4 Secret Signal of Men’s Style Power (3 – 4)

Men do not wear something that stands out by accident. A piece you have bought is known to be the starter of a conversation. Here are the last 2 out of the 4 secret signal of men’s style power :

3. Know The Rules, Then Break Them

If you believe that every rule in the book of style is stiff – time to remodel that view. The fact is that these “rules” are only guidelines for most. You have to realize what your goals are actually – because fashion is a means to an end. All style options should turn around. Building your brand means building your growing confidence. You must be the center of attention – not the clothes themselves. So it is only appropriate to bend or break the rules so that benefits you.

It can be something as simple as a suit that is not all buttoned. This help may seem more relaxed and less tense. Or maybe you are exploring the colors of your team on the day. Back in the day, a set of colors was seen as less masculine. Today – the color is just the color. Feel free to combine colors and remain confident about his manliness. It’s good to be brave with personal style – as long as the environment and the underlying message is well aware of your audience. There is a fine line between being bold and being derailed.

men's style
men’s style

4. Wear What You Want With Confidence

Whether the rules are broken or not in your style – pulling it off is really about trust. It’s a liberating feeling when you are out of the little box of society. A good example of a guy who does this so well is a pioneer of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. He always wears the gray in its entirety – from gray to gray t-shirts. Another example is the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, who would always wear from black to black t-shirts even though he can afford more than what he has always worn. It’s almost as if they live in a different world where power and prestige go hand in hand with street clothes. They are not seeking partners and investors. They are established businessmen who make all the decisions for their company. That’s why they wear what they want.

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