3 Tips on Caring for a Deuter Bag To Be Durable

For matters of mountain bags or carriers, a lot of brands are used as the mainstay. One of them is Deuter. Deuter itself is an outdoor bag brand from Germany which has been established since 1898. Its marketing has been carried out to various parts of the world.

There are various kinds of Deuter bag products. Besides bags, they also produce outdoor gear for hiking and snowboarding. However, bag products have indeed become the most popular because the production process is very detailed, the design is creative, innovative, and of course using the latest technology called the Airstripe System.

Various advantages possessed by Deuter bag make this brand much loved and hunted by fans of outdoor activities. The price is arguably not cheap, but the quality is comparable.

Well, if you have a Deuter bag or plan to buy this bag, there are things you must pay attention to so that this bag lasts. Come on, see 3 tips on caring for Deuter bags!

  1. Avoid using washing machines

The first thing that is not recommended when caring for a Deuter bag is that you should avoid using a washing machine when you want to clean it. Please note, this Deuter bag contains waterproof and semisynthetic material. Need special care if you want to make this bag durable.

The use of washing machines will only make the bag-making material so it breaks quickly. Therefore, it’s better you clean the Deuter bag manually using your own power, not engine power. You can use a soft brush used to wash clothes. You can also use a toothbrush with soft bristles to clean small or narrow parts. For example, the zipper section of the bag. Michaelkors Outlet

2. Do Not Use Detergent

Deuter Bag
Deuter Bag

Cleaning Deuter bags should not use detergent. So, what do you use? If there are stubborn stains on your bag, it’s better to use baby liquid soap. You can also use soap or shampoo with neutral PH. If you use detergent, the ingredients can damage the material of the bag. As a result, your Deuter bag can be damaged quickly. I don’t want to buy expensive Deuter bags, but I can’t take good care of them.

You just apply soap or shampoo with the neutral PH to the stain that sticks to the bag. Then, rub with a soft brush until the stain disappears. Remember, do not use the washing machine to clean it.

3. Do not Use Dryer or Iron to Dry

The next tips for caring for Deuter bags is that you should not use a dryer or iron to dry your bag. It is better to dry it by hanging it in the open place to dry it by itself. Using a dryer or iron will only damage the lining of the bag.

On the other hand, avoid drying the bag under direct sunlight, yes. Sunlight will make your original Deuter bag color easier. So, it should not be done.

Another little tip that you can apply so that your Deuter bag can last a long time. First, make sure your bag is closed, yes, to prevent the inner bag from getting dirty. In addition, you can also use a rain cover on a bag when you travel. This prevents your bag from getting rain or dirt.

Well, that’s 3 tips on caring for Deuter bags so that they last. May be useful!

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