5 Ways to Take Care of Transparent Bags So Not Yellowing Quickly

Transparent bags are now becoming a trend that is widely worn to support appearance. Agree, right, if this type of bag can always make it look more stylish? But you already know that this bag needs extra care? Transparent bag or also known as PVC bag can indeed be carelessly cared for. Unlike bags with other materials that use canvas or polyester that are easy to maintain, transparent bags that use PVC are known to be quicker to yellow or fade not to be treated properly. Don’t want to, right, your transparent bag quickly turns yellow? 5 ways to care for transparent bags so they don’t turn yellow quickly. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Clean transparent bags regularly

One of the easiest ways to prevent transparent bags from yellowing is to clean them regularly. How to clean it also should not be arbitrary. To clean a dusty transparent bag, simply use a soft cloth wipe or use a tissue. In addition, you also need to regularly care for transparent bags so they are not dull. You can use silicon wax or skin cream, then gently wipe the bag. Easy, right? Not only that, you can also use warm water to clean transparent bags. Just use warm water mixed with a little soap and clean the stains that stick.

2. Store the transparent bag in a dusty bag with silica gel

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The next step, after your transparent bag is clean. You just have to store it in a dusty bag or special bag that can protect your bag from scratches, dust, to the effect of yellowing. Do not forget when storing a transparent bag in a dusty bag, also insert silica gel so that the bag stays durable and is not easily damaged. Oh, yes! Also make sure you put your bag in an open place to minimize the moist effect.

3. Do not store the transparent bag in a hot place

Aside from not putting your bag in a humid place, another thing to avoid is not to keep the bag in a hot place. The heat effect itself is believed to make the bag turn yellow and fade quickly, this is certainly not good for your favorite PVC bag. So, make sure you keep your bag in the shade.

4. Use baking soda to clean the transparent bag from yellowish stains

Transparent bags do turn yellow faster because many things can cause the worst to happen. Could be due to excessive heat until stained. Well, if this happens to you, you can try using baking soda to remove stains. The method is very practical! Simply mix baking soda into the water, flatten and soak your transparent bag in a few moments into the mixture. Brush soft stains on the bag using a toothbrush.

5. Do not store transparent bags in a wet condition

Another tip that you also need to remember is do not occasionally keep your PVC bag wet. Maybe after the rain or after the process of cleaning the bag, make sure your transparent bag is always dry, yes! This is to minimize the effect of yellowing until the emergence of fungus on the bag. To dry it, just use a soft cloth and wipe it evenly until it is completely dry. Sepatu Branded

Easy, take care of this transparent bag, right? Michaelkors Outlet

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