the spirit to keep running and get a small stomach.


Tips for Starting Your Trail Running

A trail runner, Ian Sharman, was quoted from sharmanultra.com, sharing his experiences during his adventure as a trail runner. Sharman began his first cross-country run in 2004 while watching a documentary: “Marathon of the Sands” which revolves around marathon races in the Sahara Desert.

At that time he was not a hobby runner at all. “I contacted a friend, convinced him to train together, and 18 months later after watching the film I ran in the Marathon des Sables race.” Here are the initial tips for you to start trail running:

1. Find the most suitable path

So far, the best way to start cross-country running is to find a trail running community in your hometown. Follow their activities. Because every community knows the best trajectories for beginners. For example, you are a person who is in Jakarta, please make the Sentul area as a starting place so that you can ascertain whether the path requires technical ability or not. Non-technical lines usually have safer surfaces such as gravel pathways. While lines that require technical ability usually have rocky and narrow surfaces.

2. Run slowly with short steps

Remember this is trail running. So, run slowly – or 20% slower, than when running on the highway. That way you can manage more power. You will encounter steep hills which provide many obstacles to overcome. However, trail running will be very fun if you are able to get rid of running problems. Shortening the distance of steps when running can provide enormous benefits. Short steps make your body weight rests on your feet which allows you to react quickly and maintain balance.

3. Don’t be afraid

The most convincing way to start this sport is not to be afraid to start. You are also required to not hesitate to run through the hills and mountains. In addition, each trail runner can be easily identified. Ordinary trail runners are those who pass a lot of people while climbing, and pass it back when going downhill. Michaelkors Outlet

4. Always pay attention to every step

When running on a hiking trail, you need to pay more attention to where your feet are going. You shouldn’t focus all the time and stare at your feet all the time. Put regular attention on the running track that is a few meters in front of you. If you see an approaching obstacle, turn your attention to your feet to eliminate the thought that the obstacle to be encountered is a threat. Encourage yourself to raise your legs higher when you are going to avoid the obstacles of tree roots and rocks. In fact many runners who fell because they think too simple and quickly complacent.  

5. Keep your distance from other runners

Keeping your distance from other runners is one of the most important ethics in trail running. Therefore, do not focus on your feet simply because a cross-country runner needs to change their running speed occasionally to avoid the possibility of a series of accidents.  

6. Pay attention to obstacles that look slippery

You can easily slip and fall from stepping over fallen trees, roots, large, slippery rocks. Many of these obstacles do not look slippery in the distance, and when stepped into a real threat that you would not have thought could hurt you physically and end your running activities.

Usually threats like this are often encountered by runners when crossing rivers. Often many people choose a stone footing to avoid water. Though it is safer to walk directly through the water than trying to tiptoe on wet rock.  

7. Run safely

Trail running is often associated with extreme sports – this is not without obvious reasons – and extra preparation is needed to do it. Good abilities are also needed and continue to be developed to be able to pass through cross-country routes where the difficulty level is difficult to measure. Therefore, it’s good you do not run alone.

Run with a partner or follow the running agenda of the nearest trail running community. If you are going to do it yourself, bring maps and essential equipment to support activities while running. It must be realized that trail running takes place in the open. You must realize that you will be faced with many unexpected dangers


Tips for Safe Running Sports When It Rains

Running sports when it rains is actually very fun, there are even health benefits that can be obtained by running in the rain. As long as it’s done correctly and consistently, running even in the rain still has benefits.

However, the rain sometimes makes you lazy to move and choose to relax at home. That’s not a reason, because rain is actually not an obstacle for you to run. There are a number of things you should pay attention to if you want to run when you rain. Here are some tips that you should do when exercising to run when it rains from several sources.

1. Pay attention to the level of rainfall

If you really intend to run in the rain, the thing you should pay attention to is the level of rainfall. Make sure the rainfall level is still within normal limits, especially if you just drizzle, you are very allowed to run. However, if the rainfall is like a storm, you should wait for the rain to start to subside.

