7 Stylish Bag Models for Work – Korean Style

The number of items that must be carried when going to the office makes the presence of bags very important. However, it is often difficult to find a bag that is stylish but able to accommodate all the items needed. There are several models of bags that are not only cool but also suitable for use in the office without worrying about scattered items. Here are 7 stylish handbag models for Korean female-style offices.

1. A structure bag with many compartment

The firm shape makes this bag the right choice to take to the office. Choose a midi-sized so that it’s easy to carry but able to accommodate all the goods. For those of you who like difficulty finding important items, a structure bag with many drawers will help you, because you can store important items in a different drawer. So, you won’t be overwhelmed when you have to look for something.

2. Classic and timeless messenger bag

Messenger bag does have a simple model, but it is very multifunctional. Its large size allows you to carry lots of things without worrying about being forgotten. In addition, the firm and sturdy shape will make your total look look even harder. Choose colors that are not too plain, like light green or navy.     Michaelkors Outlet

3. Satchel bag that seems serious

Besides messenger bags, this satchel bag that has a simple and classic model will make you look more stylish. You can adjust the size as needed. Strengthen the classic impression by choosing timeless colors, like chocolate. However, so as not to look old-fashioned, you can choose a unique strap, such as having a studded accent or a beautiful pearl.   In addition to a bag with a long strap, you can also look stylish with a short strap so that your appearance will be more cool when carrying this bag.

4. Simple but beautiful tote bag for a feminine look

Tote bag
Tote bag

Tote bag with a small handle will make you look more stylish when you go to the office. Choose a medium size for you who are petite so it does not look drowned. The form is firm, but at the same time flexible, suitable for those who have high mobility at work. Especially if you choose pastel colors that are very beautiful, making your total look more stunning.

5. A firm and classic box-shaped tote bag

Another model of tote bag that you can use for the office, which is a clear, timeless box. Especially if you choose a dark brown or maroon color, so it looks classic and you can wear it at any time without fear of being out of date. In addition, this bag also gives the impression of glamor.    

6. Stylish and beautiful satchel bag

Another large bag that can accommodate all your needs when going to the office is a satchel bag. Choose who has a short strap to make it more stylish. Made from leather, this bag is guaranteed to last a long time. Don’t forget to store it in a place that has good air circulation so the bag doesn’t peel easily.

7. Baguette bag that can be used for many events

This bag is very multifunctional. In addition to being taken to the office, you can also use this bag for other events, such as dinner parties or parties. The shape is not too conventional and the size is quite large, so it can hold a lot of things. Choose the bold so that it can be used anywhere. No need to collect a lot of bags, because baguette bag can meet many of your needs.

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