5 Reasons Why Modern Men Should Replace Old Wallet with Card Wallet

Without you knowing it, the more mature and successful a man is, the more his appearance will not be seen prominently, but the simpler, simpler, but classy. Included in the case of his wallet. If most teenage boys use a thick wallet that fills the back pocket, that doesn’t apply to modern adult men.  

Nowadays, men prefer to use a card wallet or also called a front pocket wallet to put money and cards. Besides having health benefits, card wallet also provides a more classy appearance for men. If you are still hesitant to use a card wallet, here are 5 reasons why men should use a card wallet. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Start using the wallet card, for a more attractive appearance

Having a large bulge in the back pocket of a pants will not make a man look presentable, let alone successful. Besides making it easy to pickpockets to pick them up, using a thick wallet in the back pocket will damage your appearance when wearing pants with slim fit or skinny types.  

Now, to make a man’s appearance more attractive, you should now use a card wallet, so that there are no annoying bulges that damage your style. Besides, pocketing something big at work or hanging out is also uncomfortable right?

2. Men will look minimalist by using a card wallet

Please note, that the wallet is not a cabinet or photo album. Therefore, you should not carry anything less important in your wallet. Like an expired membership card or proof of purchase even if the ink has been lost. Now, by using a wallet card you will be forced to clean your wallet and get rid of old trash. Without you knowing it, this will make men more orderly, minimalist, and your wallet lighter to carry.

3. Card wallet will keep the back of the pants pocket durable

For men who like to wear jeans, of course will realize that there is damage to the back pocket. You may not realize it, but it is caused by the use of regular wallet which is quite long. The thickness of the wallet and the pressure when sitting makes the jeans more fragile.

If you want your favorite jeans to stay long and look good, you should start switching to a card wallet. With a smaller shape, the card wallet will not make marks and damage when placed in the front pocket of the pants, so that your appearance and of course your jeans are not damaged. Tas Branded

4. Not only cool, using a wallet card is also healthier

Remember the big bumps discussed in the first point? Besides being uncomfortable when worn, it turns out to put the wallet in the back pocket of pants can cause a person suffering from sciatica, pain caused by damaged or pinched nerves. This disease occurs because leaving certain parts under pressure for hours.

Of course you do not want to suffer from nervous pain just because of the wallet right? In addition, in the absence of obstacles when sitting, a man’s posture will also look better.

5. You will also feel safer, without worrying about losing your wallet

In accordance with other names, namely the front pocket wallet, then this small wallet will not interfere with the comfort and appearance of men even if placed in the front pocket of pants. So that it will reduce the possibility of lost wallet because it was stolen or dropped. If there is a chance that someone is trying to take the wallet in the front pocket of your pants, you will realize it more   Sepatu Branded

So, you still want to use your old thick wallet?

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