2. Use anti-rain running gear

Using waterproof sports equipment can be the right choice so that your body stays dry and your movements are well maintained. Waterproof and windproof parachute jacket will keep your body warm when you exercise in rainy and cold conditions. Also use waterproof shoes and tight socks with fiber (stitches). This is very important because wet feet are prone to blisters and injuries. Michaelkors Outlet

3. Wear colored clothes or sports clothing

When it rains, weather conditions might get a little darker. Therefore, using clothes or running clothes that are brightly colored will make people around you realize that you are doing sports activities. This will prevent you from accidents when the vehicle passes, if you run on the side of the road. If necessary, use a headlamp to have a clear view.

4. Avoid highways

Rainy weather conditions will also make your visibility limited. It is better for you to run sports around the housing, or jogging tracks that are available around the park. Avoid highways, because it will be more risky.

5. Take a shower with warm water

In order to stay fit after exercise, take a shower using warm water. Through warm water, circulation and blood flow will become smooth. Your joints, tendons, tissues, and muscles will be more relaxed after rinsing with warm water.


Based on the type, this is the best running belt

With so many types of running belts on the market, there are also many choices that can be tailored to your needs, preferences, and budget. Do you need a minimalist running belt just to store small items or do you need a bag that is wide enough to hold a smartphone and all the things you need. The following collection of the best running belts that you can choose according to the type you need.

  • Running Belt Hydration

Using 4-way stretch nylon and MicroMono Mesh, the Ultra Belt 4.0 is a comfortable running belt that adapts well to various body types. The MonoRip Trademark on the back panel is designed to adjust the contours of your body. The result, of course, makes this running belt not easy to loose and bounce when used to run. Running belt is designed with two places to put the bottle and there is a pocket on the back. The front of the belt is made lower to help balance the weight carried by the body. This design makes the belt more stable overall. The two bottle containers are capable of carrying 500 ml water bottles, so that the total weight of water you can carry reaches 1 liter. However, don’t be surprised, the bottle that you will carry is made of soft material. This bottle will also shrink when it is empty. Sophisticated, right?

  • Running Belt Waterproof 

SNHNY running belts have one bag that is 100% waterproof, so any items you store in the bag are guaranteed to be safe and stay dry even when you are caught in the rain. Made from Polyester-Lycra blend material, SNHNY feels elastic and comfortable to use. The size can also be adjusted, so you can adjust yourself according to your waist size.

With six elastic slots for putting sports gel, the Fitletic Ultimate Race Belt is perfect for you who love to run long distances or do marathons. With an adjustable belt, you will feel comfortable and avoid blisters later. Fitletic also has a neoprene pocket that is equipped with a zipper, made from elastic, as well as a pocket for storing smartphones, credit cards, cash, whatever your other needs. If you need more storage space or want to put a pocket to store water bottles, you can also add some additional Fitletic accessories.

  • Running Belt for Large Mobile Phones

One of the most common items taken into consideration before being purchased by runners in their running belts is the availability of sufficient space for their cellphones. So, it’s quite important to have a belt that fits our cellphone, besides of course security is first. The Sporteer Kinetic K1 Sport Belt is specifically designed to fit the phone with a large case and makes it easy to access the phone screen through a touch-sensitive coating. Having a lightweight material and design, Sporteer Kinetic K1 also features sweat-proof foam protectors. In addition, this running belt also has extra space on the inside, because there are pockets that can store cards, sports gel, keys, cash, and other small items.

  • Minimalist Running Belt

Made from a mixture of Polyester and Lycra materials, this running belt feels soft and supple. Designed for maximum comfort with a minimalist design, Flipbelt also has a high absorption, so if you sweat a lot while running, it will absorb it and dry quickly.

