7 Important Men’s Fashion Items

1. White Shirt

White shirt is one of the mandatory clothing possessed by men today. From wear to the office to hanging out with friends, white shirts are always reliable. The white color is versatile and also gives a proficient impression. Not only a complementary outfit, white shirt can also be combined with a variety of subordinates such as pants or chino pants. Michaelkors Outlet

2. Plain T-shirt (Basic T-shirt)

Surely this one shirt is in your closet. Plain shirts are comfortable to use and suitable for everyday life. If you want to attend a more formal event, you can mix it with your favorite jacket or outerwear. A few tips for you, try to be bolder in choosing colors, monochrome colors are identical to men, but pastel colors will also make you look fresher.

3. Chino pants

Chino Pants
Chino Pants

Just like the name suggests, Chino pants are indeed from China. This one type of pants has become excellent for Millennial men since the last few years. The material is thinner than pants pants and the model is not too formal to be the reason why these pants you must have.

4. Denim Jackets

This jacket will make you macho like Dilan in the 1990 film Dilan. Available in a variety of colors and models, denim jackets will give you an appearance as a contemporary boy.

5. Coat

Confused to appear professional and neat when meeting customers? Coat the solution! If you are bored with your black jacket, try replacing it with a checkered or flowered overcoat.

6. White shoes Shoes of all time.

White shoes have always been a fashion trend every year. Not surprised, many big brands such as Adidas, Nike and who recently caught Millennial’s attention with their disruptor shoes, FILA, always launch their white shoes collection every season. Don’t worry it will look dirty, because white shoes actually give a special impression to its users.

7. Watches

In the time of computerization and the development of cell phones, it seems like many Millennial guys don’t use watches. In fact, a watch can help you look more presentable and present, you know. If you get bored with the usual watch model, try using a watch made by a well-known cell phone brand that can meet the typical needs of Millennial watches now.

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