5 Stylish Styles that Can Be Combined with Tote Bags for Various Occasions

The bag is now not only a functional accessory, but also as a support for your daily style. Tote bags can be an option to perfect your look. Are you still confused about how to improve the appearance when wearing a tote bag? Relax, tote bag you can also use for various events, you know. Come on, take a peek 5 stylish styles that can be combined with a tote bag for various events here!

1. A relaxed display for going to campus

Tote bag is one of the bag models that can be selected to be brought to campus. Because this bag model has a large capacity so it can accommodate a lot of your campus luggage.   If you want a more relaxed look you can choose a tote bag with canvas material. Just mix it with a graphic tee that is being hits among fashion lovers. As a subordinate you can wear stylish mom jeans or boyfriend jeans.   For business shoes, just wearing strappy sandals that have interesting details, such as ruffle which is now presented in many online and offline stores.    

2. Feminine, when hanging out on weekends

Want to wear a feminine look by wearing a tote bag? Easy! You can try to match this one.   Wear a chic sleeveless turtleneck. Pair with a classic denim skirt. Choose a denim skirt that has a high waist cut to make it look more level huh.   For tote bags, you can choose pastel colors, to maximize the feminine impression you want to get. Pastel colors you can also present in other accessories, such as shoes or scarves. Michaelkors Outlet

3. Tote bags can also appear boyish to work, you know!

In addition to the feminine style, you can also wear a tote bag to look boyish when going to the office. Choose a dark tote bag with a more formal material.   Combine it with a modern blazer and high waist pants. No need to wear heels, you can replace them with loafers who have few rights. You will feel more comfortable when on the move all day.

4. No need to merely clutch, use a tote bag to attend a formal event

Clutch is usually the first choice to be used to attend formal events. But you can also use a tote bag with a more elegant look when attending invitations.   You often feel upset because the clutch is not able to accommodate a lot of goods? Well, the solution is to wear a tote bag!   To be more modern, you can combine palazzo pants with tops that have interesting details. These details can be in the form of tie accents, ruffles, or even fun motifs.   Enhance it with classy high heels, and luxurious jewelry. You can get a formal impression, from the dark color tote bag that you choose.

5. Tote bag you can also use when traveling

When traveling, you definitely need a practical bag that can hold your things, but also still stylish when worn. Well, tote bag can be one solution.   Even when taken to the beach, the tote bag will still perfect your summer look. In addition, you can also bring a change of clothes, sunglasses, to sunblock in the same bag. More practical right?   So ready to look stylish wearing a tote bag?

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