Plus, Flipbelt can be washed using a machine, so you don’t need to worry that the running belt will be easily damaged. Unlike running belts in general, Flipbelt does not have a hook for opening or closing when you want to wear or remove it. Instead, it has a simple tubular design that you can place on top of running pants.

This design is a plus for runners who have problems with hooks or fasteners because they can cause blisters or cause discomfort because they are too narrow. Flipbelt is available in nine colors and provides four different points on the belt for openings.


Running Belt Variant for Runners

Lately, running is being loved. One indicator is the rise of running events with all its gimmicks. Natural. Because running is not only easy to do by anyone, but also brings many benefits to our body. Not only for physical health but also serves to clear our minds. The effect, all trinkets or accessories related to this sport are hunted by many people, from shoes to running belts. Well, for running belts, not many people know that this item has several types with different functions and purposes, namely race belts, gear storage belts, to hydration belts. So, what’s the difference? Here are the various types of running belts for runners

1. Race belt

However, if you don’t want to do that, you can use a race belt. In a way, a race belt is a practical running belt. You just have to pin the BIB number to the race belt the night before the race starts, so that the next day you will run comfortably. To be sure, by doing this, you can save time and use it to warm up. Race belt itself also consists of several types again, which only serves to embed BIB numbers, and some have features to store goods or gels. One of the recommended race belt products is the Aonijie race belt. Not only made from elastic and lightweight material, the Aonijie race belt also has six slots that function to store energy gel. Michaelkors Outlet

2. Gear storage belt

It is undeniable, now, running is now also considered a lifestyle. So do not be surprised if not a few of our friends who often upload the results of his run on social media. Starting from the pace, how far is the distance traveled, to how many calories are expended. Then, how do they do this while running? The answer, they use a gear storage belt. Broadly speaking, the main purpose of this belt is a waist bag that is used to store items such as cell phones, keys, or credit cards when running.

Generally, gear storage belts have large pockets with zippers and are waterproof. In addition, there is also a gear storage belt that can be used to embed BIB numbers and gels. One product that you can have is the Kamor running belt. This product is equipped with two zipper pockets on both sides. Both bags are waterproof enough, so these bags will keep your belongings in them dry. The size of the Kamor running belt can also be adjusted between 27 to 39 inches. So, you have enough space to put a smartphone, key, ID card, or even a snack bar.

3. Hydration belt

For those of you who want to try to follow a running event with a considerable distance such as a half marathon or even a marathon, the hydration belt is the right friend. As the name suggests, this type of running belt can be used to store drinking bottles and even several bottles at a time which are placed around the hips. Just like the two previous types, there are also hydration belt products that have pockets for storing goods. However, one drawback of this product is that it cannot be used to embed BIB numbers. One product you can choose is the Aonijie hydration belt. This product can hold two small bottles with a diameter of about 5.5 cm or smaller, and is equipped with a safety strap to hold the bottle.


Benefits of Using a Running Belt

If you have a hobby of running, running belt is certainly not a strange thing for you. Not only makes you look stylish when running, in fact, the running belt can also be likened to a ‘savior bag’ because it has a variety of functions to support your activities. So, what are the benefits of using a running belt? The following explanation is for you.

1. Storage

The armband and shorts pocket you use doesn’t have much room to hold some of your personal belongings. For example, storing a smartphone in a shorts pocket is certainly not recommended. The reason is, in addition to disrupting comfort while running, it is possible that the smartphone you carry can fall anytime and anywhere.

That’s why you need help from a running belt. Yep, having a large office would be very important, especially if you are running or traveling alone. With the large capacity offered by the running belt, you can put several important items, ranging from money, gels, to smartphones.

If only you had an incident while running, you can call the closest person just by reaching into the smartphone that is in your running belt. If you want to listen to music while running, the running belt has enough room to store your music player.

