3 Types of Leather Bags That Are Often Used

1. Leather Type Suede Bag

This is a leather bag type with a smooth surface, like velvet. Suede can be made from cow, goat, sheep, and deer skin. However, to make a bag, generally suede is produced from cowhide. To get this smooth skin, suede is extracted from the inside of the skin layer which is processed to get a certain degree of softness. Because it comes from a thin piece of leather, suede is usually given another layer on the inside to make it durable and of course it takes extra care so that the suede bag you have is always durable. However, it is worth the beauty and softness of this suede bag. Michaelkors Outlet

2. Brush Off Leather Type Bag

Of all the types and processes of leather, brush off is the most complicated. No wonder the price is sometimes quite high compared to other skin types. Starting from tanning to giving oil, it takes quite a long time. Brush off leather is a leather processing process coated with a protective material such as acrylic. The result is a skin that is shiny, light-colored, smooth, yet very supple. The surface is smooth and there is no visible skin texture and fibers. Although this type is widely used for shoes, many bags also use this type of leather.

3. Types of Grain Bag Leather Tas Branded

This is a type of leather that is commonly used as fashion products such as bags, jackets, shoes, and wallets. This type of leather is usually processed as a whole without any modification to the skin structure. The texture on the skin surface is still clearly visible. Grain types have the highest level of resistance than other leathers, and are easier to care for than some other types of leather. Over time, this skin surface usually gets better formed and makes products made from this skin type look even better, provided the right care is taken. Sepatu Branded

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