7 Modern Plastic Bags for Daily Use During the Pandemic

The emerging fashion trends are increasingly varied, one of which is plastic bags which are now the target of women. As we know, bags are one of the things that are difficult to separate from everyday fashion. Not only as a complement, the bag is an item that has a very high functional value.

The pandemic in Indonesia isn’t over yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look your best, right? One type of bag that you should look at is a plastic bag. In addition to the shape that looks contemporary, plastic bags are one of the products that are highly recommended for you to use everyday during the pandemic. The reason is, the material that does not have pores is certainly considered safer than bags made of cloth. In addition, plastic bags are certainly very easy to clean after you use them all day. You can use wet wipes or just spray some disinfectant to clean it and don’t have to wait long for the bag to dry again.

This is the trend of plastic bags to complete your daily OOTD
Now there are many models of plastic bags that have sprung up, for example, plastic woven bags and clear plastic bags. This type of bag not only serves to be a container for the items you carry, but can also be your fashion statement.

These plastic bags are also suitable to be combined with several fashion styles. Well, to keep your fashion style cool during the pandemic, here are some recommendations for plastic bag models that are suitable for everyday use.

  1. Plastic sling bag for use on the go Michaelkors Outlet

This plastic bag with colored straps can be the right choice for those of you who are wearing casual clothes. The vibrant color of this plastic bag is certainly able to make your appearance look stand out when combined with neutral colored clothes. Of course, this plastic sling bag is equipped with various partitions in it so you can put a lot of things without fear of falling apart.

  1. Transparent backpack to accommodate a lot of stuff

Another clear plastic bag that you can choose is the backpack model. This model plastic bag, which is often called a transparent backpack, is really suitable for those of you who carry a lot of stuff. For those of you who are in college or working in the office, you can choose this bag model. To keep your look cool, combine it with a slightly boyish outfit like boyfriend jeans and an oversized T-shirt.

  1. Totebag made of vinyl can be used to go to the office

You should also make a clear colored tote bag with a size that is quite large and made of vinyl material as your daily mainstay product during a pandemic, especially when you have to go to the office. You can use a pouch to put all your belongings to make it look neater and not exposed.

  1. PVC material waist bag for casual style Tas Branded

You can also choose a plastic bag with a waist bag model as a complement to OOTD during this pandemic. With this model, it is guaranteed that your appearance is not only fashionable, but will attract attention. Especially with the choice of brightly colored plastic bags. Choose a waist bag with a size that is neither too small nor too big. This is so that the waist bag can accommodate a lot of items, but keeps you comfortable.

  1. Patterned plastic woven bag as a fashion statement

In addition to clear plastic bags, plastic woven bags are also worth considering. In the past, woven plastic bags were identical as market bags, now craftsmen and well-known local brands modify them to make them look fashionable and modern. You can use plastic woven bags for daily OOTD during the pandemic. If your plastic woven bag is patterned, then choose plain clothes so that all eyes are on the contemporary bag.

  1. Plain woven plastic bag for a classic yet charming look

For those of you who like a simple and classic look, then a plain plastic woven bag is the right choice. You can choose neutral colors such as black which will be suitable for all types of clothing styles from formal to everyday casual. Also pay attention to the quality of the bag such as the even color, neatly arranged woven and other details.

  1. Plastic woven clutch that can make your style look more classy Sepatu Branded

There is nothing wrong with choosing a plastic woven bag with a clutch model. This bag will give a more classy impression to your appearance. With a medium capacity, this bag can fit important items, such as cellphones, wallets or card holders, as well as hand sanitizer, tissue, and spare masks.

That’s the modern plastic bag model that can be used everyday during the pandemic. Interested in buying it?

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