2. Comfort

Since running has become popular, not a few of us have uploaded running results from fitness applications on smartphones. Now, imagine if you had to hold your smartphone while running and for a long time. Annoying and disturbing comfort? It is clear. Not only that. Because you exercise, your hands sweat faster, which makes everything you hold slippery. In addition, you can also get hand cramps and fatigue from holding a smartphone for a long time. Well, running belts are able to solve all these problems. Michaelkors Outlet

3. Bring water during running

Almost the same as the second point, holding a water bottle for a long time will also interfere with your comfort when running. However, if you run long distances and experience thirst, what to do if along the way you do not find a place to rest and drink mineral water?

Running belt is the answer. Some running belts are designed not only to be able to carry a smartphone, but also made to be able to carry drinking bottles in a certain size. This will certainly make it easier for you when running. By using a running belt, you will remain hydrated and certainly will not interfere with comfort when running.

4. Helps build mental strength

Having the right mindset when running is very important to stay focused. However, not all runners, especially beginner runners, are able to implement that. For beginners, distractions can come at any time, such as hunger and thirst, so you have to stop for a moment in one place to get rid of it.

5. Can be used for daily activities

Not just for running, running belts can also be used for daily activities, one of which is traveling. During traveling, you can store valuables or valuable documents such as money and passports without worrying about safety. By putting it in a running belt, you can easily insert and remove the item if needed.

Running is indeed one of the easiest sports to do but it will also be difficult if you have to carry a few items in the palm of your hand. To overcome this, you need the help of a running belt.


Tips for Choosing a Running Belt As Needed

Since running became a lifestyle, the need for trinkets and accessories related to running demand was sought after. That is why, there are so many running-related products sold in the market, from shoes to running belts. For the running belt itself, you will find many brands, thousands of models and superior features, if you type the word ‘running belt’ on Google. With so many models and brands, it is not wrong if some of us will feel confused when they want to buy a running belt for the first time. However, do not make it an obstacle. Because, to help you find the best running belt, here are four tips for choosing a running belt that suits your needs.

1. The right model and material

One thing you need to know is before buying a running belt, make sure you are not disturbed when running when using the product. That is why, you must pay attention to several factors, ranging from the material used to the level of comfort when used. For materials used, for example. A good running belt usually uses elastic materials that can be adjusted and strong. It is intended that the running belt will not bounce and loose, let alone fall, when used for running. Do not stop there. You should also consider products made from waterproof materials. Remembering when running, you will spend a lot of sweat and sweat will probably wet your running belt. If the product is made from waterproof materials, you don’t need to be afraid to carry some important items such as a smartphone.

2. Hydration ability

During running, you will sweat a lot and make you need more intake to replace lost fluids, especially if you are participating in the marathon. That is why, from several types of running belts on the market, there is one type that is made to overcome this, the name hydration belt. As the name suggests, this type of running belt can be used to store drinking bottles and even several bottles at a time which are placed around the hips. Michaelkors Outlet

This belt is also divided into three types, namely to hold 1 or 2 bottles with a capacity of 12 or 16 oz, a simple belt for 1 bottle, and a product that can hold up to 20 oz. Whatever you choose, make sure the bottle is easy to use with one hand and has a silicone funnel so you don’t flush while drinking. In addition, you also have to drink enough water to avoid fatigue, heat stroke, or dehydration.

3. Smartphone size and usage

Running would certainly feel less if we do it without a smartphone for music and fitness applications. For this, you actually have several choices, ranging from belts that can be worn on the arm or on the waist. To be sure, before buying it, make sure the size of the running belt that you will use in accordance with your favorite smartphone.

4. Other supporting factors

In addition to the three tips above, you also need to consider other supporting factors for your personal needs while running. There are a number of things you should pay attention to, from pockets to storing important items such as smartphones or money, to the choice of glowing colors of the products you want to buy. Although considered trivial, in fact, a running belt with a luminous color can make you stay visible when running at night.

In the end, the main reason in choosing a running belt is the comfort factor, which can make you move freely so that you can improve your running experience.

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