6 Reasons Why You Should Keep It Simple About Appearances

According to needs, clothing or clothing is needed so that humans are called cultured creatures. Some say, dressing is a way to live. The point is, clothes are very important for all of us. Of these important needs, it’s no wonder that the fashion industry develops from year to year. In line with your demands as consumers who think fashion is more than necessary, but have become satisfying to look trendy. Michaelkors Outlet

Looking trendy so that it is pleasing to the eye is actually fine. After all, one way to make people interested is through your appearance. But sometimes for the sake of looking trendy, people are willing to spend hundreds or even millions to just buy one or two clothes, bags, shoes and so on. For them, branded and expensive objects have a strong enough share to shape their appearance. Even if you are asked if you are able, the answer is yes not …

Come to think of it, is it so important that you have to buy brand name clothes, bags or shoes that are very expensive? So that you can more wisely buy your clothing needs, it’s a good idea to think about some of these reasons.

  1. Price is not a benchmark for your appearance to be pleasing to the eye, because the important thing is how you mix and match

If your intention is to buy expensive clothes or shoes so that your appearance is pleasing to the eye, then that’s a big mistake. Because high prices cannot always guarantee a perfect appearance. Your appearance is good or unsightly, it goes back to how you choose clothes that are appropriate to wear and how you mix and match them.

2.Not everyone cares about the price of the clothes or bags you wear, it’s impossible for them to say it’s KW or not

There are people who like to ask the price of the clothes, bags or shoes you use. But remember not everyone also cares about the price or label of these things. Your appearance is pleasing to the eye, actually it can make people mute and not ask many questions, where to buy clothes, what brand, at what price.

3. No matter how expensive the clothes, bags or shoes are, if the time is broken, just damage it Sepatu Branded

He said that those that are expensive are more durable or not easily damaged. Even though the fact is that no matter how expensive the bag, shoes or clothes you buy, it’s still all mortal items that are definitely damaged. And if it’s broken unexpectedly, it can usually make you feel miserable as if your boyfriend broke up. Given the money you spend to buy it is quite a lot. In fact, instead of using the money for mortal goods, you can use it for something more useful.

4. If the function of the designer kebaya is the same as the kebaya of the design itself, why do you have to force yourself to buy expensive items with just barely enough money

The main function of clothes is what is to protect your body from the influence of the outside environment. Specifically, each garment also has a function. For example, such as the kebaya which functions as clothing for formal occasions, from graduation, invitations to your future wedding. If it’s just an invitation or a graduation, kebaya at an affordable price can fulfill your needs.

5. Because what is important is not expensive, but comfortable when these things are worn on your body

Expensive also does not guarantee comfort when you wear it on your body. Sometimes there is an ordinary price and not from a well-known brand, which can still make you comfortable and confident when wearing it. But sometimes there are those that are already expensive, but when you wear them, it turns out that there are parts of the clothes or shoes that make you uncomfortable. For example, a shoe that you are proud of because it is branded and has a decent price, but it turns out that when you wear it, it often makes your feet blister.

6. You can buy expensive clothes, but you owe me to eat, that’s sad

because your prestige cannot make your stomach full, why do you still have to force yourself to buy clothes, bags, shoes or fashion necessities at high prices? Instead of wanting prestige by wearing branded clothes, you just eat just barely, it’s even difficult. You better start to be smarter and more observant in choosing items that are good to use but at affordable prices. Don’t push yourself, it’s all for your good. Tas Branded

Are you still sure you want to be lulled by clothes, bags, shoes that are exorbitantly expensive?

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