5 Items that Must Be in the Bag During New Normal

New normal, a term that is often heard lately. Undergoing activities with new situations amid the corona virus pandemic becomes a dilemma in itself. As a result, now we must protect ourselves well when traveling or doing activities outside the home. There are a number of things that are now required to be in your bag every time you travel. Write down the list, and prepare from to face new normal from now on. Michaelkors Outlet

1. Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is an important thing that must be in the bag. This product can be a savior when you have trouble getting water to wash your hands.

2. Wet tissue

Wet wipes are reliable for many things. Therefore, it is obligatory to include wet wipes in the bag. Try to buy wet wipes with anti-bacterial properties, so it is more effective to kill germs on the hands. Tas Branded

3. Soap

Save soap with travel size. Soap is very effective in dealing with germs and bacteria on the hands. It would be better to use your own soap to be more safe and hygienic.

4. A backup mask

When we forget to bring or apparently there is a team of one office that does not wear masks, then it’s time to share your spare mask. Although this may seem trivial, it is very important in a pandemic like today.

5. Hand cream

Dry hands due to hand sanitizer or too often washing hands become a problem that we now face. Therefore, bring hand cream in the bag. So when we need it, apply hand cream immediately to moisturize the skin. Sepatu Branded

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