4 Secret Signal of Men’s Style Power (1 – 2)

Men do not wear something that stands out by accident. A piece you have bought is known to be the starter of a conversation. Here are 2 out of the 4 secret signal of men’s style power :

1. Leverage The Power Suit


A lot of respect and authority comes with a well-fitted dark suit. It has been learnt that if a man wearing a nice suit decided to jaywalk, many people would choose to follow him rather than following someone else. That says a lot about the way we perceive suits.

A power suit means a plus point in job interviews, presentations and other professional events. That’s why every guy should be ready to wear it at some point. It can create either a good or bad first impression. Here are some formal suits for gentlemen :

– A dark solid, classic style suit (either dark gray or navy)

– A dress shirt light colored (ideally white)

– A loop of a deeper color and a simple, repeating pattern (red is an excellent choice to help you be more persuasive)

– Dress shoes that are black (for charcoal gray suits) or dark brown (for navy suits).

2. Add Unique or Special Accessories

When emphasis is placed on the smallest details, you’ll stand out from the crowd with ease. That’s what makes it very useful accessories. Yes – some of the best are expensive. But others are also smart because they are old (and appearance more surprising since age). Or others have a distinct original quality that can not be found anywhere else.

Here are some examples of the accessories :

– Watches

Watch help increases your status while feeling powerful all the time. The classier it seems, the stronger the signal is. And that’s especially the case for a dress watch that focuses on simplicity and wrist proportion.

– Handkerchiefs

These serve as effective but small additions to your jacket or suit. Note that Handkerchiefs are not scarves. They are sophisticated decorations that highlight a man’s eye for detail. If you know how to fold them, you will look more perky and start many great conversations.

– Baggage


There is beauty in this “old” piece of luggage. While it is functional and has the smell of genuine leather – is a fantastic accessory.

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